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Friday, October 1, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Troublemaker, Part Three and the Conclusion, too!

Hey Spanky Friends!

Welcome to a completely binary date. 10-1-10. How are you all today? Really? Tell me more. Uh-huh. Wow. That’s cool.

I love having conversations with myself. Which is probably why I write all day long.

Soooo, this month (September even though I know it’s October now) just wrote and edited and sold 63,000 words worth of spanking stories to Discipline and Desire (fifteen in all). If you haven’t already joined, I urge you do so. Ten bucks a month for weekly stories from yours truly, plus some fantastic authors you may not have read before. A great deal and so many, many full length stories for your enjoyment. If you like spanking fiction and you like my work (duh, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t) you’ll love D and D. And almost all your money goes to the authors. So we can pay our electricity bills and buy computers so we can write this fun stuff for you.

On a personal note, ummm. Not much happening here, which is good. Leaves me more time to write. Hubby still loves his new job and I love mine and life is good. And I’m beginning to realize that when things are good, you must enjoy yourself, because life can throw some real curveballs at you.

And I’m sure more curveballs are on their way to me. I just heard through two family sources that my mother is in a fast decline. And that’s gonna be a tough nut to crack. Losing your mother, no matter how old you are, sucks. So I’m headed to their retirement home next week to visit. Dad’s still doing okay, he’s 88 and Mom’s 86. I can’t imagine life without her. But we all have to leave the planet at sometime. Even if it sucks for the people left behind.

On a lighter note, here is the third part and the conclusion of Do-It-Yourself Troublemaker. Another double post because I felt like it.

Hugs to all you wonderful people out there!


If this woman became his, there was no way he’d let her do crazy things. Maybe he’d come along at the right time. Maybe he was just what she needed. Bryan knew a great tried and true method of getting through to accident-prone troublemakers. Right over his knee. And man, Joey had one, nice spankable ass.

Bryan drove her home and pulled up in her driveway. “You need food,” he said, trying for the simple approach.

“I got some, I’ll be okay.”

“I’m offering to buy.”

“Oh. Well… when you put it that way.”

He grinned. “Why don’t you get out of those bloody clothes and I’ll take you to the Bistro for a late lunch.”

“That sounds heavenly.”

She bounded up her stairs and returned in less than five minutes. He laughed at her exuberance. She liked him!

Joey kept trying to appear detached and cool at lunch. But she knew she was blowing it. God, Bryan was so handsome! And he really seemed to like her. He laughed at all her jokes and was so charming! Her heart rate hadn’t slowed once.

His expression grew contemplative. “So…why do you hurt yourself like that?” he said with a nod towards her scarred shoulder.

She shrugged. “Dunno. Klutz, I guess.”

“I think it goes a bit beyond that. What made you think climbing a tree to cut a branch down was a good idea?”

“Uh…” She frowned, thinking. “I wanted it down. Was really all I thought. Guess I’m kinda impatient. Hate waiting for help. I like to do things for myself. Ever since my husband passed, I found myself without a handyman. And without him stopping me at every turn, I guess I like doing stuff myself.”

“He tried to stop you?”

“Yeah. Always said I was reckless.”

He lifted an eyebrow.

“Okay, so I’m reckless. Haven’t died yet.”

“You miss him?”

Old pain tweaked her insides. “Oh, God, yeah. I mean, not as much as I did. Linda thinks I was trying to join him because I missed him so bad.”

“Were you?”

“Possible, I suppose. I mean, not anymore. At first—like when the chainsaw thing happened—I was overcome with grief. I really didn’t care if I lived or died and I hated that stupid branch and hated being powerless. Didn’t want to wait for some man to save me. No offense. Today…I can’t thank you enough. I have discovered over the previous year that life can be okay again. And I’m ready to move on.”

“You did almost die.”

She bit her lip. “I know. And I really don’t want to.”

“Good. I don’t want you to, either.” He winked at her.

A rush of white-hot energy filled her, centering on her sex. She squirmed on her seat. Wow, that felt good. How long had it been since she felt this way about a guy? Just about five years.

After lunch, they drove back home.

After he parked his car in his driveway, he turned to her. “You want to come and see what I’ve done with the place?”

“Can I see your etchings?”

He laughed, a deep roaring belly laugh and reddened.

“Please don’t be embarrassed, I was trying to figure out a way to get you to ask me inside.”

His laugh grew. He escorted her into his house. As soon as they hit his living room, she turned to him.

“This is beautiful. I love what you’ve done with the floors and the paint job. Beautiful.”

“You know what else is beautiful?”



He took her in his arms and kissed her. She was blown right out of her socks. Five years of pent need exploded, she grabbed onto him and kissed him back with everything she had. He tasted so good, his tongue was masterful, her body buzzed with lust and excitement.

