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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Princess Lisa, Part One

Hey Spanky Friends!

Here's a new one for ya. Wait. It's Thursday, not Friday. Wow. Am I tired. I just realized that it's not Friday. Wow. Freaky. I have been fighting something off this week and have been sleeping a lot. Apparently, I didn't sleep enough.

Oh, well. Since I have this all ready, I might as well post.

Damn, what a dork. Hope this finds you all well and happy!


Bent over, her hands on the high-backed wooden chair, her ass high in the air, Lisa waited. Her heart pounded, sweat trickled down her neck. The heater came on, warm air rushed over her bare breasts, her hips, her sex.

Jake paced behind her, his boots echoing off the hardwood floors. “So let me get this straight. You didn’t clean the kitchen, nor cook dinner, nor shop today because you didn’t think I was coming home.”

“No. I was going to do it all. My car broke down and it took all day to get it fixed. By the time I got home, it was too late and you were here and were already angry.”

“Where’s the bill from the auto shop?”

“They’re sending it.”

“So, if I went out to the car and checked the trunk, there wouldn’t be a bunch of bags from the mall there.”

Inwardly, she choked, picturing the bounty of amazing goodies she’d purchased that afternoon. She kept her tone strong. “Nope. I told you, I went and got some mascara, only mascara at Macy’s. Then I went out and the car was dead. I got a jump, then the car died on Maple.”

“And you took the long way home because…?”

“There was an accident and I wanted to avoid it.”

“You know, if all kinds of strange things hadn’t been preventing you from doing what I ask you to do around here, I probably wouldn’t have you bent over this chair right now. This is the third weird occurrence this week that’s stopped you from getting your chores done. Do I ask too much of you?”

“No, Jake.”

“When you got laid off, I was cool with it, wasn’t I?”

“Yes, Jake.”

“I gave you six months to find a job. I get the economy’s bad, I get why you haven’t found one yet. And I know I make enough money at the shop. But your contributions to the household have been bad at best for the past two months. Every time you promise me you’re going to do something, somehow something happens. The house isn’t clean, there’s no food in the fridge, but the TV is always warm when I get home.”

A hard spank to her right bun, she yelped and jumped. The sting echoed through her body, making her legs shake a bit.

“Hands on the chair!” he ordered.

She obeyed quickly. Damn it. She’d finally blown it. She knew she’d been pushing it. But that sale had been so much fun. She and Sophie had gone to town. Thankfully, Sophie was hiding her purchases for her. She’d sneak them in tomorrow when Jake was at work.

Stupid Jake. This was all his fault. If he’d let her keep their housekeeper after she’d lost her job, the house would be clean. And what was wrong with watching TV? It was why it was there, for God’s sake. And also why the mall was there, to go shopping. Thankfully, she handled the family finances. Jake had no idea how much she’d spent lately. She knew it wasn’t right, but damn it, compared to Sophie, Lisa lived the life of a slave girl.

Sophie got everything she wanted. Henry didn’t make her work. Sophie had a housekeeper, a gardener and a personal trainer. Henry treated her like a princess. Lisa wanted to be a princess, too. She knew they didn’t make the money Henry did, but they weren’t that poor. Even without her income, they could afford a housekeeper, but Jake was a hardass. While she loved him insanely, he expected too much out of her. He liked his work so he thought working was great. He thought everyone should be working as hard as he did. But she hated her job. She’d never found a day job she liked. Watching TV, talking on the phone and shopping was so much more fun. He just didn’t understand her.

If only she hadn’t agreed to this Domestic Discipline thing. It had been exciting in the beginning and truthfully, Jake had helped her lose weight. But now? All she wanted to do was hang out and shop with her friends. But the man was practically psychic and always seemed to catch her breaking his rules. She just needed to get better at the game. She’d tell Jake whatever he wanted to hear and then she’d do a bit of housecleaning tomorrow to put him off. Anything to stop him from punishing her. She hadn’t been spanked in so long, she’d forgot all about their agreement. Until this little reminder.

She wished he’d get this over with fast. Survivor was on and she didn’t want to miss it.

“So here’s the deal. I’m gonna leave you a list from now on. If you don’t get everything done, I’m spanking you. Hard. Not a few, either. For everything you don’t get done, you get twenty-five.”


Excruciating pain seared her ass, Jake laid into her with everything he had. She screamed, shocked and surprised at the force with which he delivered his swats. Again and again, he spanked her taut, bare buns. One cheek than the other, he walloped her. He spanked the sides of her butt, then zeroed in on her sit spots and wouldn’t stop. What was wrong with him? What had gotten into him? This hurt!

“Jake! Stop!”

“You (swat) don’t tell me (swat, swat, swat) stop!” he thundered, aiming each swat on her poor burning sit spots.

She danced from foot to foot.

“Feet on the floor!” he demanded.

She obeyed, but it wasn’t easy. The man wouldn’t stop spanking her! He struck each cheek in turn, then performed a crescendo on her most sensitive spots. Again. Blazing it. She howled. Tears streamed down her face to drip on the hard flat wooden seat.

After a machine gun report of severe spanks all over her ass, he stopped. The pain reverberated through her rear and legs. She shook all over, sweat poured from her body, she wracked with sobs.

“You will obey me, woman! No more of this crap! You hear me?”

“Yes, Jake,” she cried, her voice cracking.

“God, you piss me off. I expect respect in this household. You do what I say!” Spank! “When I say!” Thwack!

“Yes, Jake! Yes! I’m sorry!”

“You sure as hell better be! I’m the boss around here, not you!” Swat, spank, whack! “Say it, say, ‘you’re the boss, Jake’!”

“You’re the boss, Jake!” she quickly said.

He rubbed a hand over the burning flesh of a bun. Please let it be over!

But unfortunately, the agony of her buns began to melt into naughty feelings throughout her sex. She loved being displayed like this for him. Loved his power over her. Her sex swelled with want. She hoped he made love to her. How could he resist?

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

Oh no! I just don't think Lisa has a good grasp on this whole DD thing. And I have a feeling things are going to get worse before they get better.

But as for you I hope you get better quickly.


Paul said...

Michelle, you surprised me.
Oh dear, disobedience's and lying, I think there is something a lot worse than hand spanking in Lisa's future.
I hope that you are feeling a lot better, enjoy the long week-end.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

PK and PAUL!!!!

Lisa didn't really understand the implications of DD when she first signed up. She should have known better. Especially with a guy like hers!

Hope you two are having a fantastic weekend!

Love and hugs to you both,

Antoinette said...

Loved the story! Can't wait for more!!

I hope you get better quickly, and back to your self soon!

Michelle Carlyle said...


Thanks, doll! Love your blog, too!

More to come!