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Friday, June 25, 2010

Within His Law, Part Two

Hey All You Great People!!!!

OMG!!! I had such an awesome time last weekend, performing with my old buddies!! I even managed to perform the dance finale and not fall on my ass!!! I can’t believe I did that. I am not a dancer and I was PARANOID when I got there and immediately started learning this dance. We only had about four run-throughs and then we went on. And I didn’t screw up! And it was so fun. Damn, it’s been thirty years since I performed on that stage with those same people. We were older, but we were better. Everyone has gotten so talented! Wow, was that fun. And everyone loved my performance of Calamity Jane. Thank the LORD! So good news, the show went well. Bad news, this is now an annual event. YIKES!!!

The huge revelation I had was that I have to get back to the stage. After a twenty-year absence, the stage is calling me. I had so much fun, I’ve decided to write a play and perform in it. Yay!

But damn, I had fun. I loooove those people!!! And then I got to come home and write spanky fiction! Life’s great! Ooooo, the stories I wrote this week—which you won’t see for awhile unless you subscribe to Discipline and Desire—are HOT, HOT, HOT! I can always tell how good they are by how many vibrator breaks I have to take while writing them. These last two stories were a two-break and a three-break. Whoo-hoo! And today, I just wanted Hubby to stay home and service me, but someone has to pay the mortgage. I suppose I can’t expect him to give up his career to fuck me, but it’s a nice thought. Maybe later, after my novels sell more.

And tonight we’re headed downtown for the Wine Walk. Some deal where they shut a few streets down and you walk around and drink wine. Going with a group of buddies, so that should be fun.

Still, I wish I was headed to Monterey with the hubby. HOOOOORRRRRNNNNNYY!

Maybe I can get him to come home early…

So here’s the next installment of Within His Law, concluding next week! And if I get my ass in gear, I will be getting a new book together and getting it out there. Hanky Spanky is next and this story will be in there!

Zane was so happy, he couldn’t see straight. Lila was angry, she was spitting fire, but she was in Boston at a nearby hotel. She’d flown in to surprise him. His cell phone battery had died, he’d just gotten done recharging it in his dressing room at the venue and got his messages. She’d left him ten messages, all progressively angrier. He’d done such a good job protecting her from publicity, almost no one knew what she looked like.

He couldn’t believe the trouble she’d had trying to get to him. It also touched him deeply, the lengths she went to for him. No girl had ever cared about him the way Lila did. He’d never been this loved in his life.

It also said his new security measures were working. However, now that the show was over, it was time to go find his wife. He called her cell. No answer. Maybe she had it buried somewhere and couldn’t get to it fast enough. He called again.

Finally, she answered. “Hello? Whoever you are? Your friend is climbing up the side of the hotel here.” The voice was not Lila’s and it was heavily accented. Texan if he wasn’t mistaken.

Zane had a bad feeling about this. “What? Who is this?”

“This is Bonnie.”

“Bonnie? Where is my wife?”

“Did you know you sound just like Zane Black?”

“I am Zane Black, who is this?”

“This is Zane Black?! Wait. Oh, you almost got me. Your wife is a real kidder, too. But honey, did you know that your wife is down here at Zane Black’s hotel and she’s climbin’ up the side of the building to get to him? The cops are here and they got spotlights on her and you’re gonna have to bail her outta jail, it looks like. Does she know how to climb a building?”

The pit of Zane’s stomach dropped to his knees. “Tell me you’re kidding. Tell me you’re someone she met in a bar and she’s passed out and you’re joking.”

“Uh… maybe you oughta come down here. I don’t wanna be in the middle of some domestic dispute thing.”

“Why do you have her cell phone?”

“She handed me her jacket. I was holdin’ it and it started buzzin’. I thought whoever knew the woman oughta know what she was up to. I’m kinda worried about her. She’s drunk and crazy and about a hundred feet up on the side of the building in nothing but a t-shirt.”

“What?! Stay right there! I’m coming over!”

Panicked, Zane called for his driver. On his way to the car, he called the hotel and got the manager on the phone. Luckily, he’d met the guy earlier and had a rapport with him. He explained the situation. The manager was rightly upset, but said it was out of his hands. The police had already arrived, the paramedics, the firemen, half the city was out in front of the hotel. And the worst news? The TV cameras had arrived.

