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Friday, April 9, 2010

Dangerous Behavior, Part Six

Hey Friends!

How are y’all doing this fine Spring day? I am blanking on my week. What did I do? Can’t remember. Memory is the first thing to go. Let’s see…nope. Nothing happened, apparently. Nice weather, worked on my vanilla novel and…that’s it. Hey, that’s pretty cool. A disaster-less week. I need to write this down. A whole week without drama. Yay!

Now that is something to celebrate.

Here’s the next installment of Dangerous Behavior, soon to be found in Hanky Spanky, my next upcoming release, slated for…who knows? Soon. Shortly. As soon as I get to it.

Now there’s professionalism for you.

Big hugs,

A tornado of lust whirled up inside Beverly; her sex slicked with want. It had been a very long time since a man could do this to her. “It is taking all my inner strength to keep myself from ripping off your clothes.”

Mitch’s eyes dilated. A raw hunger grew on his face; he kissed her hard. Everything went blurry; she lost touch with reality. It was want on a scale she’d never felt before.

He tore himself away, his expression tormented. “Damn I want you. This is… crazy, girl. Crazy. I have to get to work. You have to rest.” His shoulders straightened, his gaze cleared. He broke up laughing. “Wow, girl. You got my number.”

“You? You got me on speed-dial, honey.”

He laughed and hugged her. A very loving, emotional hug. That was what was weird about this connection; it wasn’t just physical. It went beyond that. They were falling in love.

Talk about a scary idea. Yes, she needed sleep.

He pulled away, but kept his arms around her. “You get some sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow night. I get off at four-thirty. Is six too early?”


He smiled. “You seem pretty sure of that.”

“I am,” she said, standing on tiptoes to kiss him. After making out for another few minutes, they pushed away from each other, laughing, but still held hands.

“Well, I know what we’re doing tomorrow night,” she said.

“Uh, yeah,” he agreed. He seemed just as astonished as she did at their connection. Delighted, but very surprised. “If I don’t get out of here now, I won’t. And I want you to sleep.” He brought her to him again, brushed some hair out of her eyes and ran his hand down her face. “You’ve been up too long. It’s not good to be up that long.”

“No, its not,” she said, gazing up at him, her vision fuzzy with hormones.

He kissed her on the forehead and released her. “I will call you tomorrow. Get some rest.”

“I have a feeling I’ll need it.”

His grin widened. “You will.” He winked, turned and went to the door. With one last look at her, as if he were memorizing her, he left.

Wow. She slid down into her chair, her bottom very tender, her lips swollen, her mind muddled by fatigue and lust.

She needed to stop thinking, take a shower and go to bed. She’d think about all this later. It was all too much.

Off in the distance, a phone rang. It was warm where she was. Beautiful and warm and Mitch was there. They were in a boat on a lake in the sun and they were fishing. Mitch wore a fishermen’s hat, complete with hooks in the brim. The sun glinted off the lake; underwater ferns bloomed beneath the sparkling surface. The air smelled clean, piney and fresh. But that phone kept ringing. It was really annoying.

“Is someone gonna answer that?” she yelled.

The phone got louder. Beverly awakened, the phone was nearly deafening. Damn and such a nice dream, too. The clock read four am. She’d been asleep for nine hours. Was Mitch calling her for some reason?

“Hello?” she asked into the receiver.

“Finally. Jefferson, one half hour. Red hot, red, red hot,” a man said so fast, she could barely get the words.

“Wait, who is this?”

“Alpha Omega Delta Four, Squad Leader.”

Of course. It was David, her paranoid-nutcase-computer-hacker friend, sounding like a coffee addict on methamphetamines. “Oh, Christ, couldn’t this wait?”

“Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.”

“How many freakin’ Red Bulls have you had today?”

“That is not what this is about. You will be regretting tormenting me shortly here, if you’d just get your ASS out of bed and JEFFERSON.” Which was their code word for meeting at the President’s Café, a twenty-four-hour coffee house.

“Okay, okay, give me forty-five minutes.”

“One half hour. Red, red hot. Get ‘em while they’re hot, they’ll cool off if you don’t get down there NOW. Or as close to now as you can get.”

“I’m there.”

“Roger that.” Click.

David was so very annoying. If this was one of his breaks with reality, she’d slug him. She still felt like she had fifty-ton weights attached to all her limbs; her mind was thick with exhaustion. She needed at least another four or five hours to recover. But she’d play along.

Bev found David in the corner of the coffee shop on his laptop, every part of him vibrating, tapping or shaking. It was amazing how much movement he could make while sitting in one place. He noticed her as she approached his table.

“Sit, sit, sit, my friend, sit,” he jabbered at her.

“Dude, you need some Quaaludes or Valium or something. This is not good, my friend.”

“Love you too, Bev. Check this out. Check this out,” he said spinning his laptop around for her.

All she saw was a bunch of HTML.

“What does this mean?”

“Oh, of course, of course. See, this is an encrypted or was an encrypted email that was sent out on that lady’s computer. There was a whole attachment sent that you missed. It was in code, I broke the code, which wasn’t hard. The bad dudes are meeting today, this afternoon. The two on the email program. They’re meeting downtown at the Marriott for a meeting.”

She nearly jumped out of her seat. “Really? For sure?”

“For sure. See? Told you it was red hot.”

“Beyond that, it’s on fire. I owe you man, I owe you big time.”

“I love hearing that.”

She handed him an envelope with five hundred bucks. She usually paid him a lot less; he had no idea how much he was really worth to her.

When he opened the envelope, his already bugged out eyes popped out even more. “I love you even more,” he said.

“Buy yourself some more Red Bull.”

“Awesome. I wrote down the pertinent details for you, here,” he said, handing her a wadded up piece of paper. When she raised an eyebrow at the state of the note, he shrugged with a sheepish grin. “Sorry, I was playin’ with it without realizing it.”

“No worries. Thanks and I’m outta here.”

“They’re there at nine. Just a few hours. Good luck.”

“I’ll need it.” Especially if Mitch caught wind of her game. She knew she should call him, but this was too good. She had to follow up on it.

© 2008, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, on time again.
I think Mitch will go into overdrive on Bev's butt.
Keep the action rolling girl.
PK, even on Easter break, you can't keep up, I reckon you're the one who needs two Red Bulls at least. WEG!!!
Love and warm hugs,

PK said...

She's never going to sit again when Mitch finds out about this. Cause I have this sneaky feeling she is not going to turn the information over to him and go back to bed. Should we send pillow?

Come on Paul - give me a break. I'm not on Easter break because we had to make up two snow days. I worked hard today! But it was nice to have a story to come home to.

See you both next week.


Michelle Carlyle said...

And the winner is....Paul!!!!! And I think you're right about old Mitch.

PK, that sucks about Easter break. It wasn't like you could actually do anything on those snow days but try to stay warm.

And I'm very glad you're enjoying this story!

hugsnlove to you both,