He was so tall! His shoulders were so firm, a total hard body.

Bryan cupped her face with his large, warm hands; tingly energy seared her cheeks and made her nearly faint with want. He drove his tongue deeper inside, toying with her own until the room spun.

He let go, his gaze heavy-lidded. “You are something special, lady.”

“God, you’re so hot,” she whispered.

He grinned and kissed her again, she melted in his arms. He pulled her close, molding her body to his. His steely rod pressed firmly against her belly, she wanted him inside her.

He pulled away. “Oh, God, I’m getting carried away here. Look, I don’t want you to think I don’t respect you. I do, I’m just…God, I’ve been in lust with you since the day I first saw you. You are the hottest woman I’ve met in years. But I’m not a user. I…”

“Neither am I.”

“I just want you to know that my intentions are honorable. No matter what happens, I want to see you. I want to keep on seeing you. Do you feel the same away about—”

She attacked him with a kiss. He laughed into her mouth.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He picked her up and carried her to his bedroom.

She giggled, so turned on, her sex was super ready.

Within seconds of reaching the bedroom, he’d stripped her naked.

He gasped when he saw her bare body. “My God, you’re even more beautiful.”

He dropped to take her breast in his mouth while his hand teased her sex. She spread her legs, eager for his touch.

She gasped when his finger slipped over her clit. How long had it been? And this guy was a superstar. A lovemaking superstar.

He gently laid her back on his bed, then fell between her legs. Flicking her hungry nub with his dexterous tongue, she ran her hands through his soft hair and squealed with delight. Two seconds later, she blasted into a thunderous orgasm. That was so fast!

And then he was on top and inside her. He moved slowly at first, watching her carefully for her reaction. When he hit her g-spot, she gasped. It had been so long! Oh, God, he felt so good!

Gradually, he built his pace until he was full-on powering into her. She screamed with joy as climax after climax shook her nether regions. This was so fun! Yeee-hah!

He drove into her faster and faster until he shuddered, crying out with his own release. Which sent her even higher.

Sweaty and spent, they both collapsed to the bed, laughing.

“Wow, that was amazing!” she exulted.

He brought her to him and smacked her butt a couple times, sending shockwaves of sensation ricocheting through her sex. Ooo, he had a nice touch with the spanks, too. She loved a few love taps on her ass after coming. So fun!

His grin widened at her reaction. “Girl after my own heart. You like the spanky games, huh?”

“Oh, God, yes. Do that again.” She flopped onto her stomach and raised her buns so he could get a better shot at her.

He fired one into her sit spots; delicious waves of joy echoed through her sex. He let his swat do its work, then he spanked her again, a bit harder this time. She gasped. It felt so good!

One then the other, he worked her ass, building his play punishment slowly. Closer and closer, she came to the edge. Was she going to come from just a spanking?

She raised her ass higher and tucked her legs under her so more of the swat would impact her clit.

Whack! She shot straight to the edge. Oh, God, she was gonna come!

He laid a series of perfectly aimed swats with just the right strength exactly where she needed it. Fireworks exploded in her mind, her sex and clit jolted with a shockingly intense orgasm. She cried out with ecstasy, gripping the bed with both hands and arching her back to receive his amazing spanks. Her entire body shook with rapture. He continued his strikes until she collapsed to the bed. Then he spanked her two final good ones, she shivered with the last throes of her climax.

When she got her breath back, she began giggling. Laughing, he gathered her into his arms and cradled her. Then he laid her down beside him; she pressed the length of herself against his lean body.

“You’re fun,” he said in a deep, lusty tone.

“You’re even more fun,” She bit his neck and he yelped.

“What a perfect playmate, you are. And this probably isn’t the time, but lady, I think I’m playin’ you for keeps.”

She gasped and her heart burst wide open. She squeezed him hard. “Thanks for saying that. I feel exactly the same way.”

He kissed her, which started things all over again.

Joey looked at the clock. Bryan was due in a half hour. Quick! She could just put that one screw into the rain gutter in the back before he got there. He’d ordered her to stay away from ladders and power tools until her hand healed. A week into their new relationship, Bryan was still in the deluded phase of falling in love. For some reason, he thought he had control over her. Yeah, right. She raced to the garage, grabbed her ladder and hustled it outside. Within seconds, she was at the top, balanced perfectly and ready to put in the screw.

Gurgle, gurk! She stopped. What a weird noise. She couldn’t tell where it came from. Sounded like a cross between a duck quacking and a cat strangling. She looked around, but didn’t see anything. She returned to her chore and finished fast.

Climbing down wasn’t as easy as going up. Not with the stupid hurt hand. As she landed on the ground, some movement out of the shadows under the eaves of the house caught her attention.

