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Friday, January 14, 2011

Newbie, Part Fifteen and the Conclusion!!!

Hey Spankos!

Hope all is well with you. I have decided to give you the last two parts of Newbie today which will finish out the 16-parter. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Next week, we start with a new story. And I have no idea what that will be. But it will be fun.

Just want to give a big shout out to my fans. You guys help me get up in the morning, help me continue writing, you are the reason I am here, writing this stuff and posting it. Soon, I’ll have more books out there for you to enjoy. This year will be a productive one. And I owe it all to you. Without my readers at Discipline and Desire and all my buddies out there in cyberspace, I don’t know what I’d do. Cry. Throw tantrums. Be depressed.

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You guys ROCK!!!! I love you all, very much!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Bill got a predator’s grin on his face and handed her the Punishment dice. “I can’t wait to see what you get here, baby. Five punishments! By the end of this, boy, will you be sorry. I just hope I can make it to the end before I attack you. This is going to be fun.”

She laughed at the glowing pleasure in his gaze. The man was the most awesome lover she’d ever had, always so focused on her joy.

She rolled up onto an elbow and threw the die with the card faces on it that would determine the implement. “Queen again, oh, dear.”

“The leather paddle!” he exclaimed, looking thrilled.

Angela had yet to draw that implement during their games; she wasn’t so sure it was a good thing. She’d been hoping for the riding crop.

“Now let’s see how many I get to give you, roll.”

She rolled the two numerical dice; she got a five and a one. She threw another single die—the multiplier—and got a three. Eighteen was still a pretty formidable number.

“Okay, baby, on your stomach. Here, let’s get that pillow under your hips so I can really get you good.”

He sounded way too happy about this. She hoped he didn’t slip and hit her too hard. Even though that thought turned her on. She loved his dominance. He was such a man’s man.

She got onto all fours; he reached for a down pillow and put it underneath her. She lay on top and got comfortable; her sex throbbing with anticipation. This was going to be extra fun after all those orgasms. She hoped that her earlier paddling wouldn’t diminish her fun. With any luck, her tenderness might even add to her pleasure.

The phone rang from his office. “Let’s ignore that,” he said. He reached into the nightstand drawer and withdrew the leather paddle.

Some man’s voice boomed out from the answering machine; but he was heavily accented and she couldn’t make out the words.

Bill tsked. “Honey, I’ll be right back, I forgot to turn that damn thing down.” He pushed off the bed and left the room.

Angela lay there, her ass high in the air, feeling deliciously naughty and vulnerable. Her sex was wet with lust; her bottom ached for her punishment. What a great day.

Bill’s voice came from his office; he’d picked up the phone? But why? Damn it, it must be important.

Rather than lose her mood, she drifted off into a fantasy where Bill punished her for being bad. He really let her have it with his hand; she got wetter and wetter as the imagined punishment built.

Her breathing grew heavier, she ground her hips into the pillow. When would he come in and really punish her? Stupid phone message.

Bill’s weight on the bed broke her out of her sexy reverie. Her pulse jumped; she couldn’t wait to feel that paddle on her bare butt.

He knelt beside her and locked his arm across her back. Which was weird, he’d never done that before. She wasn’t going anywhere, but maybe he just wanted to heighten their play.

He shifted his weight to one side which meant he was moving his arm back. She braced herself, excited they were back to their games.

Blistering pain to her sit spots awakened every nerve in her body, causing her to howl in anguish. What the hell?

“Bill!” she screamed. “What—“

She couldn’t even get out the rest of the sentence before horrible pain seared her ass. She bellowed in a deafening yowl. He was using the evil punishment paddle on her poor butt!

“That (swat) was (swat) the (swat) watch (swat) repair (swat) guy!” Swat, swat, swat!

She barely heard him over her earsplitting screams.

“Today?” he thundered, punctuating his demand with a horrid spank to her vulnerable butt. “You brought it in today?” Spank, spank, spank!

Angela nearly lost her mind from the excruciating pain. She tried to get away; he responded by wailing on her butt with the paddle in rapid-fire succession. She bellowed, then erupted in sobs.

“I’m sorry!” she cried, gasping for air, trying to control the awe-inspiring pain coming from her rear.

“You lied to me!” Thunderous spank; deafening scream.

He worked her ass with the heinous weapon, nailing the backs of her thighs, her sit spots; the entire area. Her legs shook with pain, her hands clenched the bedspread; her pillow was soaked with her tears.

“Going to Long’s, huh?” Smack! Overwhelming agony. “Watch is going to be ready in two weeks, huh?” Spank, spank, spank.

Convulsing with sobs, she couldn’t catch her breath before he spanked her another one with the torture device. This was the worst. When would he stop!

Again and again the paddle came down on her poor ass; she kicked and wailed and cried and screamed, but nothing would stop him.

One, then the other, he punished her bare cheeks with the flat of the harrowing wooden paddle. The suffering was more than she ever remembered enduring.

His torment went on; sit spots, the sides, her thighs; she couldn’t even get enough air in her lungs to scream.

All at once, he threw the paddle to the floor and took his arm off her back. She collapsed to the bed, sobbing her guts out.

“Get up!” he ordered sharply. “Get up and stand in that corner, now! Do it!”

Blinded by tears, dizzy, her head spinning, she somehow managed to push herself off the bed. She stumbled over to the corner, the movement causing a fresh wave of agony to course through her buns. She braced herself against the wall so she wouldn’t topple over, hot tears streaming down her face.

“Damn you, Angela! What is wrong with you? Why didn’t you just tell me? What the hell is with all this deception? I’m not the enemy here. I’m your husband. Why the hell didn’t you take that thing to the repair shop before today?”

