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Friday, April 23, 2010

Dangerous Behavior, Conclusion

Hey there Spankos!

Michelle here. Late again. Oh, well. Working hard writing more spanking stories today and I lost track of time. Gotta run now, too, because I want to get to Target before the traffic gets bad. Rush, rush, rush, all the time!

I hope you have a great weekend. I’ve got a writer’s meeting tomorrow, then Hubby and I are going to take a nice walk along the San Francisco Bay. Yay!!!

Next week, I’ll be posting early because I’m off to a high school reunion next weekend being held in Lake Tahoe. I can’t wait to gamble and hang out with my old buddies.

So next week, a new story begins!

Hugs and love to you all,

Mitch followed Beverly inside. He’d been very quiet. She was nearly sure she’d blown her chances with him. While she should have been happy that Baldo would go down for his crimes, she found herself more upset that she’d lost an opportunity for a good man.

“We need to talk,” he said in a grave tone, his face hard.

“I figured.” She gestured towards the living room. He sat on the couch; she sat next to him, although with some more distance than before.

He gazed at her, apparently trying to collect his thoughts.

She couldn’t stand the silence and said, “I know, I blew it and I’m sorry. If I’d known I was trading a future with you for that bust, I would have called. I would have done something differently. I—”

He held up a hand. “Can I say something before you tell me what I’m thinking?”

“Uh…oh. Sure. Go for it. I deserve it. I blew it and I deserve you yelling at me and storming out—”

He held up his hand again. “Could I please be the one to speak my own mind?”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“Now. I neither will yell at you, nor storm out. We’ve got a future. But you need to know something here. I will not tolerate this behavior out of you. I won’t. You’re my woman, you listen to me. All the time. Not just when you want to. If you blow it again—and I really advise against it—I’ll yank those jeans right off you and take my frat paddle to you. Hear me? I mean it. No more BS. You listen to me, you take my advice. I don’t lay down the law often, and I mean what I say. I don’t use my words lightly. I don’t use extra words. You listen to me or you’ll spend most of your time standing.”

She nodded. “Sorry. Okay. I hear you. Wait. You aren’t dumping me?”

He snorted, chuckled and shook his head, exasperated. “How much of what I just said did you hear?”

“All of it.”

“You aren’t used to straight shooters.”

“Uh, no.”

“Well, I say what I think. Always. You will never have to guess what I’m thinking. But woman,” he said, the look in his eye darkening. All the hair stood up on the back of her neck. “Don’t ever disobey me again.”

She nodded emphatically. “I won’t.”

He pursed his lips. “Oh, you will and you’ll pay for it. But a couple times across my lap with the paddle ought to straighten you out. Speaking of which, I think I need to make that point clearer to you.”


“No,” he replied.

He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her across his lap. Even worse, he pulled up her skirt and took down her undies. Then the most harrowing pain blazed her ass. She cried out in pain and surprise. It felt like he hit her with a wooden plank. Was that just his hand?

Mitch laid into her butt with powerful swats. Her ass roasting, she’d never felt this kind of agony before.

“I’m sorry!”

“What (swat) did (spank) I say?” he demanded, spanking her with scary force.

“I don’t remember!”

Which was probably the dumbest response she could have come up with.

He lit into her harder and faster, making her shriek. Sobbing, she could barely get a breath before he spanked her again. Excruciating!

“What did I say?”

“Not to do anything without you!”

“Then why did you?” He seared her ass with fiery spanks, her butt burned with raw, horrible pain.

“I’m sorry!”

“What part of stay away from Baldo, didn’t you understand?” he demanded, punctuating each word with a nasty swat to her aching buns.

“I won’t disobey you again!”

“You’re damn right, you won’t!” He yanked her up and cradled her, then kissed her almost as hard as he’d spanked her.

As angry as she was at the spanking, she wanted this guy like she’d never wanted anyone.

He pulled away, wiped her tears and looked at her as if she were the most beautiful woman in the world. “You are somethin’ else, Beverly. Something very special. I may never let you go.” His gaze moved to her lips, he kissed her.

She plummeted into a whirlpool of hot, luscious passion. Some part of her noticed she was in the air, being carried to her bedroom.

All at once, they were naked, limbs intertwined, the length of his massive body pressed against hers, his strong arms around her. He made love to her like a virtuoso, playing her body like it was an instrument he’d known forever. Pure rapture.

Afterwards, she lay on top of him, snuggling into his sweaty chest. A sharp swat to her rear nearly made her leap off. Her rear already hurt, this was awful! He followed with several more that bordered on blazing.

Tears stung her eyes. “Hey!”

He stopped and narrowed his gaze at her. “After that wonderful lovemaking, I pictured you on that floor, dazed, that man above you…” He glared up at her. “No more. I love you too much to lose you now.”

“You love me?” she stammered.

He broke into a wide smile. “More than anything, baby.” He brought her down to him and his lips closed over hers.

©2008, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

Excellent finish Michelle! I believe Beverly will be well cared for in the future but he's right she may well spend most of her time standing.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your high school reunion. They can really be a blast!


Paul said...

Michelle, you are such a romantic.
But then most of us who do this thing are.
Have a great reunion and a great week-end.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

PK!!! PAUL!!!!!!!

Glad you liked it! Yay!!!

Big hugs to you both!!!!