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Friday, July 2, 2010

Within His Law, Conclusion

Hey Spanky Friends!!!

Whoo-hoo!!! Friday!!! Whoo-hoo!!! I got carded yesterday!!!! I was so stoked! The guy looked at my age and his eyebrows shot up. “Good for you, girl. Doin’ something right.” I looked down at the beer and chips I’d just bought and thought “Ahhh, my secret anti-aging weapons.” I still can’t believe it. I think I look fifty. Maybe it’s the pink hair. And the teenage boy clothes. And the Converse high tops. People always mistake me for a teenager. And then I take off my sunglasses. And they go “OMG! Imhotep in teenage clothing!” No. Thankfully, for some reason I’m not aging dramatically. Not like some of my friends who look like they drank a whole bottle of old.

Anyway, I was very happy. Dude made my whole day.

What are you guys doing for the 4th of July? For my readers in England, probably nothing! For my readers here in the US, I would assume barbecue, fireworks and beer is in your future. Hubby and I have made no plans because we just want to chill out. I think we’ll barbecue, but I mainly want to shovel some stuff out of my office because I’m all out of floor. I have a pathway to the door, but the rest of my office looks like a bomb went off. I’m looking at it now and am glad you can’t see it. Clearly cleaning is not a priority for me, but I’m in the Embarrassment Zone now. So I’ll probably do a bit of tidying.

Or I’ll sit in the sun in the backyard and read which sounds like much more fun.

But mostly I hope I get to fuck all weekend. Hubby better be prepared because I’m going to ATTACK him tomorrow. Wheeeeee!!!!

By the way, I dropped all the prices on my books. Seeing as we’re in a recession that seems unending, I thought I’d do my part and make my books more affordable for those who want them. Yay!!!! Cheaper books for my friends!!!!

Okay, so here’s the conclusion to Within His Law, soon to be found in Hanky Spanky.

Have a great weekend and see you all next week!!!


The traffic was so bad because of Lila’s stunt, Zane couldn’t even get near the hotel. Finally, he jumped out and ran to the hotel. He saw the spotlight from a block away, up on the side of the building. And in the spotlight was a woman, clinging to the building. He screamed when he saw her. Of course, she couldn’t hear him, no one could over the din the crowd was making below her.

He rushed up in time to see her slip. He screamed again, only this time the whole crowd screamed with him. Finally, the firemen grabbed her. Zane almost wept with relief. He found the cops and explained who he was. A cop assured him it was a crazy fan, not his wife. Zane told him he wanted to see for himself. Luckily, the cop was a fan of his and finally escorted him upstairs.

When he saw his wife’s tear-streaked face, his heart nearly broke. She was shivering and miserable, crying. “Really, Zane Black is my husband,” she sobbed.

“Well, honey, you got your wish. You get to meet Zane Black,” the cop escorting him told her.

“She is my wife, officer,” Zane said.

The guy looked shocked. Every cop in the room turned and stared.

“She’s really your wife?” one stammered.


Lila saw him and shrieked and cried harder. He rushed to her side, she leapt up and nearly crushed him in a hug. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, honey.”

He wrapped his long arms around her. She was so cold, she felt like a Popsicle. “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay,” he said, kissing her on the cheek. She smelled like alcohol. He guessed four beers and two or three shots of tequila. Only tequila would make her climb a building in zero temperatures. Nevertheless, there was one part of her body that would get warmed up soon. Very warm. By the time he got through with her, her buns would be blazing hot.

“All I wanted to do was to surprise you,” she cried.

“Oh, you surprised me all right.”

Most of the cops laughed. “Yeah, gave him quite a surprise,” one said.

Lila said, “My jacket, a girl has it.”

He petted her head. “We’ll get that back, don’t worry.”

“I’m under arrest.”

“I’ll bet you are.”

A cop said, “We’ll try to make it fast down at the station, Mr. Black. But we have to take her in. She was on TV for God’s sake.”

Zane nodded. “I heard.”

“I was on what?” Lila demanded.

He sighed. “You’re a star, honey.”

Her eyes got big. “Oh, no. I’m sorry, Zane.”

“You will be when you get sobered up.”

She looked worried. “I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

“Big, big trouble,” he said, kissing her fondly. He was so relieved, he wasn’t mad at her at all. But he would be later, and he knew it.

Lila woke up the next day and prayed it had all been a nightmare. But when she moved, her limbs were so sore, she knew it was the truth. Goddamn it! She couldn’t even imagine what kind of punishment she faced at the hands of her husband. It wouldn’t be pleasant, that was for sure.

Zane was already up. “Mornin’ daredevil girl.”

She winced. “I am in so much trouble.”

“You got that right.”


He knew what she was talking about. “When am I going to spank you?”


“After you get up. After breakfast. That way you can think about it some.”

“There’s no way to beg my way out of this, is there?”

His jaw dropped slightly. “Are you kiddin’ me?”

“I guess.”

After breakfast, Lila got more and more nervous. When was he going to do it? Every time he got up and moved towards her, she thought it was the time.

“Can we just get this over with?” she finally demanded.

He laughed. “I knew it was buggin’ you. Good. No, I want you to wait. And think about it. I may even wait until tomorrow. Just to keep you tormented.”

