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Friday, June 25, 2010

Within His Law, Part Two

Hey All You Great People!!!!

OMG!!! I had such an awesome time last weekend, performing with my old buddies!! I even managed to perform the dance finale and not fall on my ass!!! I can’t believe I did that. I am not a dancer and I was PARANOID when I got there and immediately started learning this dance. We only had about four run-throughs and then we went on. And I didn’t screw up! And it was so fun. Damn, it’s been thirty years since I performed on that stage with those same people. We were older, but we were better. Everyone has gotten so talented! Wow, was that fun. And everyone loved my performance of Calamity Jane. Thank the LORD! So good news, the show went well. Bad news, this is now an annual event. YIKES!!!

The huge revelation I had was that I have to get back to the stage. After a twenty-year absence, the stage is calling me. I had so much fun, I’ve decided to write a play and perform in it. Yay!

But damn, I had fun. I loooove those people!!! And then I got to come home and write spanky fiction! Life’s great! Ooooo, the stories I wrote this week—which you won’t see for awhile unless you subscribe to Discipline and Desire—are HOT, HOT, HOT! I can always tell how good they are by how many vibrator breaks I have to take while writing them. These last two stories were a two-break and a three-break. Whoo-hoo! And today, I just wanted Hubby to stay home and service me, but someone has to pay the mortgage. I suppose I can’t expect him to give up his career to fuck me, but it’s a nice thought. Maybe later, after my novels sell more.

And tonight we’re headed downtown for the Wine Walk. Some deal where they shut a few streets down and you walk around and drink wine. Going with a group of buddies, so that should be fun.

Still, I wish I was headed to Monterey with the hubby. HOOOOORRRRRNNNNNYY!

Maybe I can get him to come home early…

So here’s the next installment of Within His Law, concluding next week! And if I get my ass in gear, I will be getting a new book together and getting it out there. Hanky Spanky is next and this story will be in there!

Zane was so happy, he couldn’t see straight. Lila was angry, she was spitting fire, but she was in Boston at a nearby hotel. She’d flown in to surprise him. His cell phone battery had died, he’d just gotten done recharging it in his dressing room at the venue and got his messages. She’d left him ten messages, all progressively angrier. He’d done such a good job protecting her from publicity, almost no one knew what she looked like.

He couldn’t believe the trouble she’d had trying to get to him. It also touched him deeply, the lengths she went to for him. No girl had ever cared about him the way Lila did. He’d never been this loved in his life.

It also said his new security measures were working. However, now that the show was over, it was time to go find his wife. He called her cell. No answer. Maybe she had it buried somewhere and couldn’t get to it fast enough. He called again.

Finally, she answered. “Hello? Whoever you are? Your friend is climbing up the side of the hotel here.” The voice was not Lila’s and it was heavily accented. Texan if he wasn’t mistaken.

Zane had a bad feeling about this. “What? Who is this?”

“This is Bonnie.”

“Bonnie? Where is my wife?”

“Did you know you sound just like Zane Black?”

“I am Zane Black, who is this?”

“This is Zane Black?! Wait. Oh, you almost got me. Your wife is a real kidder, too. But honey, did you know that your wife is down here at Zane Black’s hotel and she’s climbin’ up the side of the building to get to him? The cops are here and they got spotlights on her and you’re gonna have to bail her outta jail, it looks like. Does she know how to climb a building?”

The pit of Zane’s stomach dropped to his knees. “Tell me you’re kidding. Tell me you’re someone she met in a bar and she’s passed out and you’re joking.”

“Uh… maybe you oughta come down here. I don’t wanna be in the middle of some domestic dispute thing.”

“Why do you have her cell phone?”

“She handed me her jacket. I was holdin’ it and it started buzzin’. I thought whoever knew the woman oughta know what she was up to. I’m kinda worried about her. She’s drunk and crazy and about a hundred feet up on the side of the building in nothing but a t-shirt.”

“What?! Stay right there! I’m coming over!”

Panicked, Zane called for his driver. On his way to the car, he called the hotel and got the manager on the phone. Luckily, he’d met the guy earlier and had a rapport with him. He explained the situation. The manager was rightly upset, but said it was out of his hands. The police had already arrived, the paramedics, the firemen, half the city was out in front of the hotel. And the worst news? The TV cameras had arrived.

