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Friday, June 24, 2011

Frenemies, Part One


Here’s one of my favorite stories you’ve never read called Frenemies and it’s a twelve-parter. It will appear in my tenth book called Pushing Boundaries, out in…um…a while. So here’s a sneak peek at a future book!

I hope you’re all doing well. Hubby is flying off to Germany so I’m home alone this week. How am I starting this week off? With a party, of course! Girls Wine Walk. We’re starting at a neighbor’s house with wine and appetizers and then walking down here to my place for more wine and appetizers. Fun!

So I need to hurry, take him to the airport and then come back and clean my house. Wheee! Par-tay! Hopefully, it will help me feel less lonely. This will be the first week we’ve been away from each other since 1988. Yes, 1988. Scary, huh?

Have a great one, darlings!

Hugs to you all!


Zoë sat on her back porch and watched Bryce as he laid in the sun and read on a chaise on the lawn below her. His awesome pecs gleamed in the sunlight. His ripped belly beckoned to her. His tight jeans left nothing to the imagination. The man was packing.

Too bad he was a jerk. And the bossiest man she’d ever encountered. So what if he was trying to keep her alive? He didn’t have to micromanage her every move.

“So can I go to the mall?”

His lips twitched with irritation, but he didn’t look up from the paper. “No. For the twentieth time.”

“Bryce, I have to get some new shoes.”

He finally set down the paper and turned to her, seeming exasperated. “I took you shopping last week and you bought five pairs. Besides, I told you, there have been more threats. Roland’s enemies still think you know where his hard drive is. And they’re willing to torture you to death to find out.”

“Will you stop with the lurid warnings?”

“No. Because they’re the truth. And you seem to keep forgetting that you almost got shot no more than a month ago. And almost kidnapped a week after that and your store was bombed. I don’t restrict your movements for the fun of it, Zoë. I do it because I’m trying to keep you alive.”

“And so you have someone to torment.”

He sighed and returned to his paper. “That’s just an added bonus.” He grinned, and then shot her a cute look.

Her heart beat faster, her body turned to jelly and a zing went through her sex. Immediately following, a spike of anger blazed her. She did not want to want the man. They’d been adversaries for years. Such irony to be thrown together with the guy. Who would have ever thought her enemy would become her bodyguard?

She knew the answer, only through Roland’s death. A twist of grief roiled through her belly. God, she missed him. This had been the longest year of her life.

But she still couldn’t figure out why Bryce was the one protecting her. Out of all of Roland’s associates, how did he get chosen as the point person? While he’d been Roland’s best friend, he’d never liked her. He’d made that clear in the beginning. He didn’t think she was good enough for Roland. Which had pissed her off. And had made Bryce her favorite target. Whenever he came to dinner, she teased him mercilessly. Accidentally spilled things on him. She loved watching his face go red with anger.

And unfortunately, she’d always been attracted to him. With his symmetrical features, quick wit and those delicious mahogany eyes and sinful mouth, during many dinners she’d find herself staring at him, wondering what he’d kiss like. Which always made her feel guilty as hell.

She cracked a peanut shell and popped the contents in her mouth. Why the hell had she fallen in love with a mercenary? Super poor planning. But she had no idea how she could have avoided it, not once she met Roland.

“So how long before I can go out again?”

He didn’t look up. “Soon.”

“That isn’t an answer.”

He pursed his lips and sighed. “Why don’t you read?”

“I’ve read all the books I’ve wanted to, I’ve watched enough TV to melt my brain and I’ve surfed the Internet until my eyes were crossed. I want to run my store is what I want to do but that was firebombed. I’m not used to sitting around.”

“So garden. You keep bitching about the weeds taking over.”

“I hate weeding.”

“I can’t help you.”

“Why can’t we take a walk?”

“Because the other guys aren’t free until tomorrow. I only have one other backup and that isn’t enough. I told you this. I brought you six new magazines this morning, look at those.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I’m ignoring you now.”

