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Friday, February 11, 2011

Revenge, Inc, Part Four

Hey Spankos!

Hope you have a great weekend. Just sent my new book, Rulebreakers, to Reesa for publishing, should be out in the next few months. I’ll keep you updated. And now, I must return to editing my next book “Insert Awesome Title Here.” Blanking for right now on what to call it. But I’ll come up with something. I always do. But clearly I need more tea.

Here is the next part of the story called Revenge Inc, soon to be found in my upcoming release, Straightjacket of Lies. Which I will edit after “Insert Awesome Title Here.”

Hugs to all you wonderful people out there!


“Interesting job. How can you sleep at night?” came a deep voice from behind her, startling her.

Fay jumped and spun in place. She couldn’t believe it. Peter Madden, standing right there in the doorway to the suite’s bedroom.

All at once it hit her. This was a set-up. Her eyes darted to the door.

He followed her line of sight and quickly moved to block the exit. “Oh, no, you don’t. You and I are going to have a little talk.”

“I’m not saying anything to you. You let me out of here. This is false imprisonment.”

He took out a remote and turned on the TV. Fay appeared on the screen from just minutes before.

“I’m sure the police would find your activities very interesting. Don’t you?”

She narrowed her eyes and pointed at him. “Look, you creep. If you hadn’t cheated on Lily and humiliated her and tried to take her kids from her, none of this would have happened. You just got what was coming to you, that’s all. You need to take this up with your ex-wife, not me. I was just the messenger.”

“Nice speech. Won’t work. I don’t want revenge on her, I want it on you.”

“Why me?”

“Because you were the one who ruined my date with Tiffany.”

She laughed. “Anyone who would date a woman named Tiffany deserves to have the date ruined. Miss Perky-Butt-Twenty-Something deserves better than you, anyway. I did her a favor.”

His jaw hardened, his gaze turned to molten lava. “I am going to teach you a lesson in research. As in, you’d better do your homework before you go after someone. I never cheated on my wife. She made all that up.”

Fay snorted. “It was all over the papers, dude. Stop denying it.”

A muscle in his cheek twitched. “That’s because she set me up, so she could get the kids and my money. You’re not the only person she hired to ruin me. The other guy was better. I never found him. You were easy. My world isn’t large and you’ve made some good friends of mine very angry. I’m sure they’d love to know who you are.”

She stuck out her jaw. “I’m just doing a job. Making a living. You’re the idiots who couldn’t get along with your wives. Maybe you should have picked a better wife. Or treated her better.”

His intense gaze unwavering, his face hard as granite, he moved towards her.

Trying to intimidate her. The jerk. She tried not to show any fear, but her belly did flip-flops, sweat broke out all over her body. She balled her fists to stop her hands from shaking.

She stepped towards the bedroom door, he blocked her way, his gaze fixed on her. She got the feeling she was the mouse and he was a hungry cat.

Wait a minute, why was she so scared? What could he do?

“No, I’m not running from you, buddy.” She straightened and took a bold step towards him. “What? You want to fight? I’ll freakin’ take you on. You picked the wrong chick to intimidate. I did nothing wrong. Just did a service. And from what I gather about you, it was a service that was greatly deserved.”

He stopped and grinned. “Good. This will make my job that much more satisfying. By the time I get done with you, I can guarantee you, you will think twice before you do this to another man.”

“Blah, blah, blah. Come on, you chicken, take the first swing, I dare you,” she said, assuming a defensive posture.

He laughed. “This is priceless. Come on, do you really think you’re any match for me?”

“The bigger they are the harder they—” She stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Your girlfriend’s back.”

The idiot actually turned around. By the time he turned back, she was in mid-air.

She nailed him in the jaw with her right foot. As he reeled back, she kicked up with her left and sent him to the ground.

She launched off the floor once more and came down, intending to kick him in the face just one last time. Hopefully dazing him enough so she could laugh and leave.

Just as her foot touched his jaw, he reached up so fast, she didn’t see his hands move. The next thing she knew, she was eating carpet.

Before she could move, she was in mid-air, his vise-like grip immobilizing her. Two large steps of his and they were at the suite’s couch. A split second later, he was sitting and she was across his lap. One arm behind her back, the other pinned underneath her, she couldn’t move.

“You let me up, you big—what are you doing?” she demanded as she felt a hard tug on the back of her pants. When air rushed over her suddenly bare behind, his plan became all too clear. “You’d better not!”

His first strike took her breath away. Across both buns, the sting was beyond painful. She couldn’t get her head around the situation. How had this happened? How the hell did she end up over one of her victim’s laps? She was better than this!

Rapid fire, the man delivered a series of punishing swats all over her poor, vulnerable rear end. Pain seared her ass, sending shockwaves of agony throughout her body. She struggled, but that only made him increase the intensity of his spanks. She let out a howl that would wake the dead. To which he chortled with victorious guffaws.

“This is fun!” he crowed, spanking one bun then the other.

Each strike burned like nothing ever had. Who knew spankings could hurt this badly?

Tears stung her eyes, she kicked her feet, her rage exploding. She would ruin this man’s life and she’d use everything at her disposal to do it.

The slaps followed by her screams filled the room. Where was security? Could someone just get away with an assault like this?

Soon, she couldn’t get a thought straight in her mind, all focus went to pain management. His rhythm was ceaseless, the power to his swats, awe-inspiring. The sharpness of each swat blazed her nerves. His firm hand barbecued her poor ass.

All at once, she was on her feet, facing him. She went to punch him, he grabbed her arm and got her in a very painful hold. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Unless you want more? You want more?”

“No! No, please, no! Don’t! I won’t hit you! I’m sorry.”

“That I don’t believe for a minute,” he said, spinning her around to face him. He was so close, she could see his stubble.

She caught his scent, the feral edge to his gaze and even though her ass was throbbing, something about his awesome looks tripped her up for a second. Up close, the man was nothing less than a god.

Why was she noticing?

His features, hard with vengeance, suddenly softened. His gaze dropped to her lips. And before she knew it, the man had kissed her.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Audra said...

Ohhhhh this is getting good!! I'm still dying to find out how it all works out between them, the anticipation is killer! Great story!

Paul said...

Michelle, very good, I'll offer no suggestions here, you are obviously the expert. :)
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Audra! So happy you're into this story! I've forgotten what happens next, but I'm sure it's fun!


My dear, you always have the best suggestions.

Big hugs to the both of you!


Raven Red said...

OMG!! And you stopped again!! (Sigh) My poor heart is not going to survive this.
Erm...sure you have noticed that I am loving this story...

Michelle Carlyle said...

Raven RED!!!!
Yay!!!! Love your blog, tooo!!!!! You rock!!!!

Much more to come! Like 12 more parts to this story!


Derland said...

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