Zane felt like he’d had a nuclear bomb dropped on his head. His wife was drunk, hundreds of feet off the ground, clinging to some building in zero degree temperatures with TV, the police, and firemen all watching her. Goddamn her! He knew she was insane, but not this insane.

No, actually this totally fit. She’d tried every way she knew how to get to him. When her attempts failed, she got drunk, got frustrated and decided to climb her way to him. While admirable in some psychotic way, her ass was dead meat. He’d have to spank her every night for a week for this one. Buy her a cage. If she survived.

Now frantic, he urged his driver to go faster. He had to get to her. He had to save her.

Lila was nearly frozen stiff. Climbing was getting harder and harder. At least the spotlight was helping her find good handholds.

She heard a voice near her. “It’s okay, just climb to us.” About ten feet above her, a bunch of freakin’ firemen and cops appeared on a balcony.

She stopped. “I want my husband! If you guys don’t get the hell away from there, I’ll freakin’ climb around you.”

“Don’t do that! Please! Just climb up here! It’s not worth your life!”

“Who’s talkin’ about dying?! I’m not gonna die! Christ, dude, I hope you don’t normally do suicide prevention! Somebody fire that guy! Now get away from that balcony, go inside, I don’t want your freakin’ help, I’m fine. I do this all the time.”

“Okay, whatever you want. We’ll go back inside.”

“Good. Do it.”

She knew they’d just grab her once she got on the balcony, so she needed to outsmart them. Unfortunately, all the balconies above her were filling up with people. Watching, shouting, encouraging her. How did they all know she was out there?

There was an empty balcony right above the one where the cops were just a second ago. She climbed as fast as she could for it. She went right by the now empty one and saw about five fireguys through the window. When they figured out she planned to keep going, they rushed out.

She narrowly missed their grasp. She got up on the balcony above them, grabbed the metal railing and hoisted herself over.

Suddenly, mid-hoist, her hands slipped on the icy railing and she lost her grip. She fell backwards, the crowd below her screamed.

At the last second, she thrust her leg through the uprights on the balcony railing and hooked her leg around them.

Her momentum caused her to slam against the building with her upper torso and head, stunning her a bit. At least she’d caught herself. Thank the Lord. But now she was hanging upside down, about eight feet above the outstretched arms of five firemen. With her head hurting.

They all looked fairly alarmed. “Just hang on, we’ll get you down.”

“Sorry for bothering you guys,” she said. “I’m fine, except for my head. You guys can go home.”

Two couldn’t help but laugh. One said, “If that’s all right with you, we’ll just hang out and make sure you get down.”

“S-s-suit yourself.” Her teeth started chattering. And wow, was she far up. The people down below her were tiny. She wasn’t sure she’d ever climbed this far before.

She felt someone grab her leg. She looked up, two firemen were there. “Give me your hand, ma’am, please. And let us help you, okay?”

“Probably not a bad idea at this point.” Her head started to hurt even worse. “Ow, my head hurts.”

“We’ll take care of that shortly.”

They helped her up and onto the balcony and whisked her inside. Four hundred people it seemed swarmed her. Paramedics, cops, firemen.

They asked her name, she told them. Of course, they didn’t believe her and her ID was in her jacket. The paramedics wrapped her in a warm blanket and gave her some hot coffee. Her head was just bruised, hardly any damage. The cops read her rights to her and explained she was under arrest. At this point, it all hit her. She wasn’t going to see Zane after all this, she was going to jail. She burst into tears.

©2007, Michelle Carlyle

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Within His Law, Part One

Hey Spankophiles!

Michelle here, laid up with an icepack on my knee. Yesterday, in preparation for playing the role of Calamity Jane, I decided to do a faceplant into the cement in one of the busiest intersections in my fair town. Six lanes of traffic watched me pile it, even before I reached the crosswalk. Right on the freakin’ corner in full view of EVERYONE. Humiliating and painful. Christ. So I sit there, in agony, then finally get up and limp off to a shaded corner. Then I continued on my way to the grocery store. I’m limping across the road and touch my nose and see blood on my fingers. No way! Not my face! I go into Safeway and into the bathroom immediately and am shocked to see that my nose is totally scraped up. And I have to be on stage on Saturday! And I was six blocks from home. I get my stupid half and half and then trudge on home to tend to my wounds and ice my knee. I look even worse today. Cripes!