“Fine.” She picked up a magazine and thumbed through it, but it didn’t hold her attention. She cracked another peanut shell. Picking out a nut, she glanced over at Bryce. Perfect as always. Man always put himself together so well. Meticulous about his appearance.

An evil thought went through her head. She knew what would entertain her. She tossed the peanut at him and it bounced off his shoulder. She quickly returned to her magazine.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him look at her. She stifled a giggle.

She shelled another peanut. Aiming for his head, she threw it. She got him in the neck. She ditched behind her magazine. She could feel his fiery gaze. A chuckle escaped her lips.

She shelled another nut and perused his amazing body, wondering which part to hit.

Without looking up from his paper, he said, “Before you toss another one of those at me, ask yourself this: Do I want to be chased down and spanked by Bryce? If the answer is no, then knock it off.”

“Assuming you could catch me.”

He angled a dark glance at her. “Assume I can.” He returned to his paper.

She twisted her mouth and considered his warning. Bryce would spank her. Which would be fun but would be inviting sexual play and the tension between them was already high. She’d caught him staring at her boobs and butt in recent weeks. And it wasn’t a brotherly look. She’d always suspected the reason they fought so much was because he was as attracted to her as she was to him.

But she couldn’t think of anything more stupid than to fall in bed with Bryce. He was a dictator. A total control freak. They’d probably have stupendous fun in the sack, but out, they’d annihilate each other.

Zoë needed to forget that little idea. She picked up the magazine, but after a long minute, she realized that she hadn’t read a word of it. As if some evil demon possessed her, she lobbed a peanut at Bryce and nailed him in the side of the head. And immediately regretted it.

He slowly turned towards her, his dark gaze narrowed, his mouth set.

Adrenaline jolted her system, her heart jump-started and she leapt to her feet.

Without taking his eyes from hers, Bryce got up and a wicked grin came over his full lips. He looked like a hungry jungle cat.

© 2011, Michelle Carlyle

Friday, June 17, 2011

Princess Lisa, Conclusion

Hello Out There!

Hey guys, hope all is well. Here’s the conclusion of Princess Lisa. Next week, we start a new story.

Have a great weekend,

Sweaty, he collapsed on top of her and hugged her hard. “God, I love you, baby. I can’t get enough of you.”

“I love you, Jake. God, you’re so good. Oh, that was fun.”

He pulled away to grin down at her. “Yeah, you said it. Damn, you’re one hot number, little girl.”

He kissed her hard, she relished the feel of his strong tongue as he ravaged her mouth. He was so hot! With his long dark hair, goatee and devilish blue eyes, the man was a freakin’ centerfold.

He rolled off her. “I’m callin’ out for pizza. But tomorrow night, I expect dinner to be waiting for me when I get home. And no freakin’ frozen crap. I want a home-cooked meal. The kind you used to make before you got lazy.” He walked out of the room, then headed back. “Come to think of it, all this laziness of yours started when you started hangin’ out with Sophie. I’m not sure she’s a good influence on you. I like Henry, but Sophie’s got a princess complex. Just because she’s got Henry wrapped around her little finger, don’t expect me to be wrapped, you got that?” he said, jabbing a long finger her way.

Lisa snorted and rolled her eyes. “Honey, we’re two separate people. I don’t get influenced. And I’m not lazy. I’ve just gotten a bit distracted. But you got my focus back. Don’t worry. I’m back, I’ll do what needs to be done around here. And I’m sorry I let it go. Won’t happen again.”

He grinned. “Good. Good.” He turned and left the room.

She stuck out her tongue at his retreating back. A princess complex. No. Sophie just got treated better. There had to be someway to manipulate Jake into allowing her to hire a housekeeper. Wait a minute. Why did he have to know? She could have the house cleaned while he was running his shop. He never came home during the day. She was a genius! A genius!