Zane felt like he’d had a nuclear bomb dropped on his head. His wife was drunk, hundreds of feet off the ground, clinging to some building in zero degree temperatures with TV, the police, and firemen all watching her. Goddamn her! He knew she was insane, but not this insane.

No, actually this totally fit. She’d tried every way she knew how to get to him. When her attempts failed, she got drunk, got frustrated and decided to climb her way to him. While admirable in some psychotic way, her ass was dead meat. He’d have to spank her every night for a week for this one. Buy her a cage. If she survived.

Now frantic, he urged his driver to go faster. He had to get to her. He had to save her.

Lila was nearly frozen stiff. Climbing was getting harder and harder. At least the spotlight was helping her find good handholds.

She heard a voice near her. “It’s okay, just climb to us.” About ten feet above her, a bunch of freakin’ firemen and cops appeared on a balcony.

She stopped. “I want my husband! If you guys don’t get the hell away from there, I’ll freakin’ climb around you.”

“Don’t do that! Please! Just climb up here! It’s not worth your life!”

“Who’s talkin’ about dying?! I’m not gonna die! Christ, dude, I hope you don’t normally do suicide prevention! Somebody fire that guy! Now get away from that balcony, go inside, I don’t want your freakin’ help, I’m fine. I do this all the time.”

“Okay, whatever you want. We’ll go back inside.”

“Good. Do it.”

She knew they’d just grab her once she got on the balcony, so she needed to outsmart them. Unfortunately, all the balconies above her were filling up with people. Watching, shouting, encouraging her. How did they all know she was out there?

There was an empty balcony right above the one where the cops were just a second ago. She climbed as fast as she could for it. She went right by the now empty one and saw about five fireguys through the window. When they figured out she planned to keep going, they rushed out.

She narrowly missed their grasp. She got up on the balcony above them, grabbed the metal railing and hoisted herself over.

Suddenly, mid-hoist, her hands slipped on the icy railing and she lost her grip. She fell backwards, the crowd below her screamed.

At the last second, she thrust her leg through the uprights on the balcony railing and hooked her leg around them.

Her momentum caused her to slam against the building with her upper torso and head, stunning her a bit. At least she’d caught herself. Thank the Lord. But now she was hanging upside down, about eight feet above the outstretched arms of five firemen. With her head hurting.

They all looked fairly alarmed. “Just hang on, we’ll get you down.”

“Sorry for bothering you guys,” she said. “I’m fine, except for my head. You guys can go home.”

Two couldn’t help but laugh. One said, “If that’s all right with you, we’ll just hang out and make sure you get down.”

“S-s-suit yourself.” Her teeth started chattering. And wow, was she far up. The people down below her were tiny. She wasn’t sure she’d ever climbed this far before.

She felt someone grab her leg. She looked up, two firemen were there. “Give me your hand, ma’am, please. And let us help you, okay?”

“Probably not a bad idea at this point.” Her head started to hurt even worse. “Ow, my head hurts.”

“We’ll take care of that shortly.”

They helped her up and onto the balcony and whisked her inside. Four hundred people it seemed swarmed her. Paramedics, cops, firemen.

They asked her name, she told them. Of course, they didn’t believe her and her ID was in her jacket. The paramedics wrapped her in a warm blanket and gave her some hot coffee. Her head was just bruised, hardly any damage. The cops read her rights to her and explained she was under arrest. At this point, it all hit her. She wasn’t going to see Zane after all this, she was going to jail. She burst into tears.

©2007, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, poor Lila, I really feel for her, anyone who lets their phone run out should be severely chastised.
I'm so glad that you fall didn't stop you having fun, you sound as if you had a great time.
Love and warm hugs,

SugarAnne said...

Lila! Gotta love her! This sounds like something I would have done in my college days when I was fond of margarita's and marijuana. Looking back, it's a wonder I'm still alive. No one cared enough to spank me back then, and today, I just wouldn't have the nerve.

I'll just live vicariously through her. She's one of my heroes.


Michelle Carlyle said...

So glad you like the story!


Yeah, she's my hero, too. Caaarazzy woman, but so fun! I think I'll write more with this couple.

big hugs to the both of you,