Oh, well, the show must go on. That dance finale is going to be a blast with my knee the size of a softball.

I can’t wait for this stupid reunion show to be over. It’ll be nice to perform with my old buddies, but…I hope we don’t suck. No. Wait. I hope I don’t suck. Forget everyone else. If they suck, I’ll look better. Hey, a glimmer of hope on my horizon…

Anyway, here’s another story featuring the rock star Zane and his crazy wife Lila.

Big hugs to you all and see you next week!


Lila sat looking at the most beautiful view in the world: the Golden Gate Bridge and the fog rolling into the Bay from her luxurious apartment. She was married to a rock star. And she was depressed and bored out of her skull.

It had been a month since Zane grounded her for lying to him and she was losing her mind. He was off on tour, she was stuck at home with no excitement, no sex, no company, only a TV set and a home gym. She should have gone on tour with him. She had a bunch of jobs—which was why she didn’t go—but now she was regretting her decision.

She’d just talked to him, Zane wasn’t performing that night, he’d be in Boston the next two nights. They had phone sex and then he went out for dinner.

She had a sudden idea. Why not join him? It would be great to surprise him. They both missed each other so much. Her mood perked up.

Within an hour, she had a morning flight to Boston, and was packed. She was so excited.

All the way to the airport, she giggled with anticipation. She’d surprise him, be naked in bed, waiting for him in his hotel room. He’d be so excited to see her! So cool!

She boarded the plane and that’s when the troubles began. Something was wrong with the heating system. They fixed that problem and another one arose with the hydraulics. Four bloody hours later, they finally took off. Lila was not in the best of moods. Maybe this whole idea would be a bad one.

Finally, at seven that evening, they landed in Boston. Lila took a cab to the hotel. She told the desk clerk who she was and the woman didn’t believe her. Apparently, they’d had ten other Lila Blacks try to get into Zane’s room that day alone. Lila showed them her ID, but they still didn’t believe her. Botheration! Finally, she was so tired and bummed, she decided to skip the surprise and just tell Zane she was there. She called him on his cell, no answer.

Now fully irritated, she decided to wait for him in the lobby. But the security guards wouldn’t let her. They escorted her to the door. Furious and screaming, she told them who she was and they threatened her with the police. She demanded to be allowed to check in, but since she’d caused so much trouble, the hotel staff refused.

Steaming, she stalked out of the hotel with her luggage in tow. She went across the street to another hotel and checked in. She tried to call Zane again. No answer.

Frustrated, she decided to go down to the concert and see him backstage. The taxi could only get her within six blocks of the place. So she got out and walked. Boston was cold this night; she was halfway frozen by the time she got there. She finally found the backstage entrance and told the guards who she was. They didn’t believe her. No one in the crowd believed her. All the girls said they were Zane Black’s wives, too. Lila lost her mind and screamed at the idiots until the guards threatened to call the police.

Out of her mind with fury, Lila stormed off. She went back to her hotel room, broke down and cried.

After sobbing for a while, she finally came to her senses. What was wrong with her? Why was she ruining her trip to Boston? She cleaned herself up, went down to the lobby and hit the bar.

Four beers and two tequila shots later, Lila had made friends with everyone at the bar. She told her story, but no one believed her. Which at this point, didn’t matter.

Now three sheets to the wind, Lila got another idea. A really dumb one. If she couldn’t get into Zane’s room through the front door, maybe she could get in through his balcony. She was an expert climber. Climbing the building would be a piece of cake. Nothing was going to stand in the way of seeing her husband. Goddamn it. Before she attempted her stupid feat, she tried his cell phone once more. Still no answer.

She made her way across the street and up to a crowd of girls hanging out in front of the hotel. Most carried signs that proclaimed their love for her husband. One girl had his name written on her forehead.