The next day, in the early afternoon, Lisa sunned herself in the back yard on a chaise (with extra cushions for her very tender rear) letting her toenails dry while the cleaning lady finished up her house. Sipping on her tall ice tea, she giggled. This was so smart! She glanced at the list Jake had left for her. The housecleaner was taking care of everything but the dinner. And she’d outsmarted Jake on that, too. After the housecleaner left, she’d stop by Boston Market, take the food and slip it into her own cookware and voila! A home-cooked meal. Hee!

Earlier, she’d stopped by Sophie’s to pick up her purchases. She’d just gotten home when the housecleaner arrived. Once the maid left, she’d unload the bags, go get dinner and she’d still have two hours to watch Oprah and the news before Jake got home. She sighed. This was so easy, why hadn’t she thought of it before? The Secret Princess, she called herself. Damn, she was good. Serve him right for spanking her. The big, dumb jerk.

Lisa looked at her watch. Two. That darn housecleaner was taking forever. She’d better not miss Oprah. She got up, went into the house and found the maid mopping the kitchen floor. Good. The last thing on the list.

Lisa headed upstairs to her very clean bedroom. Everything looked great. She retrieved the bags from her closet and threw them on the bed. Upending each one, she spread the contents out and admired her purchases. Grabbing her favorite, the most darling print skirt, she held it up to herself and looked in the full-length mirror. Adorable.

“Very nice, baby. Where’d you get it?” came a deep voice from the doorway.

Screaming, she threw the skirt into the air and spun in place. Heart slamming her rib cage, her entire body shaking, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Jake stood in the doorway, leaning against the jamb, a steely look in his blue gaze.

She couldn’t speak. She could only stare.

“Mrs. Bonner?” came the housecleaner’s voice from downstairs. “I’m through with everything on the list and I’d like to be paid now.”

Jake didn’t move and neither did she. His eyes narrowed, he made a small movement with his head. “Go on and pay her. Then get right back here. We clearly have some issues that need to be resolved.”

Lisa had no memory of the trip downstairs, paying the woman or returning to the bedroom. It was all a fog. But she snapped out of her daze when she saw what Jake held in his hands: a large, wooden paddle. Where the hell had that come from?

“Naked now and bend over that bed. Not one word,” he warned.

Shaking, dizzy, she somehow stripped and bent over the bed. She could barely comprehend the trouble she was in.

Harrowing pain incinerated her poor ass. The flat of that horrible wooden paddle exceeded the strength of his hand by about twenty fold. He smacked her taut rear and the back of her legs so hard, each hit pushed her forward. Every muscle tensed, her stomach twisted, she instantly got nauseous. Wow, she’d never felt the likes of it before. Unbelievable force, outrageous pain.

“Seems as if someone didn’t get the message last night.”

A searing series of awesome strikes annihilated her poor buns. Felt like he’d thrown gasoline on her ass and lit it with a blowtorch.

“Good thing I bought this paddle, my hand couldn’t take what I’m about to dole out on this disobedient little ass of yours. Now who’s the boss?” he demanded, strafing her ass with a punishing round of solid hits to her sit spots.

She screamed so loud, she shook the windows, her fingers dug deep into the mattress.

“You’re the boss!”

“Good. Now let’s start all over again, okay?” he said, firing into her behind with gusto. “Who’s the boss?”

After a horrifying session with the paddle and three more just like it in subsequent days, the Bonner household was clean and there were home cooked meals on the dinner table once more.

But Princess Lisa still clung to her crown. Someday, she promised herself, she’d rule her land…

©2011, Michelle Carlyle

Friday, June 10, 2011

Princess Lisa, Part Three

Hey Spanky People!!!!

How are you lovely folks? Wish I could say I had a great week, but wow, that extraction was a bit more intense than I thought it would be. Thankfully, the doc dosed me with a shot of Valium, but the recovery has been a bitch. I haven’t been able to talk much and for me, this is a fate worse than death. And I have to say, TV is soooooo boring. I don’t know how people watch it all day long. Of course, I’m partial to crime shows and I watched twelve hours straight one day and was so paranoid I couldn’t sleep. Locked all the doors, then checked them and jumped at every noise. Worse part is I’ve been in pain all week, so spanking is not appealing. Nor sex. Boo-hoo!