“I f-f-f-forgot it. I brought it to w-w-w-ork and f-f-f-orgot it until you reminded me today,” she cried.

“Damn it. The watch is not this big of a deal. I wouldn’t have punished you for forgetting. You didn’t have to lie to me.”

“You punished me for forgetting the garbage.”

“Yeah, because you slacked off and the cat destroyed it and you’d lied to me about putting it away. It’s the lies, honey, the lies I hate. And all this deception. I’m not an ogre, you could have come to me. But instead, you act like some child and lie to me about going to Long’s. No wonder you didn’t have any bags when you got back. I noticed but figured you had the stuff in your purse. You didn’t even go. You went to work and brought the watch to the repair shop.”

“I’m sorry!” she wailed. “I didn’t want you to be mad at me! I can’t stand it when you’re mad at me!”

“So you lied and made me more mad? You aren’t making any sense!”

She had nothing else to say that wouldn’t get her in more trouble. He was right. She should have come to him. “I just hate disappointing you.”

“Lying to me disappoints me more than forgetting. I know you get busy at work, that’s all you had to say.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Just don’t freaking lie to me, Angela. It erodes the trust of the relationship.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’d better be. Now instead of a nice afternoon, you’re being punished. When are you going to learn?”

“Right now.”

He stifled a chuckle. She knew he felt keeping up his stern act was important during punishments, but the way she said “right now” must have hit his funny bone. Which was good. If he was laughing, it meant he probably wouldn’t spank her again.

“Now you stay here and think about how bad you were.” He sighed heavily. “I’m going to go have a beer and try to calm down and forgive you.”

He left the room. Her tears subsided, but the aching sharpness to her buns wouldn’t. There would be no sitting in her future for long while.

Darn it, why didn’t she tell him? Why did she set this idiocy in motion? She hated his punishments, but even worse, she hated it when he was mad at her.

She sighed, wondering if he would get sick of her games and dump her. Which made tears sting her eyes again. Oh, this was miserable. Why didn’t she just tell him the truth? Next time, she would.

She had no idea how long she stood there before he came back. An hour at least. Her back hurt, her legs were tired, she was miserable by the time he walked into the room.

“Okay, on all fours on the bed now,” he rasped, his voice low and threatening.

She turned to look at him, wondering if he was going to spank her again. When she saw the lustful edge to his gaze, she relaxed. A second later, hope sprang within her. Was she going to get sex?

“Get over here, now,” he ordered.

She rushed over to him and climbed up on the bed on her hands and knees.

“End of the bed. Scoot down here.”

She obeyed quickly. He lightly ran his hands over her sore cheeks and down her aching thighs. While her skin was a bit raw, his touch felt divine. He stroked the inside of her thighs, igniting her clit. She got wet, fast. Again and again, he stroked her thighs, her burning buns.

“Oh, God, I love the sight of your bruised ass,” he said, his voice thick with longing. “Your tear-stained cheeks, that look of remorse in your eyes.” He ran his hand up her thigh until he hit Ground Zero. She jerked. He ran a finger around her clit, she started breathing heavily. “You like that, don’t you? My bad girl. Likes having her little clit teased. I’m gonna tease it all right. Tease you.”

He increased his pace, circling her clit faster and faster; she cried out with tortured hunger.

All at once, he stabbed into her sex with his proud tool, bottoming out on her g-spot, rocketing her so close to the edge, she yelled, “No! I don’t want come! Not yet!”

“Oh, but you will, baby,” he said, thrusting inside her deeply.

“Oh, Bill, I love you!” she screamed, her sex exploding into an earth-shattering, brain-melting orgasm. She punched the bed, shuddering, her body quaking, her mind a swirling mass of pain and pleasure, mostly pleasure.

“You will obey me, woman!” he commanded, plowing her depths. “I am your master!” He pulled out and slid back inside fast, she squealed with joy. “You don’t lie to me!” A fierce jab, his hips slapped her sore butt, sending shockwaves through her sex. She was right back to the edge again. “You obey me, and tell me the truth!” He thrust into her hard, again and again, launching her into another world; one of pure feeling and rapture.

Her sex detonated in a series of incredible orgasms. She pushed back against him, arching her back, delighting in the feel of his length inside her.

His hands around her waist, he pulled her back while throwing himself forward, slamming her full on, faster and faster. She rode with him all the way to the edge. When he released, he yelled something completely unintelligible, she wailed at the top of her lungs; exulting in the excruciating pleasure he brought her.

When he pulled out, she fell over onto the bed, working hard to get her breath back while tantalizing quivers of ecstasy rippled throughout her.

Bill collapsed next to her, bringing her close and crushing her in a sweaty embrace. Kissing the side of her face and nuzzling her, he said, “You’ll be a good girl from now on, won’t you, baby?”

She nodded. “Yes. Anything to avoid that paddle and your disappointment in me.”

“Good girl. I don’t want to be spanking you for anything other than fun. But you got me really fired up today, honey. Please don’t do that again. I need to trust you.”

“I won’t ever betray your trust again. I’ll just tell you if I screw up and forget something.”

“Good girl.”

Inwardly, she wondered if she’d ever be able to be completely straight with him. As she rubbed her painful ass, she hoped so. But knowing her and her past, it wasn’t going to be easy.

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

Michelle! There is no one like you when it comes to writing a great story! You keep writing and I'll keep reading!! Thanks


Paul said...
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Paul said...

Michelle, Angela got just what she deserved, she didn't deserve her afters, but she got them anyway.
Great story, thanks.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

PK and Paul!

I'm so glad you like my work. Been taking some hard hits from publishers of late and I'm glad I'm making some people happy with my work. Other than me.

So happy to see you both here! Hugs and love to you both!


LizzyMuch said...

Why is Bill Angela's master? Is she like a s** slave or somethin?