“You’re mean.”

“I’m what?”


“I thought so.”

He stared at her for a moment. “Okay, let’s get it over with. I want to make love to you most of the day, anyway. Even though some positions won’t be so comfy after I get through with you. I just wish I had my paddle.”


“I could use my flip flop.”


He sent her a sadistic grin. “Okay, girl, get over to the bed.”

Her heart leapt into her throat, her pulse raced. Her hands shook, her knees felt weak. She hated this. While she’d walked into it, she hated it. Why hadn’t those stupid guards recognized her?

“I still think you ought to spank your roadies. The guys at the backstage entrance who didn’t believe me.”

“Did they make you drink tequila and climb a building and almost die?”


“You could have waited patiently at the hotel, I would have come straight there after the show.”

“I know.”

“Get over there.”

He came over to the bed and sat down. He looked up at her thoughtfully. “I think I want it all off. Naked, now.”


“Are you arguing with me?”


She quickly stripped. His eyes lit up with lust, his got a half smile on his face. He reached out lightening quick, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her across his massive thighs. She wished his hand wasn’t so large, it was easily the size of a textbook. One of his spanks covered her whole rear. Unpleasant. But at least he didn’t have his paddle. That was worse.

His hand came down so hard onto her poor ass, she was nearly thrown off his lap. He had to pull her back onto his thighs. It felt like her ass had been grilled. She shrieked in pain.

He thundered into her tender behind. “No (swat) climbing (terrible swat) buildings (horrific swat)!” She cried out, tears sprang into her eyes.

“No (swat, swat, swat) tequila!” he said with a high-impact swat that thrust her forward.

The pain was searing. All her muscles were taut, her toes were curled, she couldn’t help but kick her legs. Every nerve felt like it had been lit on fire. She broke out in a sweat and began panting.

Zane laid into her ass with everything he had. He launched an assault the likes of which, she’d never felt before. Unbelievable agony. The man put his whole shoulder and arm into his swings, he wielded his hand like a weapon. The impact to her bare butt was awe-inspiring. Her body was flung forward with each strike. The sound of the slap was so loud, she couldn’t believe he was hitting her this hard. She didn’t blame him, but this was awful. She bawled like a baby.

After rapid firing into her butt with machine-like precision and power for longer than she ever remembered him spanking her, Zane stopped, picked her up and threw her back onto the bed.

He stripped, revealing his incredibly hard tool. With a hungry, feral and angry look on his chiseled face, he leapt on top of her and was inside before she could even catch her breath.

He grabbed her wrists, held them above her head and powered into her. “You obey me,” he rasped in his deep baritone voice, punctuating his command with an awesome thrust. “You don’t climb buildings.” His voice tortured with lust and emotion, he plowed into her, harder and faster.

Lila’s brain shifted from pain management to climaxing. She came so explosively, she could only scream. It felt like her head got blown off.

Zane attacked her with his member, jack-hammering her into orgasm oblivion. When he came, he yelled loudly—it sounded like he put his whole being into his climax.

Afterwards, he grabbed her and crushed her to him. “You don’t ever do anything like that again. I love you. I love you so much. I can’t lose you, Lila, I can’t.” His voice cracked with emotion.

She burst into tears and clung to him. “I’m so sorry, Zane. I love you. I won’t lose my mind again. I don’t want to do this to you. I love you.”

“All I want to do is to protect you. You have to let me protect you.”

“I will, I swear I will.”

“That’s my girl. That’s my baby,” he said, kissing the side of her face and her neck. They held onto each other hard, both overcome with emotion.

Feeling ripped in half by his love for her, Lila hoped she could come through on her promise. She wanted to. She really wanted to.

But unfortunately, she knew herself too well. She would try, but that was probably the best she could do.

Poor Zane.

©2007, Michelle Carlyle


Florida Dom said...

Congrats on being carded. Has to be good for the ego. And another good story. You have a gift for writing. And you are going to write about attacking your husband? Can't wait to read about that.

And thanks for the kind words on my blog. You set such a high standard for the rest of us.


PK said...

Carded? You go girl!! You can't help it if you look like a child.

Your story as always was just wonderful. She'll remember this mistake. No more building climbing? How about at least not drunk.

And where is Paul? That sweet man always comments on my posts and he's missed the last two. Come on Paul - I'm a worrier!

Hugs Michelle,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Oh, dear. Where is Paul???? Let's hope he's okay.

FD! Happy to see you here, my friend. So proud of you! And I love your storytelling. Great work.

Lila has a few more lessons to learn. Next week, I'll start with a new one. I forgot to mention that. And I so love your blog. Just have to give you a shout out here. Both you and FD have awesome blogs. You go girl. And boy!

Hugs to you both,

Alujna said...

i think you depict the emotions very well, most authors just think about the plot characters scene stuff like that, they forget to give equal importance to their emotions.
i like your style!
and carded wow! :) :) What your secret??

Michelle Carlyle said...

That's weird. There was a comment here yesterday that was really nice and I came on here to comment on the comment and now it's gone! Whomever left it, thanks so much for your lovely compliments, meant the world to me!