Oh, well, I’m still blessed and very grateful we have the savings to pay for the work I needed to have done. And I’m healing well. Yesterday was my first normal day. Yay! So I’m on the mend and everything will be peachy. In six months. Actually, no, seven months I will be done with all this. Next I get the implant. Wheeee!

Enough of Michelle’s Tooth Report, let’s get to the sex. Since I can’t have it right now, I will fantasize that I am Lisa. Whoo-hoo!

I hope you all have fantastic weekends full of sex, fun and joy.

Love to all my spanko friends!


Jake flicked her clit fast. She screamed. Right when she was about to come, he stopped.

Lisa burst into agonizing tears. “Oh, God, Jake, I’m sorry. Please, please, please let me come.”

He laughed. “Oh, no, baby. We haven’t even started yet.”

“No!” she cried.

“Oh, yes. And if you don’t cooperate, I’m gonna spank you again.”

He licked her nipples in turn and caressed her breasts. His touch felt divine. She arched her back, inviting more of his attention.

“God, you have beautiful tits, baby. Man, you’re making me hard.”

“Make love to me, Jake, please.”

“Not yet, bad girl. You are being punished. No treat for you until I say. Not you. Me. I’m in charge.”

“Yes, Jake.”

“Spread ‘em wide, baby. All the way and hook your feet on the legs of the chair. Wider. Oh, yeah. Mmmm.”

He tickled her opening with his tongue, making her giggle.

He stood up. “Okay, this ain’t workin’. I need more access. Get up.”

She obeyed instantly.

“Into the kitchen.”

She turned and walked into the kitchen, him close on her heels.

“Your ass looks great. Man, you ain’t gonna be sitting comfortably for awhile. Don’t do anything to piss me off. I swat you now, it’s gonna hurt.”

“Yes, Jake.”

“Good, girl. Gettin’ the hang of this again. That’s good. Now hop up…wait. Wait here.”

He walked outside into their patio and returned with a chaise lounge pad. He threw it up on the kitchen island.

He nodded. “Hop up there, facing me.”

She climbed up on the island and lay down.

“Scooch down, bend your knees.”

She did so and he pushed her knees apart so they almost fell flush with the chair pad.

Now she was even more exposed than before.

“Now ain’t that pretty,” he said, eyeing her sex like it was a delicious dessert.

Giving her an evil grin, he stuck out his tongue and slowly lowered it to her clit. When he made contact, her vision went wonky. She gripped the cushion in both hands and made a little shriek. She breathed in fast, trying to stave off the climax.

He slowly licked his way up; she beat her fist on the mattress.

“No, no, no,” she cried.

He stopped. “Yes, yes, yes.”

He spun the tip of his tongue around her folds, then beat a fast rhythm on her engorged clit. She screamed, her sex spasmed, she blasted into a hellacious orgasm. She grabbed his head and pinned it to her crotch, losing herself in the amazing climax.

God bless him, he stayed with her, delivering exactly what she needed. She cried and bellowed, the orgasm shattering her in a way it never had before. So intense!

Finally, she came down and released him.

He started laughing. “Wow, baby. That was cool. You’re lucky you’re entertaining, because I should not have let you do that. But… damn, baby. You’re hot. But you’re still gonna pay for that.”

He picked her up off the counter and set her on the floor. He took her by the hand and led her into the family room. He sat down on the leather couch and took her across his knee.

Her euphoria turned to fear. How hard would he hit her? No! She couldn’t take it.

Swat! “Ow!” Thankfully, he didn’t hit her nearly as hard as before.

Was he going to go easy on her?

Whack! He spanked her another one, a bit stronger. She flinched from the pain. Considering her ass hurt to the touch, this was still painful. But he wasn’t using the same force.

