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Friday, June 17, 2011

Princess Lisa, Conclusion

Hello Out There!

Hey guys, hope all is well. Here’s the conclusion of Princess Lisa. Next week, we start a new story.

Have a great weekend,

Sweaty, he collapsed on top of her and hugged her hard. “God, I love you, baby. I can’t get enough of you.”

“I love you, Jake. God, you’re so good. Oh, that was fun.”

He pulled away to grin down at her. “Yeah, you said it. Damn, you’re one hot number, little girl.”

He kissed her hard, she relished the feel of his strong tongue as he ravaged her mouth. He was so hot! With his long dark hair, goatee and devilish blue eyes, the man was a freakin’ centerfold.

He rolled off her. “I’m callin’ out for pizza. But tomorrow night, I expect dinner to be waiting for me when I get home. And no freakin’ frozen crap. I want a home-cooked meal. The kind you used to make before you got lazy.” He walked out of the room, then headed back. “Come to think of it, all this laziness of yours started when you started hangin’ out with Sophie. I’m not sure she’s a good influence on you. I like Henry, but Sophie’s got a princess complex. Just because she’s got Henry wrapped around her little finger, don’t expect me to be wrapped, you got that?” he said, jabbing a long finger her way.

Lisa snorted and rolled her eyes. “Honey, we’re two separate people. I don’t get influenced. And I’m not lazy. I’ve just gotten a bit distracted. But you got my focus back. Don’t worry. I’m back, I’ll do what needs to be done around here. And I’m sorry I let it go. Won’t happen again.”

He grinned. “Good. Good.” He turned and left the room.

She stuck out her tongue at his retreating back. A princess complex. No. Sophie just got treated better. There had to be someway to manipulate Jake into allowing her to hire a housekeeper. Wait a minute. Why did he have to know? She could have the house cleaned while he was running his shop. He never came home during the day. She was a genius! A genius!

The next day, in the early afternoon, Lisa sunned herself in the back yard on a chaise (with extra cushions for her very tender rear) letting her toenails dry while the cleaning lady finished up her house. Sipping on her tall ice tea, she giggled. This was so smart! She glanced at the list Jake had left for her. The housecleaner was taking care of everything but the dinner. And she’d outsmarted Jake on that, too. After the housecleaner left, she’d stop by Boston Market, take the food and slip it into her own cookware and voila! A home-cooked meal. Hee!

Earlier, she’d stopped by Sophie’s to pick up her purchases. She’d just gotten home when the housecleaner arrived. Once the maid left, she’d unload the bags, go get dinner and she’d still have two hours to watch Oprah and the news before Jake got home. She sighed. This was so easy, why hadn’t she thought of it before? The Secret Princess, she called herself. Damn, she was good. Serve him right for spanking her. The big, dumb jerk.

Lisa looked at her watch. Two. That darn housecleaner was taking forever. She’d better not miss Oprah. She got up, went into the house and found the maid mopping the kitchen floor. Good. The last thing on the list.

Lisa headed upstairs to her very clean bedroom. Everything looked great. She retrieved the bags from her closet and threw them on the bed. Upending each one, she spread the contents out and admired her purchases. Grabbing her favorite, the most darling print skirt, she held it up to herself and looked in the full-length mirror. Adorable.

“Very nice, baby. Where’d you get it?” came a deep voice from the doorway.

Screaming, she threw the skirt into the air and spun in place. Heart slamming her rib cage, her entire body shaking, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Jake stood in the doorway, leaning against the jamb, a steely look in his blue gaze.

She couldn’t speak. She could only stare.

“Mrs. Bonner?” came the housecleaner’s voice from downstairs. “I’m through with everything on the list and I’d like to be paid now.”

Jake didn’t move and neither did she. His eyes narrowed, he made a small movement with his head. “Go on and pay her. Then get right back here. We clearly have some issues that need to be resolved.”

Lisa had no memory of the trip downstairs, paying the woman or returning to the bedroom. It was all a fog. But she snapped out of her daze when she saw what Jake held in his hands: a large, wooden paddle. Where the hell had that come from?

“Naked now and bend over that bed. Not one word,” he warned.

Shaking, dizzy, she somehow stripped and bent over the bed. She could barely comprehend the trouble she was in.

Harrowing pain incinerated her poor ass. The flat of that horrible wooden paddle exceeded the strength of his hand by about twenty fold. He smacked her taut rear and the back of her legs so hard, each hit pushed her forward. Every muscle tensed, her stomach twisted, she instantly got nauseous. Wow, she’d never felt the likes of it before. Unbelievable force, outrageous pain.

“Seems as if someone didn’t get the message last night.”

A searing series of awesome strikes annihilated her poor buns. Felt like he’d thrown gasoline on her ass and lit it with a blowtorch.

“Good thing I bought this paddle, my hand couldn’t take what I’m about to dole out on this disobedient little ass of yours. Now who’s the boss?” he demanded, strafing her ass with a punishing round of solid hits to her sit spots.

She screamed so loud, she shook the windows, her fingers dug deep into the mattress.

“You’re the boss!”

“Good. Now let’s start all over again, okay?” he said, firing into her behind with gusto. “Who’s the boss?”

After a horrifying session with the paddle and three more just like it in subsequent days, the Bonner household was clean and there were home cooked meals on the dinner table once more.

But Princess Lisa still clung to her crown. Someday, she promised herself, she’d rule her land…

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, sounds like Lisa is as dumb as she is beautiful.
I'm thinking of the old saying, "where there is no sense, there is no feeling."
Maybe her ass isn't connected to her brain.
Still, if there were no brats, nobody would get spanked, which would be really boring.
Are you a brat occasionally, I hope so!
Love and warm hugs,

Antoinette said...

Wow such a ending. I mean leave it while she's getting paddled.. Wow.. Not bad at all.

Michelle Carlyle said...


Of course, I'm a brat. But Hubster doesn't like to be teased, since he was an older brother and doesn't get it. However, we do play and I do some bratting to get spanked, he knows what i want now.
And yes, Lisa doesn't get it. Or she secretly really likes those hard spankings and gets off on his anger.

So happy you liked the story, hope you're having a fab one, my dear!

Antoinette! She's dense. And her ass must be made of steel. And she likes being a brat. Clearly. I don't think I wrote any more with this couple, I may have to revisit them.

Keep up the good work on your own blog, dear, you're doing great! Love your writing!

Hugs to you both,