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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Motivator, Part Seven

Hey Spanky Friends!

Why am I feeling like crap? I already got sick. I’m concerned that Mr. Carlyle is not just bringing home a nice paycheck from his new job. After all, for fourteen years we worked at home together. And this is the first time in years he’s been around that many people. 2400 of them, to be exact. All day long. He said everyone is sick at work. Sniffling and coughing and trudging around in a stupor. I think if you’re sick, you should stay home. But I suppose that’s not practical all the time.

Like tomorrow. I have a presentation to do at my RWA (Romance Writers of America) meeting and am concerned about being sick. So I’m resting all day today and if I’m sniffly, I’ll drug myself up and go do the presentation. I’m the speaker for the meeting, so I have to go. I just won’t breathe on anyone. But the show must go on.

I just hope all to hell I can fight off whatever this thing is that’s making me feel crappy. And remember my stupid presentation. Well, it’s not stupid, I think it’s good and funny. We’ll see what the audience thinks. This is the first time I’ll be doing it. Time to use that theatre degree and PERFORM.

Okay, so here is the next to the last chunk of The Motivator. I think you’ll like it.

Big hugs to all of you!


“Easy, Heather, easy. Take it easy. You did very well. I’m very proud of you. You obeyed me and took your punishment like a good girl. Now you won’t disappoint me or yourself again, will you?”

“No,” she croaked out.

“Good girl. Now, I want you to go over and lie face down on the couch. Your punishment is over. But I want you to keep your pants down, all right?”

“O-okay,” she stammered, sobbing still.

She got up and gasped at the pain of movement. She obediently stepped out of her pants and walked over to the couch, completely naked from the waist down. He got harder. She was turned away from him, so hopefully she wouldn’t notice.

Curt walked into her kitchen and checked her freezer. Luckily, she had a pack of frozen peas. He got the peas, and went through her cupboards and found some aspirin. He got a bottle of water, the peas and the pills and returned to the living room.

“Heather? I want you to take two aspirin. Here,” he said, handing them to her. She obediently took the pills.

Then he brought up a chair next to the couch. “I’m going to put this icepack on your rear end.” He did so, she jumped a bit, then relaxed.

“You did very well, Heather, I’m impressed. Very impressed.”

She said nothing. He hoped she wasn’t too angry with him.

He got up, went to his coat pocket and got out a can of Solarcaine. He returned to her and gently began rubbing her back.

“I know I hurt you. I wanted to, I meant to. That was the worst hiding I’ll ever give you. I wanted to make an impression on you. In the future, I will make judgments based upon any other infractions you may make on your plan and modify the punishments accordingly. But this one, I wanted you to know the worst. And this was the worst I’ll ever give you.”

“Thank God.”

He smiled. He removed the peas and sprayed Solarcaine on her rear.

“Since you were such a good girl, I’m rewarding you with Solarcaine. This should help with the pain.”

He saw when the medicine worked, her entire body relaxed, her sobs subsided. Good.

He began petting her head, very softly, very affectionately. “I hope you don’t hate me, Heather.”

“I don’t.”

“I only did this because I care about you. All of this… was because I care about you. I would have never agreed to help you if I hadn’t been interested in you. I will understand if you don’t want to proceed any further with this relationship. But I hope you’ll want to.”

She finally turned and looked up at him. She smiled. “No, I got it. You are a kinda hard-ass, but… I did screw up. And I have been screwing up and I don’t want to. I knew I could have stopped you and ended this whole thing. This was my choice, having you spank me. It was horrible, but… I know I’ll get my homework done this week. And if you keep helping me, I will definitely get that master’s degree and achieve all my goals at work. Which means a lot to me. So, no, I appreciate this. Thanks. Thanks for caring enough about me to do this all for me.”

He grinned. “You’re very welcome, Heather. How are you feeling?”

“Better, now.”

“Good. Uh, is it all right if I rub out some of the pain? It will help as well.”

“Sure, go for it.”

He almost couldn’t believe his good luck. All he wanted to do was bury his face between her legs, but he held himself back. He would start slowly. Build her up so she’d really want him. He gently began massaging her rear, his sex responded accordingly.

After a bit, she unconsciously moaned and moved her hips against the couch. This was promising. He’d test her to see how far he could go.

He rubbed and massaged her buns, then dipped his hand a bit between her legs. He was instantly rewarded. She spread her legs and arched her hips a bit, inviting him in. Oh, God, he wanted her!

He slipped his hand down underneath her, she raised that beautiful ass higher. He played with her tender folds, then inserted a finger inside her. She was so wet, he slid right in. He nearly fainted with lust. He began fingering her, until she began writhing and grinding her hips into the couch.

He finally couldn’t stand it any longer. He withdrew, grabbed her, flipped her over, spread her legs wide and buried his face between her legs. She squealed with delight as his tongue found her hardened clit. He flicked it lightly with his tongue, she grabbed his head and brought him closer. She tasted so good, smelled so good, he was out of his mind with sexual joy. He could pleasure this woman forever and never tire. Heavenly!

He started off slowly and then built up and delivered a practiced assault on her sweet spot. She cried out, and pushed her hips up and tried to get as much of herself into his mouth as she could. She contracted then; writhing, moaning, seemingly barely able to handle the sensations. Then she howled as she came, bucking up against him, smashing against the couch with her fists. After she calmed, he started all over again. This was so fun! He brought her to as many orgasms as he could before she pushed him away.

“I want you inside me, now,” she growled at him, her eyes dark with lust.

He was so happy he was forty. In his younger days, he would have come just from that look on her face. As it was it was hard to hold himself back. He made short work of his clothes, his member was so hard, it hurt. He loved the way her eyes lit up when she saw him. He quickly grabbed a condom out of his pocket, eased it on and then fell between her legs.

When he entered her, he felt the connection. This was powerful. This was real. This was a bonding, not merely sex, but the first time on a path with his future partner. He tried to hold himself back, control himself, but he couldn’t. He lost himself in her. He thrusted into her wildly, she threw her head back against the couch and roared with release. He felt her sex spasm around him and nearly lost it right then. But he was determined to keep her going for as long as he could. Somehow he stayed focused. He wanted to take her on a ride she would never forget. Through some pretty fancy mental gymnastics, he continued on driving into her with everything he had. No woman had ever fit with him like this. No woman had ever felt like this.

©2008, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, I hope that you feel better soon.
You need to read part seven, that would make anybody feel better.
Hay PK want to borrow my roller skates. WEG
Love and warm hugs,

PK said...

Wonderful, wonderful Michelle! One of my favorites of your stories.

I hope you are feeling much better by the time you have to give your talk and I wish I could be there to hear it.

Now Paul this is all Michelle's fault. She used to forget it was Friday and the story didn't get posted until you were already in bed. Now she is posting earlier - I think she's cheating in your favor and she needs a spanking for playing favorites!!

But hugs to all anyway!


Michelle Carlyle said...


I am an erratic, forgetful, very bad girl. I like that spanking idea. I'll have to get Mr. Carlyle to "punish" me tonight. But when I'm bad, he says, "No spanking for you!" This is how he punishes me. By not spanking me. He is evil.

And I'm not playing favorites, PK, honest. I post when I remember to.

But I still want a spanking! Whoo-hoo!

Lynn Lane said...

Very good. I do hope that there will be more of these two. I enjoy your stories. Im still reading all the older stories.
Lynn Lane.