He spanked her harder and faster, building up to a fairly uncomfortable rhythm. One cheek then the other, then the horrible staccato on the sit spots. She bit her fist, the tears started.

He stopped. She sobbed quietly. He ran a hand over her flaming skin.

“Are you starting to get it, baby?”

“Yes, Jake. Completely.”

“I’m in charge, right?”


“I tell you to clean the house, you clean the house.”

“Yes, Jake.”

“Because you’ve been a good girl, I’m not gonna spank you anymore tonight. But you have to understand, you disobey me, you don’t do what’s on the list and you will pay for it. Right?”


He rubbed her buns, easing some of the pain out of them. Then he dipped a hand between her legs and toyed with her clit. She yelped and ground her hips against his hand. He chuckled deep in his throat.

He brought her up off his lap and laid her back on the large sofa. Standing, he took no time in stripping.

She opened her legs to him and he practically dove inside her. Seemed like she wasn’t the only one who he’d tortured. She’d never felt his cock stiffer.

As soon as he hit her g-spot, white light streaked her vision. She cried out, spreading her legs further apart. Grabbing his firm, hard ass, she pulled him further into her. Throwing back her head, she cried out as he plunged inside her, slamming her special spot hard.

“Yeah, baby, you’re so hot. Baby is so hot,” he rasped as he plowed into her.

She gripped his broad, strong shoulders and arched to take more of him inside. Growling, he thrust even more deeply inside her. Hot tendrils of sensation built inside her, her nipples buzzed, her feet tingled, she cried out with pure joy at the feel of her man’s hard tool inside her.

Kissing her fiercely, he drove his tongue inside her mouth as his cock drove inside her willing sex. Her clit spasmed, an orgasm ripped through her, she screamed into his mouth, her entire body shuddering.

His pace grew more frantic, his body jerked, he let out a guttural cry as he came inside her. Together they yelled, she pressed her hips up to meet his last thrusts, riding the wave of incredible rapture.

Sweaty, he collapsed on top of her and hugged her hard. “God, I love you, baby. I can’t get enough of you.”

©2011, Michelle Carlyle

Friday, June 3, 2011

Princess Lisa, Part Two

Hey Guys!

I’m off to get a molar pulled in ten minutes. Oh, joy. So this will be short and sweet.

Here’s the next installment of Princess Lisa, soon to be found in some book of a title that escapes my mind. Sorry. I’m a little freaked out right now.

Hugs to all,

“You’d better listen to me,” Jake warned.

“I will, I will!”

“Good. Good girl. Now you stay like that. Don’t move or I’ll get my belt. You’re being punished. And I ain’t letting you off easy tonight. Tonight, you learn a lesson. I’ve let you go too far, but tonight, I’m reining you in. No Survivor, no dinner, you’re staying like this until I say.”

“No Survivor!” Lisa yelped before she could stop herself.

He fired into her behind with amazing force and precision. The flat of his large, firm hand nearly covered each bun. Her ass felt like he’d torched it with a flamethrower. He kept going, long after she thought he’d stop. Every nerve of her body was on fire. This was terrible! She clutched the seat for dear life. She was so dizzy from hyperventilating, she was worried she’d faint. Yet, the torment went on and on. He spanked her and spanked her until she thought she’d lose her mind.

He stopped, she nearly collapsed on the seat, her legs shook so badly, they barely held her up.

“Stay still!” he ordered.

“I’m trying!” she wailed.

Swat! “Try harder!”

She somehow managed to stop her legs from wobbling. But they still shook some. She concentrated on holding onto the seat. Her back hurt, her arms hurt, her legs hurt and her ass felt like it should be bleeding it stung so badly. Jesus, what got into him?

“Good. Finally. Finally you’re getting the picture. Now when I say you clean the house, you clean the house, right?”


“When I say I want the oil changed on the car, you do it!”