She stood and stared up at the building. It actually didn’t look that hard. The building’s architecture used enough ornate brickwork that there were plenty of handholds and footholds. Once you got past a certain level, there were balconies, too. Shouldn’t be too hard. Except for the freezing temps. It had to be below thirty.

But Lila didn’t care, she was hammered. “So what floor is the band on, does anyone know?”

“Seventeenth floor, Suite 1756,” a girl standing next to her reported. She had an accent. She sounded Southern. “Well, that’s Zane’s room. He’s the only one I care about.”

“Me, too,” Lila said. She turned to the girl. “If you hold my coat, I’ll get you a personal autograph.”

The girl was a cute twenty-something with long blonde hair and a turned up nose. She laughed. “How about a personal introduction?”


The girl laughed. “Girl, you are high.”

“I will be shortly,” Lila said. “Okay, so after I get up there, I’ll send a guy down to get this and I’ll have him bring you up.”

“Okay,” the girl said, joking. “I’ll wait right here.”

Lila asked, “What’s your name? Not that I’ll remember it. But you’ll have my jacket, it will be your ticket.”

The girl began staring at her. “You know, it’s funny, you do kinda look like his new wife.”

“That is funny. What’s your name?”

“Bonnie. Bonnie Richards,” the girl said.

Lila held out her hand, the girl took it. “Pleased to meet you, Bonnie, I’m Lila Black.”

Bonnie giggled. “Aren’t we all?”

“Seriously. I came to surprise my husband and no one believes that I’m Lila Black.”

The girl eyed her suspiciously. “If you really are Lila Black, why don’t you call him on his cell?”

“He won’t answer.”

“Why don’t you call one of the other band members?”

“I don’t have their numbers with me.”

The girl blinked.

Lila had no idea why she was trying. “I know. I’m screwed. I didn’t even consider that I couldn’t get in. I got up real early and flew all the way out here and I got turned away here at the hotel, at the concert, he won’t answer his cell, I had to check in across the street. It so sucks. I can’t get into see my freakin’ husband because he’s too freakin’ famous.”

The girl’s expression turned more compassionate. “You know, you seem like a nice woman, but honey, that story is really lame.”

“I know. So I’m gonna climb this building.” She took off her black leather jacket, the biting cold assaulted her. But she was so drunk, she just didn’t care. She handed it to Bonnie. “I’ll send someone down to get you and bring you up. But this will probably take me some time. Freakin’ he had to be on the seventeenth floor.”

“You’re gonna climb the building?” Bonne asked as if she hadn’t heard her right.

“Uh, yep.”

“Okay,” Bonnie said, clearly not believing her.

Lila moved through the mass of girls and up to the building. She stretched, inspected the climb and got a good route in her head. With one last stretch, she leapt up and climbed. It was totally easy. All except for the cold. That was horrible. Luckily, she was drunk and didn’t feel it much. But climbing while plastered wasn’t very easy either.

When she was only about ten feet up, she heard someone shout below her. “Hey you, get down from there!”

Lila looked down. It was a tall Asian security guy.

“Tell my husband I’m coming up to see him. Zane Black.”

“He is not your husband! Get down from there, you might hurt yourself!” the guard shouted.

Lila kept climbing. “You’re probably right.”

“You go girl,” she heard Bonnie shout.

Soon, everyone was cheering her on. It actually helped. Lila had never been this cold in her life. Luckily, it was sobering her up some. And thankfully, it was a relatively easy climb. Tons of handholds and footholds. And in about a hundred feet, she’d start hitting the balconies and could take a rest. Maybe even break into the hotel and go up the stairs.

She was about forty feet up when she nearly blinded by a spotlight from below.

“You, on the building! This is the police. Climb to the nearest balcony and wait. You are violating the law!” came a voice over a loudspeaker.

Goddamn it. This had never happened before. What a pain in the ass. Oh, well, it was too late now. She kept climbing.

©2007, Michelle Carlyle

Friday, June 11, 2010

Speeding Toward A Spanking, Conclusion

Hey Out There In Spanky Cyberspace!

How are all you lovely folks this wonderful Friday morning? I’m doing great. After trolling umpteen thrift stores yesterday, I finally assembled my costume for my college theater reunion show fundraiser. I will be reprising my role as Calamity Jane. This is happening next weekend, so I may be posting early because I’m taking off early Friday morning and will be staying away for a couple nights.

