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Friday, September 24, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Troublemaker, Parts One and Two

Hey Spanky Friends!!!

I’m baaaaaackkkk! Had a great time at Shasta Lake with the hubby. Lots of sleeping, sex, hikes and reading. And now I’ve hit the ground running and have written a bunch of spanking stories this week! Yay! My favorite!

Here’s a new story for you, soon to be found in…my ninth book, which will be out…um…as soon as I get the sixth, seventh and eighth books formatted. I’m so baaad! I have to put out the new books and I’ve been so slammed, I’ve had no time. Bad, bad, Michelle, needs a spanking to get more motivated. Hey, now there’s an idea. Except for me, spankings aren’t exactly punishment. Wheee!

Okay, enough of this, I have to get back to work and finish up my deadlines.

Hugs to you all and I’ll be back next week with more!


Wham! Joey pounded the last nail in the roof. Dizzy and pouring with sweat, she was completely relieved to be done. Nice sunny days were perfect for sunbathing, but not re-roofing your house.

She stood, eager to stretch out her tired back. Her world went gray. White lights streaked her vision. The roof zoomed up at her and smacked her on the side.

Sky, roof, sky, roof. She rolled over and over, down the slanted roof.

“Oh, God! No!” came a thunderous roar from down below her somewhere.

Snap out of it! You’re gonna die!

At the edge of the roof, she snapped into consciousness. As she fell off, she reached out and grabbed the gutter, slicing her right hand. Her body swung down and she slammed into the ladder, sending it toppling over.

No! She gripped the rain gutter with everything she had. Her body swung slowly to a stop. Her right hand hurt like hell and blood dripped down her arm.

Tink! She dropped a bit. A nail came out of the gutter! No! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Adrenaline slammed her system. She was gonna die!

The ladder appeared next to her. What the hell?

“Can you get on it?” came an unfamiliar, yet very deep and masculine voice.

She reached out with her leg and could just touch it. “I’m trying, can you move it closer?”

“There’s uneven pavement down below.”


“I’ll be right there!” Mystery Man said.

The ladder moved with someone’s weight. Her arms were searing in agony and her right hand blazed with pain.

A very long and strong arm wrapped around her middle. “Keep reaching, that’s right. Good, good. I’ve got you. On a count of three. One, two, three!”

She pulled herself over; the guy’s arm was like a steel band around her. A moment later, she was safely balanced on the ladder. And sharing it with a very large man. She couldn’t get a good look at him because she was more focused on the staying on the ladder, but she could tell he was a big ‘un.

“Okay now, you stay there, I’m going to carefully work my way back down,” he said.

“Okay, thanks.”

“You okay? Still dizzy?”

“Yeah, but I’m okay. I can make it.”


It wasn’t easy climbing down with a hurt hand, but she was strong and finally stepped off the ladder and onto the ground.

“Damn, woman. That was crazy. Are you okay?”

She looked up into a pair of the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. The man was gorgeous. Super tall, medium length soft brown hair that fell in wisps around his ears, aquiline nose, full sensual lips, prominent jaw. So hot. Around her age, late thirties, early forties.

He smiled. “Are you okay?”

The pain in her hand shook her out of the hormonal fog. She glanced down at it and winced. An ugly three-inch gash sliced across her palm. Still bleeding pretty good.

“My hand got sliced.”

He took her hand in his and grimaced. “You need to see a doctor.”

“Oh, man, Linda is gonna yell at me.” She sighed heavily.

“Who’s Linda?”

“My doctor. Buddy from high school. Has a practice down on Mission. What time is it?”

“Around two.”

“Saturdays she’s there until three. Might just make it. Well, thanks… uh.”

“Bryan Snow.”

“I’m Joey Dupree.”

“I know. I read your column.”

“Oh. Oh. Uh, oh.” She checked his expression carefully. “You don’t seem upset.”

“No, I think you’re funny.”

Relief washed through her. “Good. Some people in this town want my column cancelled.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I talk about stuff they don’t think should be talked about. And I’m a screaming liberal.”

He laughed. “You are that. Come on, I’m taking you to the doctor.”

“I can drive myself.”

“With that hand? No.” He gestured across the street. “Come on, we’ll take my car.”

As they walked to his car, she glanced up at him. “So where did you come from? Just out rescuing damsels in distress?”

“No, I live here.” He pointed at the house directly across the street from hers.

“You what? I thought a computer guy bought it.”

“He did. I’m a computer guy.”

“You? But you’re tall and hunky… sorry.”

His grin nearly split his face. “I get that a lot.”

Bubbly energy welled up within her. A hunk! Right across the street! Sweet! “Well, welcome to Briarwood.”

“Thanks,” he said as they reached his car. “Does your friend work at the Creekside Clinic?”


“I know where it is. Get in.”

She stopped at the passenger side door. “Wait. I don’t want to bleed all over your car.”

He shook his head and chuckled. “Got some tissue in the car. Get in.”

“For crying out loud, what the hell did you do to yourself this time?” Dr. Linda Muller said, her mouth agape. She frowned at Joey’s palm. “Look at that! You just healed, you idiot! Come on,” she said, pulling her into the examining room. “Gina?” she called out to her nurse. “I need the succors and lidocaine. Again.” She nodded over at Bryan. “Hey you, tall cute and handsome. You want to come in and watch your damsel get stitched? Boring out there in the waiting room with the two-year-old magazines. Unless you want to read about George Bush’s cabinet appointees.”

Bryan laughed and followed the two women inside.

Joey hopped up on the table in her usual spot, Bryan took a chair in the corner.

