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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Motivator, Part Two

Hey Spanky Friends!

What a rainy week! Gallons poured down on us this week and it’s raining right now. Thankfully, this is just light rain, falling more or less vertically, but on Wednesday we had sideways rain and thunder and lightning. Very exciting. But thankfully, we didn’t lose power.

Hubby is thrilled with his job, I haven’t seen him happier. He’s excited to get up in the morning and go to work. A first! And now I’m finally left to do what I do best, write and drink tea.

But after 14 years of being within ten feet of him, it is weird to finally be alone a lot. But I’m actually loving it. Besides, I’m not very alone, I have my imaginary friends to keep me company.

But I am thinking of getting a cat again. Also, since my girlfriends found out I’m here all by my lonesome, I’ve had some extended phone conversations and visits.

Life has really turned around for us…speaking of thunder. Wow. Time to unplug the computers.

Take care, my dears,

Heather went to her meeting and was walking by Curt’s temporary office, when he beckoned her inside.

“Yes?” she asked in a playful tone.

He grinned. “I meant what I said, I can get you the help if you need it. To pass that class.”

“So you know one of these coach-type people?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you know them well?”

He shrugged. “Fairly well.”


“I think you do need the help. You sound as though you do.”

“Oh, I play stuff up for the group, but I’m doing okay—okay that was such a lie. I am a liar! Sorry. Yes, I do. I know I do, but…”


“I just…”

“What?” he asked.

“I don’t know. It seems so desperate.”

“So you think you’re bosses are desperate and that’s why they hired me?”

“No. Well, kinda. They really needed you. I hear you’ve got magical wizardry type financial skills.”

“They needed extra help, expert help.”

“Point taken.”

“We can’t always accomplish our goals alone,” Curt said. “Look at any professional athlete, they have coaches.”

“Yeah, they do. You’re right.”

“I even do some of this coaching myself.”

This surprised her. “You do?”

He smiled and sent her a penetrating stare, then shook his head to himself. “I do. But I don’t think you’d… go for my… specialty. My methods are only for those who truly want to change and get their goals accomplished. I’m a bit… let’s just say my tough love techniques are a bit more tough than others,” he said with a wicked smile.

He intrigued her. “Well, I want to change and I need to pass that class. But… What do you mean a bit more tough than others?”

“I normally only discuss the particulars with serious clients.”

“Huh. So how much do you charge?”

“I have a sliding scale. For you… since we’re friends, I’d be willing to barter or work something out. But only if you were serious and you just don’t strike me as the serious kind of girl.”

“Oh, I’m serious. I have to pass this stupid class. I mean, five times? Come on. I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t and I’m starting to get desperate.”

“I don’t think you’d like the methods I employ to motivate my clients. You don’t seem the type.”

“The type? What kind of type?”

“You just seem… well, very rebellious, I think. A bit on the bratty side. Brats can get into real trouble with me. Real. Trouble,” he said with a warning and a promise in his eye. Something about it sent a thrill through her. This guy was a real hard-ass and that was a real turn-on. She’d only been with wimps. This guy was a real man.

She grinned. “Well, to be honest with you, I am… yes, I’m very rebellious and I am a bit of a brat. At least, according to my exes. But then, they were jerks and I had to get even somehow. But that’s beside the point. This is business. I need to get this class done. I have to. That offer in R & D isn’t going to last long. But you are scaring me.”

He sent her a half smile, and looked thoughtful for a moment, his deep blue gaze evaluating her. “I would scare you, yes. I think I would.”

She laughed. “So what? Are you some kinda disciplinarian or something?”

He grinned and didn’t miss a beat. “You could say that.”

“Oh, dear,” she said, her knees feeling a bit shaky. The man was touching on some of her hidden fantasies. Was this the man she’d been looking for? The one who would open up that whole world of power games? No, she was imagining it. He just wanted a new client and like he said, she was a friend.

But she was getting some other hints that the man may just find her attractive. He was definitely baiting her, teasing her. And he was certainly turning her on.

“Tell you what?” he said. “You think about it. If you want, we can meet and discuss specifics. Say over dinner sometime this week? If you want.”


“Think about it. Get back to me.”

“Uh, okay.”

She stared at him for a few seconds more, then turned and walked out. She almost walked into Jason, she was so dazed by the conversation. Did he just ask her to dinner? No. It was business.

But was it business?

She got all the way to her office when it struck her. Who the hell cared why the guy talked about having dinner with her, this was a perfect opportunity to get the guy alone! She was single, she had to get back on the horse and oh, wouldn’t she love to ride his pony. Yee-hah!

But wait, she was making that up. He didn’t care about her sexually, only professionally. Right?

Well, there was one way to find out. And last she checked, her dance card was empty.

What if he was married?

She was talking about dinner, not marriage!

She headed straight back to his office. He seemed surprised, yet very amused to see her return so soon.

“Yes?” he asked cordially.

“You’re on. When?”

His gaze darkened, his smile grew. But it was a predator’s smile. Welcome to my web said the spider to the fly. “How’s tonight?”

So what if he scared her? He was hot. “Perfect. Where? When?”

“How about Sam Sushi?”

“Oh, good one.”

“I’ll make reservations for seven, shall I?”

“Go for it.”

He sent her another amused smile.

“What? You think I’m gonna run scared from you?” she asked.


“You don’t know me that well.”

“Well, maybe by the end of the evening, we’ll know each other just a little bit better.”

©2009, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

I think this is my favorite of your stories yet! I can tell by the way I think you need a HARD spanking for stopping while I still want to be reading!

I'm so glad you husband is so happy with his new job. And you get to stay home with all your 'friends' and look forward to him coming home!


Paul said...

Michelle, one word, intriguing?
Great to hear about hubby.
PK, how on earth did you get here before me?
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

PK and Paul!

Heee! You two crack me up! Glad you're enjoying the new story,

Big hugs to both of you!

And PK, I'll put in your request to my hubby. Maybe...