She turned and there was Bryan, his gaze flaming, his face stony, his jaw and fists clenched. Oops.

“Hi, honey, I didn’t—”

“Don’t you ‘hi, honey’ me, Joey. You made me a promise.”

“I’m not sure I technically promised you.”

“Inside,” he said, jerking his head towards the back door.

This didn’t sound good. Sounded like a confrontation. Oh, dear. Was she going to have to teach him a lesson today about who she really was?

She went inside, he slammed the door behind her. She turned to talk to him, he was right there. Taking her by the upper arm, he pulled her into her living room.

She dragged her feet. “Hey, wait.”

He reached the couch, sat down and pulled her off balance. She fell forward, across his lap.

“Hey, wait!”

“No, you wait.” He took the back of her pants and undies and pulled them down to her knees.

She wiggled to get away and searing pain blazed her bare behind. She almost jumped out of her skin. Was that his hand? Did he just hit her that hard with just his hand? This was nothing like his play spankings!

“You stay still and you listen to me, woman,” he said in a harsh tone.

“Hey, that hurt!”

“Good. You and I are going to have a little talk.” Spank!

“Yeee-ow! Bryan, stop!”

Swat! “No! You’re going to listen to me and listen to me good. I (spank) told you to stay away from power tools!” Spank, spank, spank.

“Ow! Ow! Owwww! Bryan!”

“You are injured and could hurt yourself worse!” A blazing series of horrid swats aimed right on her sit spots.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Bryan!” She kicked her feet.

“Don’t ‘Bryan’ me, lady!” Too many spanks to count rained down on her poor ass.

“Owww! Stop!”

“Now you be quiet and listen to me. Are you listening?”

“Yes!” she yelled quickly.

“You are my woman, right?”


“You want to live to be with me, right?”


“Then (spank) don’t (spank) put (really horrid spank) yourself (spank, spank, spank) in danger!” A storm of swats all over her tender ass.

“Okay! Okay!”

“Do you understand me?”


“Do you think I’m being unfair?”

“No!” Unfortunately, he really wasn’t. And while she wished he’d stop and she hated it, no one had ever cared about her enough to set limits on her. Not even her ex. She’d always pushed it.

Those days could be over.

“I love you!” He spanked her a hard one, she yipped. “And I can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt. From now on, you listen to me. From now on, when I say don’t use power tools…” He lit into her ass with horrendous power.

She yowled.

“You don’t use power tools.” He laid several more nasty spanks all over her burning buns. “Understand?”

“Ow! Yes! I understand!”

He picked her up off his lap, gathered her in his arms and crushed her in a hug. “You will obey me, woman,” he rasped.

“I’m sorry, Bryan,” she sniffled.

“You’d better be. Damn crazy loon, up on a bloody ladder. I saw you up there, but didn’t want you to fall so I hid.”

“Oh! That was the strange noise I heard, it was you.”

“Yes. I choked when I saw where you were. What the hell were you thinking? I could have done that for you.”

“It was only one screw,” she said in a small voice.

“Only one screw. Do I have to spank you again?”

“No. Please don’t. I got it. I won’t lie to you, I’ll listen to you.”

“I don’t spank my women for real unless they deserve it. I don’t like spanking you other than for play. So don’t push me again, you hear?”

“I won’t!” She sniffed and bit her lip.

“Now don’t pout. I’m not going to stop you from doing your projects, just the ones that might hurt you. No chainsaws up trees, no work while you’re healing. I think I’m being remarkably restrained here.”

“You are. I just… never had anyone who cared as much as you do.”

He kissed her hard. “I love you, you idiot,” he said into her mouth. She kissed him back eagerly.

He dropped a hand between her legs, her sex drive roared to life.

He grinned at her reaction. “Well, looky here, your pants are off. Now what should I do about that?”

She sent him a wicked grin. He kissed her again and pushed her back against the couch.

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

Michelle you are so good! I know writing isn't always that easy although you make it seem easy the way your stories flow.

I wish for you plenty of time to write but also plenty of time for researcher and other fun time with your hubby!


Paul said...

Michelle, you Tarzan, me Jane!!!
Great story. young lady.
Love and warm hugs,

Alujna said...

Michelle I'm really sorry to say this but but but
I always read the story before I read what you have to say this week! LOl
You have me hooked :)

Michelle Carlyle said...

Pk! Thanks for the wonderful compliments!

I love that you call me young lady.

No worries, my friend. I never plan on writing that much and then I'm all tired and I just woke up and I blather on and it's not very interesting, not as much as my stories, so you're the smart one!

Hugs to all of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I'm in heaven, I've found yet another writer that writes the style of spanking stories i love. This is the 2nd series of yours I've read and loved them both. Please keep writing and posting and writing and posting and well you get my drift. LOL