Linda frowned at her. “So what’d you do this time?”

Joey briefly gave her the story.

Linda smacked her on the shoulder. “Roofing on a hot day? Are you this stupid?”

“I started when it was cool. I just wanted to finish.”

“Well, it almost finished you. Christ, I suppose I should be happy I’m not shoveling your remains into a garbage can. You almost fell off your roof? Just don’t tell me anymore. Okay? Just come in here and lie to me. I don’t want to know how bad it could have been. Christ. You are a problem child.”

“Tell me about it.”

Linda jerked her head towards Bryan. “So where’d you find him?”

Bryan laughed. “I moved in across the street from Miss Joey.”

“That’s lucky. Oh, you’re probably married.”

Joey tried not to look at Bryan. But she felt her ear travel all the way over to stop inches in front of his mouth.

“No. Divorced three years ago. Haven’t found anyone special yet.”

Joey’s mood soared.

Linda brightened. “Hey, Joey, look, single attractive man across the street. How lucky is that?”

Joey’s face went so hot it felt radioactive. “Linda, will you not?” Don’t blow it for me!

“Wow, look at that color. See that Bryan? She only does that when she likes someone. You might have a chance at her.”

Joey glowered at her. “Will you please shut up and OW!” Linda injected the lidocaine.

Linda pursed her lips at her and moved the needle to another location. “You are such a wuss.” She turned to Bryan, who couldn’t stop laughing. “She’s such a wuss.”

“Damn that hurts, you butcher!”

“Me the butcher? You’re the one who routinely chops miscellaneous parts off your body.”

“Only the tip of that one finger, my baby toe and that chunk out of my shoulder.”

“What about that earlobe?”

Joey rubbed her lumpy earlobe. “You sewed it back on.”

“Yeah and your shoulder isn’t looking so bad these days.”

Bryan couldn’t believe this whole scene. He’d been staring at Joey’s gorgeous buff shoulders since he moved in, but had never seen them close up. He’d just noticed the seven-inch-long scar across her left shoulder. He couldn’t believe she was as wild in person as she was in her column. What a woman. Needed some impulse control, but wow, what a hot girl. He loved her tomboyish bravado, her sweet smile, that sparkling brown gaze. And watching her banter with her friend sealed the deal. He wanted her. And he wanted her badly.

He’d been watching her ever since he moved in. He worked mainly at home and faced the street when he worked on his computer. Joey seemed to be involved in a never-ending stream of projects. She was either hammering, sawing or painting. Or pulling weeds, digging holes or planting in her garden. Limitless energy.

What he really liked was that she worked in a tight tank top and blue jeans shorts, showing off her pert breasts, muscular arms and long buff legs. No make-up, but she was tanned from being outdoors. She had a natural, earthy, easy beauty. Just his type.

He’d been trying to figure out a way to strike up a conversation with her, but had been so busy with the move-in and deadlines that he hadn’t yet found the time.

Joey nodded at him. “So Bryan, you saw me fall or what?”

“Yeah,” he said, trying to sound casual. I was staring at you trying to figure out a way to talk to you. “I was getting something out of my car and happened to look up.”

She nodded and checked out her wound as Linda sewed it up. “Well, thank bloody God. Guess I should have been a bit more careful.”

“You guess?” Bryan and Linda asked in incredulous tones.

She grinned sheepishly. She was so adorable! How to ask her out? Ahh, yes, under the guise of caretaking. He’d invite her over for dinner. Because she surely couldn’t cook for herself. No! He’d take her out. That lovely little bistro downtown.

Of course, at his house, his bed was only feet away. Take it easy, man. Don’t rush it. Don’t make her think you only want her for a quick roll in the hay. Bistro would be better.

“So how did you get that scar on your shoulder?” he asked.

She glanced down at it. “Chainsaw.”

Linda laughed. “Oh, come on, tell him the whole story.”

“What? I was cutting a branch off a tree and the damn thing slipped.”

“What she isn’t saying is that she was twenty feet up the goddamned tree.”

Bryan nearly jumped out of his skin. “What? You did what?”

Linda chuckled. “Oh, this one is totally brainless at times.”

Joey stuck out her chin defiantly. “I am not. Well, partially. The damn branch was bugging me. I could see it out of my bedroom window, this ugly broken half-dead thing. If it had come down it could have wasted the cat. He sleeps under that tree all the time.”

“Ever heard of impulse control?” Bryan asked.

Linda burst out laughing. “I wrote her a prescription for it, but she won’t take her pills.”

“It’s no big deal,” Joey said in a small voice.

If this woman became his, there was no way he’d let her do crazy things. Maybe he’d come along at the right time. Maybe he was just what she needed. He knew a great tried and true method of getting through to accident-prone troublemakers. Right over his knee. And man, Joey had one, nice spankable ass.

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


Anonymous said...

Michelle I think these three characters are hysterical and the story line is oh so good. Im hooked see ya next Friday :)

Alujna said...

yuppy spankable ass, can't wait to see it get red..lol
or in this case can't wait to read it!:)

PK said...

Glad you had a vacation but I miss your story last week! I have to say you more than made up for it this week however. I love the way this one is starting out!

See you next week.


Paul said...

Michelle, great story, all your heroine's are so spankable, must be based on you. LOL
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Lil! Alujna! PK! Paul!!!

So happy to see all my friends here! Even if we're not really here at the same time, I'm so happy to see all your lovely names pop up in my comments!

So glad you're enjoying the story!

@Paul—you bet they're all based on me. A-1 brat here with (according to my husband) a very spankable ass!


Hugs and love to you all,