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Friday, February 25, 2011

Revenge, Inc. Part Six


Am crazy. Been working 16 hour days for two weeks. Not sleeping well. Have turned feral. Finding reality very amorphous.

But the new book is going to KICK ASS.

Love to you all, thanks so much for stopping in and reading my work. You all rock!
And my apologies to the wonderful people who commented last week and I totally forgot to respond. I am not myself. Totally caught up in another reality.

Hopefully, I’ll get this draft done shortly and will return to the land of the living.

Take care, kiddies! I hope you’re all getting spanked soundly and that you’re all having wonderful sex!!!


Grabbing Fay by the wrist, Peter pulled her to him and kissed her before she could react. He momentarily lost his thread. Forgot about the game. She tasted so sweet, smelled so heavenly and felt so soft in his arms, he was instantly addicted. He had to mentally slap himself to stop from carrying her into the bedroom.

She pushed on his chest, then yielded, melting in his arms. Gripping his ass, she thrust her hips against him; his cock grew hard. She felt so good, it felt so right to kiss her. She worked out; her sinewy arms, taut buns and soft skin played havoc with his libido.

She made little animal noises in the back of her throat; his tool grew even harder. He groaned, commandeering her mouth. Twisting her tongue in his, he gripped the back of her neck to hold her close.

Hello? Earth to Peter? This little girl ruined the last week of your life!

He pulled away with a smile. Going for a smug grin, he hoped he covered for his loss of control. “Lesson number two, don’t take on someone stronger and smarter than you.”

Her gaze sharpened, her jaw set, she raised her arm to hit him.

He grabbed her wrist easily. “Now, now. You don’t want to start that again, do you? Let this be a warning to you, Miss Wright, stop your games or you will get hurt. I’m a nice man compared to many of my colleagues—they’d settle their dispute in a courtroom. But I’ll let you go for now. But if I hear anything about your shenanigans, I will hunt you down and make you very sorry for your transgressions. Do we understand each other?”

She pushed away, wiped her mouth and spat dramatically on the floor. “Yeah, I get you. Just stay out of my way, Jerkface.”

“You will call my ex-wife and tell her that you quit.”

“Don’t have to. Job is all complete. All she wanted was to ruin your little affair with the marketing bimbo.”

“Tami is not a bimbo.”

“Yes, she is. No, you’re right, technically, she is smart. Not that I care about protecting you, but you’re damned lucky I got her away from you. All she wanted was a promotion. While she was really into you, she didn’t trust you for crap. She believed you cheated on Lily. She decided to date you long enough to get a good promotion or bonus. She figured you’d dump her and then as compensation, you’d reward her.”

“You’re lying.”

“Ask her. If she’ll speak to you.”

“Why would I believe anything you said?”

“I wouldn’t. But I have the tape if you want to listen to it. Taped a conversation she had with a buddy. She was into you, but knew you weren’t into her that much. She knew you only wanted a piece of tail.”

“I did not.”

“So what if you did? She was cute, I get it. But you should have looked past her exterior. I mean, at the first sign of danger, she splits on you? If she really liked you, she would have listened to you in that restaurant. She would have stuck by you. My performance wasn’t that good. She should have seen through it. You did, didn’t you?”

Each point hit home. He hated the fact that she was right, but he wasn’t the kind of man to deny an opponent their point. “Yes.”

She sighed and looked at the check in her hand. She worked her mouth. After a long pause, she handed it to him. “I already got paid for the job. Here.”

“I want you to give up that heinous occupation.”

“No. Look, you won a point; I won a point. We’re even. Now let’s go our separate ways, shall we?”

“I won’t let you hurt my friends. I’ll have you watched.”

“Why do you insist on continuing this? I gave you a way out. And I am being generous here, letting this all go. You annihilated my ass. But I did ruin the last week of your life, so I get that. So we’re even as far as I’m concerned. But don’t push it, buddy.”

He laughed. “Are you warning me?”

“Yes. And you’re damn lucky I am. And it’s only because of my own bloody ethics— which I will admit are far and few between. But one of my tenets is that I only attack guys who are total creeps. At first, I thought you were a kinda user, but the more I studied you, I realized that you adhere to a set of morals. Some I disagree with, but still, you have ethics. I admire that. And I think you might actually be telling me the truth about cheating on your wife.”

“I am.”

“Still, that does not change our relationship. You and I are done. Just walk away, man. Really. Don’t keep tabs on me, don’t spy on me. Don’t take me on. Please. I don’t want to hurt you. I think there might be a nice guy somewhere inside you. And I don’t like hurting nice guys.”

“But you will.”

“Oh, yes. Make no mistake. You take me on and it will be one of the worst decisions of your life.”

He tried to stifle a smile. “That I believe.”

She pursed her lips and put her hands on her hips. “You’re still comin’ after me, aren’t you?”

“I haven’t decided yet. Let’s say you made your case well.”

“Good. You know, you aren’t a bad guy. And if you hadn’t just spanked the crap out of me, I’d feel bad about what I did to you. But I don’t. Not now. Now we’re even. Even if you told the truth about Lily and you.”

“I did. But I don’t feel even.”

“You can’t feel my ass.”

“I did and it felt great.”

“Don’t. Don’t flirt with me. We’re done. All that kissing and spanking and me getting involved with your life. We’re done. You got that?”

“You enjoyed that kiss as much as I did.”

“So? I’m not a guy, I’m not a slave to my hormones. Yeah, we have chemistry. If we made the stupid mistake of taking this further, it would be a disaster. Great sex interspersed with knock-down, drag-out fights. I’m not into drama. Well...” She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Yes, I got my degree in it, my job is plenty dramatic, but I don’t like drama in my relationships. Work, fine, real life, no. And honey, you are one huge action-adventure flick. No, thanks.”

“I haven’t even asked you out and you’re turning me down.”

“The look in your eye says it all. And so did that kiss. You were the one who kissed me, you initiated it, bud. The hormones hit you first.”

“You followed rather exuberantly and enthusiastically.”

“Yes, I did.”

“All right. You can go, but first, let me clarify something. Don’t let our paths cross again with this job of yours. If it’s in my face, I’m going to do something about it.”

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Raven Red said...

Sigh...and I came to the last sentence far to quick...
Now will have to wait in anticipation again.



Paul said...

Michelle, my, isn't Fay feisty.
I wonder how many spankings from Peter it will take to tame her, or at least rein her in a little.
Love and warm hugs,

Cassie said...
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PK said...

And everyone lived happily ever after... LOL! Wouldn't this be a horrible place to end it. I'll be here to see when next they tangle.


Michelle Carlyle said...

Hey you wonderful people!!! Raven! Paul! PK!

I forget what happens in this story and I can't wait to read the next part, too! However, I can make some simple predictions. She pissed him off and gets spanked for it. And there has to be some hot sex somewhere around here...

We'll all find out more next week!

Hope you're all doing great!