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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Motivator, Part Five

Hey There Spanky Friends!

Damn, I’ve been so sick, I totally forgot it was Friday. It’s been one long, sneezy CSI-filled week. I totally feel like death. I thought I was getting better, I’m not sneezing as much, but I feel TERRIBLE.

Enough whining. Here is Part Five of The Motivator.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Mr. Carlyle and I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary on Monday. Maybe. Depending on how sick I am. I hope this is over soon. I am not used to being sick. I am a goer and a doer. Not a sit around and watch freakin’ CSI all the time kind of a person.

And I think CSI is getting to me. I keep having dreams about corpses.

Hugs to you all,

Curt knew the moment he saw Heather the morning before their date that she hadn’t made her goals for that week. And she’d done so well the week before. She’d made a bargain with him, signed the agreement, promised to fulfill an easy set of goals and in only two weeks she’d let herself down? This girl really did need some help. She was a good girl, too. But wild. Just a bit too wild. Her impulsive nature helped her in some ways, but damaged her in others. He’d help her see how to use her nature to her advantage. And guide her in the right direction.

Of course, to do that, he had to spank her. And while he greatly looked forward to it, there would be a part of it that would be difficult. In order to get through to her, he had to do a good job on her, really punish her. It would be no fun for her tonight. But she needed it and she’d asked him to help her. And more importantly, she’d signed the agreement. Something he took very seriously. He assumed at some point, she’d break the contract, but not this soon!

He was curious how she would take her punishment. How she would hold up. Many people asked for limits they never really wanted. But she was different, he knew it. He hoped she did well. He was falling in love with her. If she could stand up to her part of the bargain, he knew it would work out between them. He sure hoped so.

When he arrived at her house at seven pm sharp, he heard her vacuuming. Trying to get as much done as she could before she saw him.

She was breathless when she answered the door. And she was worried. He liked that she was a bit afraid of him. While he’d never really hurt her, it was good she feared him a bit. It would help keep her motivated. He had to make sure that after they made love—if they made love—that she knew his limits were firm and any infractions of the rules would be met with strict discipline. Especially if they were ever to marry. He held his mates up to very high standards.

“Uh, hi, Curt,” she said, looking very nervous.

He walked inside and took off his coat. He set it down on the couch and turned back to her. He gestured towards the large grid on the wall that listed all her goals. “So, let’s see what progress you’ve made.”

She shifted in place and rubbed the back of her neck. “About that…”

“Tell me you aren’t going to try to weasel your way out of this week’s goals.”

She stopped. And thought. Then she gave up. “No.”

“You were, weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” she said, looking at her feet.

He inwardly was very amused, but kept his expression firm. He couldn’t show any weakness or leniency or she’d never get the lesson and never pass that stupid class.

“Well, let’s see what you actually did accomplish.” He walked over to the grid and checked her progress. She’d only gotten half of her goals accomplished.

He turned to her. She seemed to shrink down into her skin. Funny. But again, he kept his expression severe.

“I am interested to hear why you didn’t get much done.”

“Will it help with my sentence?”


“Will it add to my sentence?”

“I’m not sure. Depends on the excuse.”

“I’d rather not then.”

“Oh, one of those?”

“Yes,” she said dismally.

“I still want to hear it.”

“Went on a bender with some old college friends.”

“Is that why you were sick on Monday?”


“So you lied to your work?”

“No, I was sick. Totally hungover. Woke up in a hotel in Santa Cruz with no memory of how I got… there… I should not have added that.”

He could feel the edges of his mouth flicker, he wanted to smile, but couldn’t let himself. He rubbed his mouth thoughtfully to cover his amusement. Oh, she was a bad girl, this one. He hoped he could tame her. He hoped she responded well to his discipline.

“All right then. It’s time to pay the piper, Heather.”

“Christ. Look, maybe this wasn’t such a good… idea… oh, hell. I need to pass this class and I didn’t even make it to class this week.”

“I see that. All right, this is how it’s going to work. You will submit to your punishment. You won’t try to get away, you won’t fight me. Do you understand?”


“Good girl. Now…” He got his coat and reached inside the pocket and withdrew a large leather paddle. He loved her reaction. Her eyes went wide, she paled and swallowed.

“You… you’re gonna hit me with… THAT?”

“Yes. The punishment is for you, not me. I don’t want my hand hurting.”

“Oh, dear…”

“Now,” he said, looking around the room. He spotted the very solid dining table. “That should work well. All right, Heather. Over to the table.”

“O-kay,” she said, looking terrified. The fear in her eyes sent a thrill through him. He liked the prelude to a spanking almost as much as he enjoyed administering the punishment itself.

“Now, I want you to pull your pants and underwear down to your ankles, I won’t look.”


“The only way to properly administer a spanking is on the bare bottom of the recipient.”

“Oh, man,” she said, her voice shaky. Her hands were shaking, too. A surge of power raced through him. God, he loved punishing brats!

Reluctantly, she unzipped her jeans and pushed them over her hips. She took her very cute pink panties and pushed them down as well. Then she pushed both down to her ankles.

When he saw her amazing heart-shaped ass, he immediately got hard. Really hard. Almost painfully so. He couldn’t wait to see that lovely alabaster turn to a beet red. He loved reddening a girl’s bottom. Loved their little shrieks of pain. The tears, the trembling lower lip. God, he almost wanted to skip the spanking and take her from behind.

Control, man, control. He still wasn’t sure about her yet. Their whole future depended on how well she submitted to him. While he wanted an equal partner, they both needed to obey the rules. While he always did, it was clear the girl still had some self-destructive behaviors that needed to be addressed. If she handled this punishment well and didn’t get angry with him for it, actually appreciated it, then that would settle any doubts.

©200?, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

I beat Paul, I beat Paul!! Go me!

Michelle I sure hope you are feeling better soon and that you can enjoy Valentine's Day.

You do have a way of stopping a story at the worst possible place. I wonder if that is by accident? LOL! Well I'll sure be back next week.


PS. Come on Paul, snap to!!

Lynn Lane said...

Wow. Hi my name is Lynn Lane and I just started a blog called Corner Time Stories. I had stummbled on to your blog and Wow that is a good long story. I cant wait to finish it. I do plan to read all the old post.

Paul said...

Michelle, I'm sorry that you feel ill, I hope that you are better very soon.
You know what happens to those who tease!!!
Should I ask Mr C to deal with you, a Valentine, Anniversary, naughty girl spanking, that might speed the story up a little, the brat hasn't had a finger laid on her yet.
PK, you have eight hours before I even see the post, you should beat me every time, WEG
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Thanks, you guys! You're all the best! And PK, You WON!

I think I ought to reward the winner next week...

I'll have to think of something.


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