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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Motivator, Conclusion

Howdy Fellow Spanky Humans!

I just realized that it’s Friday again. How come they come so fast now? Wasn’t Monday yesterday?

Okay, I’m blanking out. Normally I have something to say here, other than…duh. I must still be partially asleep. Or thinking about sex. Probably the latter. Probably because I just reread the scene below. Probably because Mr. Carlyle went to work and I wish he’d stayed just a little while longer. Probably because we’ve been having awesome sex. God, I love sex.

I actually used to be a prude. Was taught that whole Good Girls Don’t crap that’s polluted my mind until I’ve grown old enough to realize how stupid the message is. And now that I’ve let my id out of its box—whoo-hoo! Just wish I had my twenty-something springy body so I could do all those wild positions I used to. Now if we try anything too gymnastic, my back kills me. Or I get a leg cramp. Thankfully, Mr. Carlyle and I have been screwing for so long, that we really just concentrate on mutual pleasure now instead of exploration so much. When it comes down to it, I just like to fuck.

And now he doesn’t work at home anymore. Which is unhelpful for times like this.

I know. I’ll go write the sex scene for my latest novel. That will take care of it. No, it won’t. It will only make me more horny. Oh, well. Watch out Mr. Carlyle. When he comes through that door tonight, I’ll attack him.

Michelle likes this idea.

Okay, so here’s the conclusion of The Motivator, found in some book of mine, I can’t recall and don’t want to fishing around through them to find it. It’s in there. Buy them all and you’ll find it. Then you can tell me which book it’s in. Next week, new story!

Have a great weekend, my friends!


When Curt entered her, he felt the connection. This was powerful. This was real. This was a bonding, not merely sex, but the first time on a path with his future partner. He tried to hold himself back, control himself, but he couldn’t. He lost himself in her. He thrusted into her wildly, she threw her head back against the couch and roared with release. He felt her sex spasm around him and nearly lost it right then. But he was determined to keep her going for as long as he could. Somehow he stayed focused. He wanted to take her on a ride she would never forget. Through some pretty fancy mental gymnastics, he continued on driving into her with everything he had. No woman had ever fit with him like this. No woman had ever felt like this.

Finally, he could tell he was on the verge of coming, so he let loose on her. He plowed into her, slamming her g-spot with everything he had. She cried out loudly, grabbed his ass hard and pulled him into her. Then he lost it. He thrusted into her, crying out as he came, almost blinded by his release, it was so overpowering. He jerked and shook and drove into her, he never wanted to leave her depths. But finally, it was over. He withdrew and took her into his arms and kissed her. She was so soft and tasted so sweet. So loving, too, it felt like she kissed him back with her entire being.

When he pulled away and looked deep into her now darkened blue eyes, he could tell. He’d just fallen hard for her. It was beyond anything he’d felt before for any woman, not even his wife. This woman was everything he’d been looking for in a woman. Pure fire, pure fun, pure joy.

“Wow,” Heather said.

“Yes… wow. You said it.”

“You’d better be planning on spending the night,” she said.

He grinned. “I don’t think I could leave you right now, even if I tried. My God, you are something, woman. Some. Thing.”

“No, you’re the star. I’ve never been made love to like that before. Damn, I’ve never known it could be so good. No wonder my marriage failed. He couldn’t do that to me. No man has been able to do that to me. You win the prize, boyfriend.”

“I… yes, well, ditto there. Never felt this way with any other woman.”

“If you’ll excuse me, though, I need to attend to something,” she said.

“Please,” he said, releasing her.

He watched her bruised, lovely ass as she walked into her bathroom and felt himself grow hard again. Crazy, this was crazy lust. And the most powerful love he’d felt in memory. He hoped she felt the same way about him.

When she returned, he couldn’t help himself. He had to have her again.

“I want you to do something for me,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“I want you to lie on your dining room table.”

She looked confused. “What—okay,” she said, quickly, a mischievous look in her eye. She obediently rushed to the table, got up on it and lay down, length-wise.