“Yeah! I will! I promise!”

“Okay then. You don’t move. I’m gonna get myself a beer, come back here and watch you suffer for awhile. I don’t know when I’ll let you up.”

He left the room. As soon as she heard the fridge open up, she stood quickly, causing her buns to hurt just from the movement. She rubbed her back fast, then put her hands back on the seat.

He walked into the room. “I didn’t hear you move, did I?”

“No sir.”

“Good. Good girl. Maybe I’m getting through to you.”

He walked over and sat down on the couch directly behind her. “I like this view. That sweet pussy of yours, that bright red ass. Your long legs. You’re learning a lesson, aren’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Jake.”

“Good. I work too hard for you to disrespect me like this. Yeah, this is good. I like the way you look. Spread your legs further apart. Further. Ass up a bit higher. Good, good. Yeah, look at that. You know what I’m gonna do to you now?”

“No, Jake.”

“Neither do I. But it’s gonna be fun for me. You owe me. All this crap you’ve been pullin’. You’re a brat. A bona fide brat and I’m gonna tame you. Yes, I am.” He took a long draw off his beer. “Disobeying me. I work hard, come home to a dirty house and no food. It ain’t right. You have not been treating me right.”

“I’m sorry, Jake.”

“Yes, you’d better be. And by the time I’m through with you, I think you’re gonna think twice about disobeying me. And if I found out you lied to me today—and I’m gonna be investigating—you can expect a lot more evenings just like this one. Ass up higher! Yeah… yeah. That’s good, baby. Real good.”

Her arms hurt so badly and so did her back, it was almost worse than the spanking. How long would he make her stay like this? This was awful! Where had all this bravado of his come from? The last time he spanked her, it was over his knee and quick. What had gotten into him?

“Now stand up,” he ordered curtly. Groaning, she stood and rubbed her lower back. “Now sit.”

She turned around, sat down and yelped. Sitting was agony on her sore buns. He grinned at her reaction. But her back felt much better and the ache in her arms began to wane.

“Spread your legs as far as they can go. Good, good. Damn, you got a nice pussy. Pull your lips apart. Show me. Show me, baby. Yeah, good. Further apart. Further. Yeah, just like that. Now close your eyes. Do it!”

She obeyed. She heard some rustling, he was right near her. His fingers traced the inside of her thighs. Oh, this felt good. Really good. Her sex got wet; her clit engorged. Oh, man, she wanted him to touch her. But she knew she’d better not ask.

“Good girls get rewarded. Bad girls get punished. Tonight, you’re a bad girl. Everything I’m about to do to you is about me, not you. You’re gonna be really lucky if I let you come. Because at this point, I’m leaning towards not letting you. But boy, will you want to. Now if you come before I let you—if I let you—I’m gonna wail on that ass of yours again. Just as hard and long as I did before. You hear me?”

“Yes, Jake.”

“Good girl. Keep it all open for me. Yeah, good, good.”

Eyes closed, her pulse quickened. What would he do to her now? Felt like he was blending in some of their power games with her punishment. Oh, dear. The man was inventive and a bit scary sometimes. Never hurt her, but there was a look in his eye that terrified her. Jake had edges.

She felt his breath on her exposed clit. She curled her toes. Damn it, she wanted to come and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

Warm, wet and tantalizing, he gave a light lick on the head of her swollen nub. She nearly jumped out of the chair.

“Stay still!”

She forced herself to stop moving.

“Keep your legs spread and show me yourself. Show me. Further… yeah. Yeah, baby, yeah,” he purred.

His sensual tongue slid slowly up her slit and rested on her clit.

She gripped the chair and squealed, praying she could stave off the orgasm.

He flicked her clit fast. She screamed. Right when she was about to come, he stopped.

She burst into agonizing tears. “Oh, God, Jake, I’m sorry. Please, please, please let me come.”

He laughed. “Oh, no, baby. We haven’t even started yet.”

“No!” she cried.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle