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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Speeding Toward A Spanking

Hey Spankos!

How are all my lovely friends doing today? I’m posting early because I’m headed to a high school reunion in Lake Tahoe. Whoo-hoo! Lots of old friends and fun. Note to self: please don’t drink too much. I can get waaaay out of hand and I hate hangovers. But unfortunately, it’s probably inevitable.

Really looking forward to leaving here early tomorrow and driving (hopefully not through too much snow) up to the mountains with the Hubby. And hopefully we’ll have a few romantic moments of our own. So, now I’m off to pack and get ready. 95 people are showing up to the reunion which is a huge turn out since I’m not sure the school had that many people in it when I went there. Very small. So we’re having a multi-year reunion because when I went to my last high school reunion with just my class there were eleven of us. Yes. Eleven. It was a great party, though. No spouses, just us. Awesome time.

But this should be spectacular.

And for you lovely people, a new story called Speeding Towards a Spanking. So sit back and enjoy the ride, here we go!!!!

Big hugs to all of you,

Zane used his Blackberry to call his new wife. No answer. Which was weird. She said she was going grocery shopping, then running errands. She wasn’t expecting a call from him, but he missed her and wanted to tell her he loved her.

Marriage had turned him into a complete sap. He’d never been more in love in his life. He wished it would have happened before his mid-forties, but at least it happened. Lila was the most vivacious, talented, funny, witty, charming woman he’d ever met. And with her spiky red hair, cute face and amazing body, she was easy on the eyes, too. He couldn’t believe she’d agreed to be his wife.

Sure, there were parts of her that he wished weren’t there. She had a defiant streak a mile wide and was a notorious hellraiser/daredevil when he’d met her. He’d been good for her in that way. He’d put the wood to her early on and stopped her most self-destructive behaviors. Like free-climbing buildings and “car-surfing.” Reckless idiot. Just the thought of the first time he met her made him want to spank her all over again. She’d shown up at his studio window—five stories up—and then continued climbing the side of the building—with no safety equipment—until he’d pulled her inside and spanked the hell out of her. Which began their courtship, oddly enough.

So while he didn’t want to, his mind began conjuring reasons for why Lila wasn’t answering her cell phone. He hoped she wasn’t doing something crazy. While he’d managed to stop her from most of her craziness, she still pulled crap on him. Luckily, her little sassy streak turned him on. He liked taking her on. Maybe he’d been doing it a bit too much lately, but still, he was a sucker for this woman. A total sucker.

Which was why he had a funny feeling about today. Lila had asked just the week before if she could go climbing with a friend. But that was all she asked. She gave no details about the climb and wouldn’t make eye contact. After he gave her the third degree, Lila finally revealed that they would be illegally climbing a radio tower on top of the tallest building in San Francisco. She pleaded her case by saying that she wanted to take some photos for a new project from the tower. Zane put his foot down and hard. She sulked and pouted for a full day. Later, she came to him and told him she understood, they made love and he thought the matter was forgotten.

Until this moment. There was something about the way she said she was going shopping when he left her this morning. Something wrong. He was so distracted, he didn’t stop and question her. But he wished he would have. He knew the girl well. She was pullin’ something on him, he was nearly positive.

He was broken out of his reverie by a band-mate. “Zane? Earth to Zane? Are we practicing or what?” Snark, his bassist asked him.

“Yeah, sure, sorry. Just tryin’ to call Lila.”

Snark laughed. “I have never seen you like this. After twenty years of traveling the world and making love to women everywhere, to see you this… tethered, is freakin’ funny. And it’s good. I’m glad you finally found someone, man, who could deal with you. I told you you could find someone like I found my Fiona. And Joey found Linda. And Jimmy found Angel.”

Zane smiled. “Yeah, just took me longer, that’s all. But yeah, I got it bad for this girl. Just really bad.”

Snark jerked his head towards the practice area. “Good. Now let’s play.”

Still troubled, Zane nodded, picked up his guitar and headed over to where the rest of the band was waiting. They had to record an album soon and were practicing new songs. In six months, they’d go back out on tour. Something Zane was not looking forward to. Ever since he got together with Lila, he hated the thought of leaving her for even a day. That first tour after they got together was rough. He’d never been more miserable on the road before. Not until Lila got a break in her work and joined him. That was great. But when she left again, he could barely stand it. God, he loved his wife.

Lila sped around the racecourse, the g-forces slamming her head against the side of the cage. She barely had control over the car. And she hadn’t had this much fun in years. There were two cars ahead of her, but not for long. Lila couldn’t stand being anywhere but leader of the pack.

The back end slid a bit around the corner, she quickly straightened it out and hit the gas. Her heart pounding, her vision was razor sharp, all her senses were alive, dealing with the danger at hand. She darted from side to side, determined to pass the two cars in front of her. Finally, she saw an opening and jetted through it, nearly hitting another car. But she made it through! Problem was, she was going too fast now for the next turn. She applied the brakes carefully, but when she turned, the back slid out again, only this time, it looked like she was going to hit the wall.

At the last second, the tires caught and she regained control over her vehicle. She straightened out the car and slowed down, allowing all the other cars to pass her. She’d had enough terror for one day. She drove the car into the pit where Bobby John waited for her.

A good-natured country boy, Bobby John was forty-five with brown hair and ruddy cheeks. “Good one, Lila, freakin’ A, kid, you hit over 180! Damn, girl. I thought you were gonna lose it there a couple times. You are getting better and better. You sure you don’t want to compete here on amateur night?”

“I’d love nothing more. Zane would duct-tape me to the wall, though. Sorry.”

Bobby John looked disgusted. “Oh, man, why’d you marry that guy? He’s totally clipped your wings.”

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Does he know?”

“I’m not stupid.”

Bobby John belly laughed. “Ahh, yeah, to love honor and obey, huh?”

Lila smirked. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt me.”

“I never thought I’d see the day where a man would tame you.”

“And you still aren’t. I don’t lie to him, either. I just don’t mention what I’m doing.”

“Does it work?”

“So far… mostly.” Lila shuddered when she thought of the time that Zane caught her free-climbing the building after he’d forbade her to do it. Wow, he’s spanked her so hard, she’d had to sleep on her side for a week. The man was a tyrant.

©2008, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

You're early and I still beat everyone here (wave to Paul). I hope you have a ball at the reunion, but not so much you can't remember.

I like this beginning. So nice to know that not all women can be tamed but it's even better to know that there are men out there who are willing to try.


Paul said...

Michelle, another hellion who thinks her ass is spank proof.
I'm beginning to wonder if all your heroines(?) are based on you, I think that you may need a lot more spanking.
PK, waves back!!!
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

So glad you guys like the start to this new story!

The reunion was great, had a wonderful time.

And yes, Paul, there is a lot of me in my heroines. I get away with more than they do, however. HEEEE!!!

See you next week!
hugs and love,