But man, what a day yesterday. I went everywhere and couldn’t find any used cowboy boots. In this urban wasteland, cowboy boots aren’t exactly plentiful. And I didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks on a pair of boots I was gonna wear once. I went to a million thrift stores, but only came across three pairs and they were all tiny (I have very big feet: woman’s size ten or ten and a half, men’s eight or nine). At the very last place on the list, I found one cowboy boot that fit me. One. As in I couldn’t find the other. And I looked everywhere. I was so bummed, I put the boot back and commiserated with a nice lady who was also looking at shoes. Thankfully, the fellow shopper told me that if the shoes are expensive, the store kept one shoe up at the counter. I went up there and lo and behold, there was the other boot! I was so stoked! And they fit! And they match my gunbelt. I was sooooo happy!

So now I’ve got my monologue memorized, I’ve paid for the motel and the reunion dinner and I’m ready to go on! Or sort of. Been awhile since I performed a character. I’m onstage every year as MC of a local music festival, but I haven’t played a character in a long time. Let’s hope I don’t suck. But what I’m really worried about is the dance finale of the show. Our call is ten AM next Saturday, we rehearse all day and go on at four in the afternoon. And that’s it. That’s all the time we’ll have. And I have such difficulty remembering dance steps. My brain isn’t good at it. Normally, choreographers put me in the back. Behind the tall people. Behind set pieces. So, we’ll see.

I’d rather be going back to Monterey and fucking the Hubby, personally. But I have to help out my old theater pals.

So, speaking of fucking, here is the conclusion to Speeding Towards a Spanking. Next week, we start a new story with the same couple.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

Zane stalked towards her. Towering above the crowds, the man stood out from a hundred yards away. A full head above everyone else, his black hair flowed behind him. He was wearing sunglasses, but she knew that face. His Death Face. His jaw was clenched, his fists were balled, his shoulders straight and rigid, he was beyond furious.

And rightly so. She felt terrible. It all sort of hit her at once. This was really bad. She’d been living a double life for the past three months. She hoped he didn’t want a divorce. She wouldn’t blame him.

All her joy turned to sorrow. So what if she’d just won a race? She might have just ended her marriage.

“Mr. Black, I’m G—”

Turning to the man, Zane held up a hand. “Not now, pal.” His baritone voice sounded even deeper than normal, resonating in his chest. He turned to her and seared her with a green laser-beam glare that shot out from behind his shades. “Lila? We need to talk. Wait. Is she done here?” he asked Bobby John.

BJ nodded. “Yeah, but people are gonna want to talk to her.”

“That’s too bad. Because I’m her husband and I need to talk to her more. You,” he said, glaring down at her. “You’re comin’ with me. Snark is drivin’ your car. Give me the keys.”

“They’re over with my stuff. I have to change.”

“Do it quick.”

Her lower lip trembling, Lila quickly changed, gave Bobby John a quick hug and went to join her husband. Zane was waiting for her with his arms crossed, looking like the picture of barely contained fury. He was so mad, virtually no one was near him, but Snark. His bassist was talking to him in low tones. Once in a while, Zane would nod.

She was dead. She walked up to the two men. “Hi Snark.”

Snark, also had long black hair, but he was normal-sized, maybe six feet tall, with a slightly pudgy belly. “You drove great, Lila—“ Zane swung his hot gaze onto him, his lip curling. “Sorry, Zane, she did, okay? She did. She’s good at it—I’ll shut up.” He turned to Lila with a big fake smile on his face. “You got your keys, Lila?”

Any other time she would have laughed. But all she did was mechanically hand the man her keys.

A second later, Zane latched his iron grip onto her upper arm and began dragging her off the track. She could barely keep up with his long strides, she had to run to stay with him.

They reached his Cadillac Escalade, he unlocked the door, opened it and practically threw her inside. She wished she had the guts to run.

Zane barely said a word to her on their long drive home. He muttered under his breath, he shot glares at her from time to time, but said nothing. She knew him. When he was this mad, his mind couldn’t form coherent thoughts. She worried about his driving, but he was fine with that. But she’d never seen him this mad at her before.