He strode over to her, he’d never seen a more beautiful sight. She was like a gorgeous buffet of sex, all laid out before him. He couldn’t figure out what part of her he liked best. Her ripe, full, breasts, the triangle between her thighs, her sweet rear end, her long legs. He wanted to start with her mouth and dine all night on her amazing body. Beyond the sex, he wanted this woman. And not just as some passing fancy. He wanted her for keeps.

He visualized her tied to his bed at home where he’d teach her all about nipple clamps, and introduce her to his other fun sex toys. He’d experiment on her with his varied assortment of whips and paddles. His member grew painfully big again at these thoughts. He knew she liked that play spanking he’d given her on the night they made up her agreement. He might just have found the playmate he’d been searching for his entire life.

“Scoot down here,” he commanded. She did so, he pushed her knees up, pulled her down towards him and spread her legs wide apart. Her sex was so pretty, so inviting, so ripe and ready for him. He leaned down and carefully began tormenting her with his tongue, he went lightly, ever so lightly until she quivered and whimpered.

“Oh, please, do it harder, harder,” she begged.

He reached up and pinched a nipple, she squealed and shoved her hips up to him and cried out in release. She made him feel so powerful! He rewarded her with a barrage on her hardened, swollen nub. She moaned and writhed, coming again and again.

He finally couldn’t stand it, grabbed her, pulled her off the table, turned her around, bent her over and entered her. Two thrusts in and she pounded on the table as she came. This time, he couldn’t last very long. The sight of her bruised cheeks, her arched back, the sound of her cries, the feel of her sex muscles contracting against him, he quickly drove them both to powerfully climactic orgasms. Afterwards, she collapsed against the table, breathing hard, exhausted and spent.

He picked her up into his arms and carried her to her bedroom. He put her down onto her bed, lay next to her and took her in his arms. He’d never been happier in his life. Nor more satisfied, nor more in love.

He turned her to face him. When he saw the look, deep in her eyes, he knew it was time. “I love you, Heather.”

Her beautiful blue eyes grew wide, then they filled with tears. “Oh, God, I love you, Curt!” She pulled him down and he kissed her. It felt like his heart inflated to three times its normal size. He’d never fallen for anyone like this, not this hard, not this quick.

He brought her close to him, he reveled in the feeling of her naked body close to his. He couldn’t believe it, but he could feel himself growing hard again. This hadn’t happened since he was a kid. This was so great!

“You’re moving in with me, Heather,” he told her.

“Was that an order?” she asked with a hidden grin.


“Are you going to spank me if I’m bad?”

“Oh, yes. But I know you’ll be a good girl after tonight.”

“Yeah…” she said, with a saucy look in her eye.

“Oh, so she wants to play, does she? If you weren’t so sore, I’d show you just how fun a nice, playful spanking can be.”

“Stop, you’re turning me on and I’m too sore to do it again.”

He grinned down at her. “Are you sure?”

He reached out and gently began to explore her again.

She groaned and spread her legs for him. “You are going to be a very, very bad man, aren’t you?”

“And very, very good, too,” he promised as he bent down to kiss her.

Heather completed her master’s degree, got her promotion and married Curt six months later.

And the only time she earned the paddle again was when she begged him for it.

© 2007, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, no wonder you want to jump Mr Carlyle's bones after reading this, I would too, not Mr Carlyle's, yours ;)
I'll hang around until my running mate staggers in, covered in mud and soaking wet, well done PK, only a few more yards. :D
Love and warm hugs,

Lynn Lane said...

That was a very good story. I hate the wait but it like getting a new book. OK well, Cant wait for next weeks new story.

PK said...

Pant, pant ... I'm here. I'll win someday. I know Michelle will soon forget it's Friday!(She'll be thinking about jumping Mr. Carlyle or he'll come home early or something.)

Wonderful conclusion! Wonderful scene!! You are really good at this. I agree with Lynn I hate waiting but love your stories.


PK said...
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Michelle Carlyle said...

So glad you guys liked to the story!

More to come!!!

(Or is that more to cum????)