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Friday, May 6, 2011

Peeping Teri, Part One

Hey Spankos!

Okay, so everyone apparently has read Fast Ticket To A Spanking. So I’m skipping posting the rest of it and I’m starting a new story, which I hope you have not seen.

I hope this finds you all well and happy.


Teri leaned out a bit out on the branch, angling for a better view of Rafe’s kitchen. The thick tree limb bit into the backs of her thighs, her hands were scraped up from climbing the large oak, but she didn’t care. One look at her new next-door neighbor was worth any amount of pain.

Theodore meowed pitifully below her. Stupid cat. He was supposed to be her excuse. If anyone caught her, she’d say she was trying to rescue her cat. Every time she’d climbed the tree in recent years to trim the branches, the cat had followed. Now when she really needed him, he circled underneath, crying for her. Idiot.

She could just see Rafe’s stove, but not his kitchen table. She scooted further along the branch. Fridge came into view. The oak branch bowed some, but she knew they were super sturdy. Took a lot to break an oak limb.

She inched a bit closer and just caught sight of Rafe’s wooden kitchen table. Killer!

A sound rang out like a firecracker and suddenly, she was falling through the air. The next thing she knew she was eating shrubbery.

She’d fallen into a hedge in Rafe’s yard! Oh, God, no! Adrenalin pumped into her system, her heart thumped painfully in her chest. She was surrounded by sticky, itchy brush, caught in the middle of giant patch of boxwood. Pain seared the skin on her back, felt like something sharp dug into her. She moved and tried to extricate herself, but she was stuck about a foot above ground. She couldn’t get any leverage.

She couldn’t see outside the hedge. She must be three or four feet from the edge. Christ! How would she get out of this without Rafe finding her?

“Wow! What the hell?” came a deep voice from right near her.

She stopped moving and stopped breathing.

Please God, don’t let him find me here!

“That’s a big branch, damn. Wonder why it fell? Hey!” he called out.

She jumped.

“A branch just fell. Anyone get hurt over there?”

Teri didn’t move.

“Damn, smashed part of the fence. Better go over and see if someone’s home.” The sound of footfalls faded off, a door opened and closed.

With a renewed sense of urgency, Teri flailed with all her might for the edge of the brush. Didn’t matter how much it all hurt—the limbs scraping against her bare skin and face— she had to get out of there.

With great effort, she finally managed to crawl out of the bushes. She scrambled to her feet and tried to figure out what to do.

A gruff voice rang out from her yard. “Hello? Anyone here? Sorry to trespass, but I wanted to make sure everyone was okay over here. Oh, hi, Kitty. Good kitty. Where’s your mistress? Her car’s here. Maybe she’s in the shower or something, she didn’t answer the door. Oh, well.”

Rafe was in her yard! The hunk of the block was actually touching her soil! She’d never mow her lawn again.

“Wow, that’s quite a telescope… But why is it pointed at my house?”

She froze, all the breath left her lungs. She had her damn telescope set up on the second story balcony pointed right into his bedroom. She was going to die. Right then. God would strike her dead, punish her for her transgressions.

“Oh, well, whatever.” She heard him walk away.

Holy Christ! He was coming back! Where would she go? Where would she hide? Quick!

She raced around the back of his house. She tore around the corner and into his side yard. But before she could stop herself she crashed through three windows lying on the ground on newspaper, shattering the glass.

Thank God, she had on her work boots, so she’s hadn’t gotten cut, but she’d destroyed the windows. Why the hell were they just sitting there? A can of paint sat nearby. Oh. He’d repainted them. She stepped out of the third one and finally noticed their design. Oh, God, she’d just smashed his antique windows! She’d overheard him talking about them. Cost a small fortune at an auction. Irreplaceable with original glass from the late 1800’s. Jesus, no!

His front door closed. She opened the gate and slipped out into his driveway. No sign of him. Moving low, she dashed for her house. Just as she reached her front door, she heard a loud cursing from his yard.

“They smashed my windows! Goddamn it! Someone’s gonna pay for this!”

She nearly fainted. Clutching her chest, she dove inside her house, slammed the door and collapsed against it. She was such an idiot!

Rafe was such a nice guy, he didn’t deserve this. She’d attacked her Number One Crush. How could she forgive herself? This was terrible!

Catching her breath, she caught her reflection in the front hallway mirror. She gasped. Blood streaked her face, her clothes were torn, a shoulder completely exposed. Holy Hell! She wouldn’t be able to leave her house for a week!

Teri pushed away from the door and stumbled into her bathroom. Tearing off her clothes, she threw them in the garbage and tucked her boots under the sink. She turned on the shower, hopped in and squealed loudly from the pain of the water hitting her many cuts.

She scrubbed herself with soap, a bit alarmed at the reddened water as it swirled below her. How hurt was she?

When she got out of the shower, she evaluated the damage. Three prominent scratches on her face and neck; innumerable cuts all over. Especially her back. A huge deep cut from the end of a branch was particularly ugly and painful. She tended to her wounds, crying out from the disinfectant. Thankfully, her injuries were minor. But what a bona fide IDIOT!!

The phone rang. She wrapped a towel around herself and went to answer it.


“Uh, hi. Is this Teresa Bond?”

She didn’t recognize the voice. “Yes.”

“Hi, this is your neighbor, Rafe McKellan.”

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Raven Red said...

Eh...okay, when are you posting again? Like in hours and minutes? (GRIN)



Michelle Carlyle said...

Where did my clever comment go???

Raven! Thanks for reading! Glad you're liking the story! I love your blog, too!!!


Paul said...

I love your story's, I'll read the a second or third time, happily.
Oh dear, I reckon discretion isn't Terri's middle name, and I predict a sore butt is in her immediate future.
love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Paul Darling!
I've written so many stories, it's not hard to find one people haven't read. I didn't realize that Fast Ticket to a Spanking was in Bad Girls 4. Duh. I had it down for the seventh book. I've done that in the past. Think I have a book ready and then realize I've already published a story in it. DER!

You're a doll, my dear.

Huge hugs and lots of love,

Antoinette said...

I can't wait for Friday!! This sounds like an AWESOME story and I am anticipating some action.

It's dredful waiting for so long though.. I'm impatient. ;)

I have a blog now, just wanted to let you know.. :D

Michelle Carlyle said...

Antoinette! Awesome blog! I put a link to it. Keep up the good work!

Glad you're liking the story! More to come!