For an hour, she said nothing. Finally, she couldn’t stand it. “Are you gonna divorce me?”

He gave a short, barking laugh. “Don’t you wish. No baby, you’re facin’ the music on this one. No easy way out. The only way out is through me. And I ain’t got divorce on my mind.” He was so angry, he looked nearly demonic.

All the hair stood up on the back of her neck. Something told her he would be going beyond his normal spankings. Great. She contemplated jumping out of the SUV when they hit downtown San Francisco. But where would she go?

They headed the normal way home, but Zane turned off on a street before theirs. He pulled over to the side of the road and parked. He opened the door and pointed at her. “You stay here.”

He got out before she could respond and disappeared down the street. She sat there for fifteen minutes, her heart pounding. What the hell was going on?

The door opened, Zane got back inside, he was carrying a brown paper bag. He looked over at her, put his hand inside the bag and withdrew a large leather paddle with air holes cut into it. He threw it over to her, it landed in her lap.

“Think about that, baby,” he said. He had the most sinister, evil and angry look on his face. He’d never been this scary with her. He was a scary-looking guy anyway, but this volcanic anger he directed at her was crazy.

She looked down at her lap and got nauseous. So this was her future. She fought the tears.

Zane parked, she didn’t even realize they were home. Before she could get rid of it, he grabbed the paddle away from her.

He took hold of her arm and they took the long trip up the elevator. He opened the door for her, she thought about locking herself in the bathroom.

He locked the door, turned, grabbed her by the upper arm and dragged her into the living room. He sat down, pulled her down across his lap, grabbed the back of her pants and ripped them down to her ankles, taking her panties with them.

He adjusted her roughly once and then… it felt like a swarm of bees attacked her ass.

She couldn’t breathe. The pain was so fierce, the blows came so rapidly, she couldn’t even get a breath in her lungs.

It honestly was the worse pain she’d ever felt. It felt like he was burning away the flesh on her buns. She’d never felt such agony before.

And he didn’t let up, he spanked her as hard as he could, the slaps were loud, her screams were even louder. Every nerve ending was on fire, her whole body radiated with pain. He’d never been this mad at her. She made herself a promise she’d never get him this mad again.

Zane worked the paddle ferociously against the tender flesh of her vulnerable behind. She balled her fists, shaking with pain and shame, and kicked her feet. This was the worst. The worst punishment ever. He’d never been this mad at her while punishing her before. She wasn’t sure she’d survive.

Finally, he threw the paddle across the room and yanked her up to face him. “What were you thinking? Huh? What? Stop crying and talk to me!”

She sobbed so hard, she couldn’t talk.

“What is wrong with you? Racing?! Can’t you think of any faster ways to die? What? You want to be maimed? And what the hell is wrong with you, lyin’ to me? What were you thinking? That I wouldn’t find out? Are you tryin’ to put distance between us?”

“No! No! I just didn’t know how to handle it! I didn’t mean to get involved with the racing—“

Zane clearly didn’t believe her. “Oh, come on, come up with somethin’ better than—“

“Honest. They didn’t tell me until I got there that it was kind of a real race. I didn’t know. All I knew was that I got to drive the Dodge, finally. Bobby John’s prized Dodge.”

“When did you start drivin the cars?” Zane demanded.

“A year and a half ago.”

His mouth dropped open. “A year and a half ago! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you wouldn’t let me!”

“How do you know that?”

She gestured at him, tears still streaming down her cheeks. “Look how you reacted!”

“That’s because you lied to me!”

“You wouldn’t let me drive!”

“You never asked me!”

“I’m sorry! I wanted to race and I didn’t want you to stop me and I didn’t want to lie to you and it all got messed up. I’m sorry. I just… I made the deal with Bobby John before we met. I traded him shots for training. I wanted to drive a racecar. And he’s been teaching me. Apparently, I have some aptitude here or something.” She wiped the tears from her eyes.

