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Friday, January 7, 2011

Newbie, Part Fourteen

Hey Spanky Humans!

Hope all is well with you guys, here’s the next chapter of Newbie, soon to be found in Bottoms Up.

Take care,

Bill pulled away and smiled down at her. “I’d like to start all over again, but I was in the middle of getting ready to mow the lawns.”

He pulled up his pants, she did the same, wincing as the rough material of the waistband rubbed past her still sizzling butt.

He kissed her on the cheek, reached down, grabbed the paddle and left the room. He returned a second later. “Oh, I know what I meant to ask. When you dropped off my watch at the repair shop, did you remember to tell the guy about the new band I wanted?”

“Sure,” she said quickly.

He examined her eyes for a second, opened his mouth to say something, but shut it and shook his head. “Good. Good. Did he say when it would be done?”

“He’s got a big back-up, probably a couple weeks. Maybe sooner.”

“Good, good, okay. I’ll be outside, honey, if you need me.”

“Oh, I have to stop by Long’s Drugs for some lotion and girl stuff. I’ll be gone about ten or fifteen minutes.”

“Okay, baby. Take your car, I just washed mine, I want it to dry.”


She waited until she heard the mower’s engine roar to life and flew down the hallway to the bedroom. Grabbing her keys, she raced for her car. It was Saturday, hopefully that stupid watch repair shop would be open.

Damn this! She’d written a note to herself the week before to take his watch to the repair shop—which was next door to her work—but had forgotten it. That happened four days in a row. When she finally remembered to bring it to work, she’d put it in her drawer and forgot about it again. Even though there were three reminder notes on her desk. She must have gotten a block about it.

She drove to work—a bit chagrined to find that sitting in her car wasn’t very pleasant on her tender ass—got the watch and took it next door to the watch repair place. The man said it would be done by the next week, just perfectly on her time schedule. She even remembered to tell him to replace the band—she was so proud of herself. She drove home; Bill was mowing the front lawn when she pulled up.

Angela got out, totally relieved everything was taken care of.

Bill waved and continued his work, she was stoked she’d covered her tracks. No more horrible paddle for her!

At lunch, Bill began to eye her. And in a very lustful way.

She smiled at her handsome husband’s evil smile. “What?”

“I want to play this afternoon. Dice.”

A thrill went through her; her clit throbbed. “But I thought you were going to play basketball with the guys.”

“Got cancelled. I got a different kind of ball game I want to play. You got me all revved up this morning. Do you want to?”

“Duh. So… are we going to play Punishment/Reward?”

“I was thinking, yes. Then maybe go out for a nice dinner at the Van’s?”

“Oooo, steak!”

He laughed. “You and your steak addiction.”

“I like meat,” she said, winking at him. “Yours especially.”

“Okay, baby, let me take a shower and then I’ll call for you when I’m ready.”

Later, they were both naked on their bed; she rolled a die with card markings on top of her nightstand. “Oooh, Queen means vibrating dildo. Oh, man.”

“Little girl is going to get punished fast in this game. Roll to see how many thrusts.”

Angela rolled the two normal dice; she got a four and a three.

“Now the multiplier,” he said.

She rolled a five. “Oh, man. I’m losing this one. Thirty-five thrusts? What happens if I come twice?”

“You get punished twice.”

“Oh, dear.”

A sly grin on his face, Bill grabbed the vibrating toy from the box. “Okay girlie, on your back, legs spread. Let’s get this party started.”

Eagerly anticipating the fun, she rolled onto her back and opened her legs to her husband. He lay down next to her, turned on the plaything and slowly slipped it inside her very wet and receptive sex. She gripped the comforter in both hands and began breathing heavily. She did not want to come more than once. She knew the orgasm was inevitable, but stemming the “damage” would prevent double or triple punishments. Even though the “punishments” were equally as enjoyable. Of course, today with her ass so tender, the punishments could prove a bit more painful.

Bill pushed the toy inside her all the way to the hilt. When it hit her g-spot, she gasped. “Oh, dear, oh, dear, please don’t come, please don’t come.”

The buzzing caused reverberations of bliss to race through her. This was fun!

A huge grin on his face, he said, “One.”

Thirty-four more, no way!

He slid the toy out, then back in. Her toes curled, her orgasm built.

With a wicked glint in his eye, he thrust the toy, in and out, fast, making full-on love to her with the clever device.

On “seven” she erupted into a powerful climax; crying out, bucking up against his hand and the toy; shuddering with delight.

Bill chuckled. “Oh, baby, are you in for it.”

After the delicious sensations abated, he began tormenting her with the toy once more. By the end of it, she came five times, was covered in sweat and could barely get a thought straight in her head. She lay back against the pillowed softness of the king-sized bed; her extremities tingling with satisfaction.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, so Angela is multi-orgasmic,lucky girl and even luckier Bill.
I'm pretty sure that her lying about his watch will enter into the game.
She must like a scorched butt.
Love and warm hugs,

Audra said...

Michelle, I love your stories! I finally am caught up with the ones you posted on this blog! Now I have to go buy all the books you have!!! lol.

Loved this story! Can't wait until next week!

Michelle Carlyle said...

Angela found herself a perfect fit in the sack, yes she did! But she doesn't learn very fast...

Love to you, my dear!


Yay!! Thanks in advance for buying my books! Food on the table! My favorite! And soooo glad you like my stories!!! Many, many more to come! FYI, working on new books, have enough material for 8 more. Wow!

take care and happy reading!


PK said...

I'm very late getting here Michelle but this part of the story is fantastic! Looking forward to next week already.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a coffee klatch not clutch.

Love your stories.