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Friday, October 15, 2010

Newbie, Part Two

Hey Peoples!

Damn, I just read today’s post and now I’m horny. Great. Only a million hours before Hubby gets home, then we have to turn right around, hop a train and go to dinner with some buddies. Actually, wonderful friends, but I’d rather stay home and fuck, personally. Of course, you can’t really say that. “Thanks for the dinner invitation and it sounded good initially, but now we just want to stay home and fuck our brains out.”

Heavy sigh. Good thing we’ve got the weekend ahead with no firm plans. So hopefully, I can take advantage of the man.

Okie-dokie. Here’s the next chunk, part, whatever, of Newbie. Soon to be found in…oh, God. I don’t know. Some bloody book. Hopefully, I’ll have the title for you by next week’s post. But so much crap is going on right now, my brain is scattered. Very scattered.

Like last week, all I can think of is (aside from fucking) going to Disneyland. Made reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant and—here’s a major wallet suck—reservations to see Fantasmic from the “premium viewing area”. Fucking $59 a ticket to see a free show. But Mr. Hubby REALLY wanted to see the show up close and personal and since this is his birthday trip/present, I called up, waited the twenty minutes on the phone and got tickets. He is thrilled. I still think it’s stupid to pay $120 bucks to see a free show.

I still can’t wait. We stay at a place nearby with giant Jacuzzi tubs. They also have fridges. So I pack the fridge with beer, we walk our asses off in the park, come back when it closes, fill the tub, grab a couple beers and sink into the glorious hot water and bubbles. And if we have enough energy, we maul each other. But that place takes it out of you. Especially the way we attack the park. Love. That. Place.

Enough of my dreams of D-land. Here’s the next chunk. Hope you guys have an outstanding weekend.

Hugs and love to you all,

Wiping the sweat from her brow, she wondered how she could walk back out there into the office without everyone knowing what she’d been up to.

She closed up her cell, straightened her skirt and smoothed her hair. With her head held high, she walked out of the stall. No one was there, she had no idea for whom she’d just put on that show, but it had made her feel less… naked, somehow.

It took all her inner strength to maintain her composure when she walked out of the bathroom. But when she entered the office, no alarms went off, no one even glanced up at her. She sighed with relief. What was she expecting? The Masturbation Police to show up and ticket her? She shook her head to herself and laughed.

“What’s the joke?” came the voice of her co-worker, Sally, startling her.

She turned to Sally and stammered, “Uh, nothing.”

Sally raised an eyebrow. “Wow, you’re red. What were you thinking about? That new boyfriend?”

Was it plastered across her forehead like a big billboard? “Uh, maybe,” Angela said, smiling.

“You look guilty as hell. And embarrassed. You were thinking about him, weren’t you?” Sally asked with a conspiratorial smile.


“I did see him, wow, where did you find him? He looks like a Greek god.”


“No way!” Sally said. “I thought the Internet guy was a dud.”

“There were several. Bill was not the dud.”

“Girl, I gotta get on the same website as you, wow, he’s a looker.”

“Yeah, and we didn’t exchange photos or anything. We hit it off chatting about cars of all things.”

“That’s right, your dad was a racecar driver.”

“Grew up on the track.”

“Huh, having something in common with guys, now there’s an idea,” Sally said and returned to her cube.

Sighing with relief that Sally couldn’t read her thoughts—although she’d guessed fairly accurately—Angela collapsed in her chair and fanned herself with a hand.

Her stomach fluttered when she thought about what awaited her that evening. Would he spank her hard? Would it hurt badly? How much could she take? How would he start the evening? She squirmed in her chair. Oh, this was going to be a long afternoon!

At five minutes to six, Angela pulled up in front of Bill’s rancher in Belmont. Looked so innocuous from the outside. If only the neighbors knew what spectacular acts of sex had happened in that house. While forty-four, the man made love like an animal, unstoppable wood, amazing sexual prowess. She dropped a hand to her lap and touched herself in anticipation. Damn it! She took her hand away, embarrassed. The man turned her into a sex fiend. She’d never been that much into sex before him. Of course, now she knew why. She’d never had a good lover before. It was very reaffirming, since Brad had always told her she just wasn’t any good at sex. Ha! When he was the worst lover on record.

She took a deep breath, her heartbeat whooshing in her ears. This was crazy!

Steeling herself, she got out of her car and marched up to Bill’s front door. She raised her hand to knock when the door opened.