Zane looked off, livid. His mind was going a mile a minute. He shook his head. “This isn’t working. You aren’t hearing me. I have to get through to you. Okay, look, this is the way it’s going to be. You tell me what you want to do, all of it. All the crazy crap you think of, you tell me and let me see if I can figure out a way to help you do it so you’re safe. I can’t have you thinkin’ you can’t tell me stuff. This is wrong. I handled this wrong.”

His gaze softened. He brought her closer and kissed her forehead. She could feel the anger leaving him. Thank the Lord.

“All I want is you safe, baby. That’s it. I knew you were crazy when I met you. I just… deluded myself about stoppin’ you. I see I can’t. I’ll just have to work with your craziness. Damn it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“So am I, I set you up to fail. But that does not mean you’re off the hook for lyin’ to me. You’re grounded. For the next three months, you are grounded. No racing, no climbing, no nothin’ but straight exercising. You hear me? I’ll buy a freakin’ cane and stripe that ass of yours if you disobey me this time.”

“I got it, I got it.”

“And then, we’ll see about this racing thing of yours.”

She looked at him, shocked. “You mean… I can… You’ll let me…”

He looked disturbed, then he broke into a smile and kissed her. “Well, it’s obvious I can’t actually stop you. So, I’ll help you. But I swear, Lila, you lie again and I will buy a cane.”

“No, I’ll be good, I’ll be good!”

“You’d better. Now come here, you got some more payin’ to do,” he said, slipping a hand between her legs and kissing her.

©2007, Michelle Carlyle

Friday, June 4, 2010

Speeding Toward A Spanking, Part Six

One of the beautiful sunsets we enjoyed!

Hey Spanky Friends!

It’s FRIDAY!!! Wheeeeee!!! Nice short week. Soooo, Hubby and I had a fantastic time at the beach last weekend! Freezing, but gorgeous. Monterey rarely has sun, but we got three days of it! Three beautiful sunsets! We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Friday, then checked in to our wonderful hotel. That place rocked! Built on the sand dunes, cars weren’t allowed close to the water, so each room had its own golf cart. The bell captain drove you out to your room and handed you the keys to your own cart. So when you wanted to leave you’d take your cart to the parking lot and exchange it for your car. Too funny. And fun to drive. Amazing rooms with great linens and bath junk. A split of good wine when you arrived and all the heat was provided by a fireplace. Really cool and highly recommended. The hotel is called The Sanctuary Beach Resort and it was in Marina, about ten miles north of Monterey. Nice pool, fantastic location. We ate at Mom and Pop restaurants we found on Yelp. Super awesome food.

But the best part was the sex. We bumped like bunnies. I wanted lots of sex and I got it. Friday we were too tired, but Saturday and Sunday, we made up for it. Six times in all. Twice on Sat and FOUR times on Sunday. Wheeee! I came so much, my face hurt from my Orgasm Expression. A first. For real. The last time we made love, I kept getting distracted because my forehead hurt from scrunching it. You’d think I’d be sore other places, but no. Just my facial muscles. Hubby and I had a good laugh over it. Damn, that was fun.

All week, Hubby and I kept saying, “Wish we were in Monterey fucking.” Hopefully, this weekend, we’ll get back to it. This week was a huge rush, trying to get far too much stuff done. But I intend to attack him tonight when he gets home. Yay!!!! Sex!!!!

And he gave me some righteous spankings, too. I love being spanked after sex. Makes me come again. Damn, that man has a nice touch. So glad I married him a million years ago.

So here is the next installment of Speeding Toward a Spanking, soon to be found in the book, Hanky Spanky.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!

Love and hugs,

Zane finished his meeting and went to his office to work on his computer. A few more details needed to be handled to make the tour go smoothly. Damn, he was gonna miss his wife. He knew she could come for part of the tour, but not all of it. She did have her photography business to look after. But, wow, was he going to miss her. Speaking of which, maybe he’d call her and see how she was doing. No answer. She must be busy with the shoot.

As soon as he put his cell in his pocket, it rang. He took it out. Snark, his bassist was calling him. “Yeah, buddy?” Zane asked.

“Zane, dude. How’d the meeting go?”

“Fine, we got what we needed.”

“Good.” There was a ton of noise in the background.

“Where are you?” Zane asked. “It sounds loud.”

“Altamont raceway.”

“That’s weird, Lila is there somewhere.”

“I know, that’s why I’m callin’.”

Zane’s heart leapt into his throat. She was in trouble! “Is she okay? Is she hurt? What’s wrong?”

“She’s fine. Really fine. Well, so far,” Snark said.

“What do you mean, so far?”

“Well, she almost wiped out in the last race, but damn, that girl can drive. I’m just callin to tell you, she’s dynamite. But dude, I thought you were all paranoid about her hurtin’ herself. How come you let her do this crazy stuff?”

Zane stood there, his mouth open, his brain not registering Snark’s words. Finally, he snapped out of it. “Back up. Back up a minute. Lila is doing what?”

“Uh, oh. I thought you knew. I was callin’ to find out if you were comin’ down to watch her.”

“Wait a minute. Wait just a minute. Did you just say that Lila was racing?”

“Yeah. She’s down here kickin’ ass. She’s really good, Zane. You oughta see her. Even if she is reckless as hell. She—”

It all came clear to him. Zane exploded. “What the hell?!” He let out a string of expletives.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to get you mad, I thought you knew,” Snark said.

“No, I didn’t. But thanks because it was information I needed. Okay, yeah, I’m on my way. Will she still be there in a couple hours?”

“Yeah, I think so. They just announced one more race and that starts in an hour and a half. If you get down here fast, you’ll be able to watch.”

“Don’t let her see you. I want her to be surprised when I show up.”

“Okay, Zane. I’m sorry, I—”

“Dude, don’t. You’re a good friend. And thanks so much for this call.”

Fire in his veins, Zane kicked an office chair and sent it flying across the room. He was going to annihilate her. Spank her from here to eternity.

Lila saw the opening. It was crazy, she’d be passing on an inside turn, inches from the other guy, but she knew she could do it. She slammed the gas, her head banged against the back of her seat and she shot past the car. She came out of the turn, hit the accelerator and blasted by another car. She was in the lead! She sped around the track once more, effectively blocking any other car from getting ahead of her. She raced past the finish line, a guy waved the flag, it was over. She hooted at the top of her lungs! Oh, God, she won! She really won! She won an actual race!

Bobby John was jumping up and down when she drove into the pit. He bounded over to her, helped her unbuckle herself and helped her out of the car. Two guys who were helping BJ came over to congratulate her.

“I knew you could do it, I knew you could!” Bobby John said, nearly crushing her in a hug.

He let go and she whooped, jumped in place and high-fived all the guys surrounding her.

“That was so freakin’ cool, did you see? Did you see me blow past that guy? Wow, that was fun. That was some of the most awesome fun of my life! Wow, that was scary.”

“Yeah, I saw. You are crazy, girl, just crazy!” BJ laughed. “I knew you’d do good out there, but you did better than I thought. Man, you freakin’ blew doors on all those guys.”

“Congratulations, Mrs. Black,” said Greg Polito, the manager of the track. The big dog-like irritating man. He shook her hand. “You did very well, very well indeed. We need you. You could do well for yourself. You just beat the two top finishing drivers of our amateur league. A bit more training—you are a bit old for this, but you have a few good years left in you—and I believe, with a bit of training you could compete in the regular circuit here.”

Despite his insults, she was shocked. She could compete. As a freakin’ race car driver. Too much. Was it one of her biggest dreams or what?

“Thanks, Greg, but I can’t. I just can’t.”

Mr. Bulldog didn’t blink an eye. “Your husband would certainly be proud of you.”

“I don’t think so.”

Bobby John was looking off over her shoulder. He looked a bit scared suddenly. “Uh, Lila, I think you can ask your husband yourself whether or not he’s proud of you.”

She snapped her head around to where Bobby was looking. All the air got sucked out of her lungs. She felt physically punched in the gut. She wanted to turn in on herself and disappear.

Zane stalked towards her. Towering above the crowds, the man stood out from a hundred yards away. A full head above everyone else, his long black hair flowed behind him. He was wearing sunglasses, but she knew that face. His Death Face. His jaw was clenched, his fists were balled, his shoulders straight and rigid, he was beyond furious.

She was DEAD.

©2007, Michelle Carlyle