A purely dominant, feral quality to his azure gaze, he reached out, pulled her inside, slammed the door and locked his lips on her.

The world took a spin as Bill’s tongue plunged the depths of her mouth. He ran his hands down her shoulders, across her back and cupped her ass, bringing her hips to his. The length of his rock hard member pressed against her, Angela lost her train of thought. All she could think about was flopping on her back and spreading her legs for him.

He ended the kiss, causing her to whimper with disappointment. He grinned and winked at her. She smiled back. “Hello to you, too.”

“Hey, baby,” he said in a softer voice, his smile widening. He ran a hand down her face in a tender gesture. “Glad you’re here with me.”

“Me, too,” she said enthusiastically.

He laughed. Then his expression hardened, he gave her the up and down check-over, head to toe. “Okay, baby, game is on. From here on out, you obey me or you’ll pay a hefty price. Or more like, your ass will pay a hefty price, you get me?”

Nearly breathless, she said, “I get you.”

He gave a short nod. “Good. Now. I got you something, I want you to put it on.” He reached down to the chair sitting next to the door, a bag sat on top. He grabbed it and handed it to her. He jerked his head towards his bedroom. “Go put that on, meet me in the kitchen.”

Her whole body buzzed with excitement. She took the bag and walked down the hallway to his large master suite. Inside the bag was a black silk teddy with garters attached, a pair of black silk panties and a pair of black stockings. Wow, hot little outfit there. She quickly put it on; it fit beautifully, hugging her curves as if it were made for her.

Her legs a bit shaky, her hands sweating, she walked out into the kitchen. A wolfish grin spread on his face when he saw her. He walked right up to her and kissed her hard. She nearly grayed out with lust. He pulled away, his gaze dark.

“Okay, hop up on the counter here,” he said, patting the kitchen counter. He took her by the waist and helped her up on the counter. The granite was cold against her ass and legs.

“Ooo, that’s cold.”

“It’ll heat up pretty fast. Now I’m going to get dinner ready. And you, I want you to spread your legs and touch yourself.” His expression hardened, he jabbed a finger at her. “But don’t you come. You hear me? You don’t come until I tell you. And that isn’t going to be for some time.”

Her pulse quickening, she reached down and stroked herself through the silk panties. The smooth feel of them against her fingers, the way she displayed herself, the way he looked at her, his control, his dominance had her so close to coming, she gritted her teeth and steeled her mind. She couldn’t allow herself.

“That’s good, baby, real good.”

Bill seasoned a couple steaks and checked the baked potatoes in the oven. He glanced over at her. “Spread ‘em wider. Yeah… that’s it. Now touch all around your clit, but not your clit.”

She squirmed as she obeyed him. This was getting intense, fast.

“Now rub your clit. Do it,” he commanded.

She touched her hardened nub, and moaned deep in her throat. Her vision got a bit fuzzy, she was super wet, she’d never been more turned on in her life.

“Okay, stop.”

She tried to listen to him, but her body wouldn’t hear of it. She continued stroking herself. “Don’t make me quit, it feels so good.”

His gaze steeled, his jaw set. “You disobeying me?”

“Uh…” she said. But she didn’t move her hand.

“I see I need to make a point with you. Food can wait. You, in the bedroom now and wait for me. Sit on the end of the bed and wait.”

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


Alujna said...

Hope you have a great time at D-land :D...
Newbie certainly has a lot to learn...lol

Florida Dom said...

Nice story but want to hear what happened in the bedroom.


Paul said...

Michelle, there is a touch of a sadist in you.
Hubby needs to well and truly warm you up, to teach you to treat your readers better.
Part two, and she still hasn't been spanked.
Enjoy your week end.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...


So glad you're liking the story!

Florida, stay tuned, baby, the best is yet to "come."

Paul! You bet I'm a sadist. How else could I torture my readers like this? And I think next week's post will more than make up for the lack of spanking in the first two posts. But I'll have my husband give it to me good for the lapse.

Love to you all,

LizzyMuch said...

Jesus Christ. I swear I'm turning horny. Is it possible for a young girl to turn horny? I'm truly sorry I'm reading your blog since I'm not even of age. Oops! Love your story anyway, haha, I'll get my mum to read it too :)

LizzyMuch said...

Jesus Christ. I swear I'm turning horny. Is it possible for a young girl to turn horny? I'm truly sorry I'm reading your blog since I'm not even of age. Oops! Love your story anyway, haha, I'll get my mum to read it too :)