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Friday, November 5, 2010

Newbie, Part Five

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There!

Who you callin’ a ho? I know that’s not the next line of the song, but it’s what I always think. Okie-dokie, I’m on my way out of the house, so I’m gonna make this short. I hope you guys have a splendid weekend full of spanking and sex. Mine will be full of cleaning and chores. Oh, boy. Slated to start today, I’m going to be cleaning all day. I can’t wait…

Anyway, I hope your day is much more exciting than mine. Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night and don’t forget to check your smoke alarms.

Hugs to you all,

Angela’s pulse raced. Bill had something big in store for her, he’d told her as much. She sat in her car, her palms sweating, her feet tapping out the words I’m Nervous in Morse Code.

She couldn’t sit there much longer, he’d notice soon if he hadn’t noticed already. She’d probably get extra spanks for delaying her entrance.

Ooh, those spankings of his. Way too hot. She’d had no idea she could come from a spanking alone, but Bill had taught her the ways of erotic spanking. The thought of their previous evenings made her lightheaded.

Why was she feeling so chicken? Well, duh. Maybe it was that little bit he dropped about buying “implements”?

Mentally slapping herself, she got out of the car and walked up to the house purposefully, her shoulders straight, her head high—while her interior was filled with Jello.

He opened the door before she reached it, a puzzled smile on his carved face. “Why’d you stay in the car so long? On a phone call?”

Her face grew hot. Even before she could answer him, he burst out laughing. “You’re nervous?”

She nodded, expecting to be reassured. His mustached grin turned sinister, his eyes, hard. He nodded. “Good, you should be.”

Angela almost yelped. She stayed frozen to the porch.

“Well, come on in, baby, let’s get this party started.” He stood out of the way and gestured her inside.

Feeling as if bricks were attached to her feet, she forced herself to walk inside. He closed the door behind her.

She turned and gazed up at him, he took her in his arms and kissed her. A beautiful, lovely, warm, sweet kiss. He pulled away, his ocean blue eyes twinkling down at her. “I love you, baby.”

She melted into a pool of goo. “I love you, Bill!” She threw her arms around his neck, ran her fingers through his long dark, hair and kissed him. Tongues intertwined, they played and danced in each other’s mouths. Angela’s sex welled with want; she wondered how long it would be before they began their evening’s fun.
Mid-kiss, Bill took control. Savaging her mouth, he dominated the kiss. Her knees went weak, his steely arm locked across her back to steady her. Her mind swirled with lust.

He pulled away; the smile in his eyes was replaced by a cool hunger. Just the look alone made her want to come.

“We’re gonna play a little game I devised. We start now. Come here,” he said, grabbing her by the hand.

He led her into his gourmet kitchen and up to a granite-covered center island. On top of the black and grey-flecked surface were three die. Two were normal, one bore different markings on each side; a king, a queen, a jack, some hearts, some spades, one club.

“Okay, first I take off your clothes.” His voice was low and rasping, sending a thrill through her. He turned her around and unzipped her dress. Slipping it over her shoulders, he let it fall to the floor.

He ran a hand over a bun. “Nice underwear, honey. Love the matching red panties and bra. Okay, we’ll leave those on for a while. Now get out of those shoes, good. Yeah, I like you like this.” He ran a hand down her back, swept it over her hips and touched her sex.

Every nerve jumped, she instantly got wet.

He grinned at her reaction. “Oh, baby, wait. What I have in store for you. I’m telling you now, you won’t be the same.”

A shiver of fear raced up her spine followed by a wallop to her sex. Throbbing hard, she felt on the verge of climax and he hadn’t even done anything to her yet.

“Okay, baby, grab those dice and we’re going into the dining room. We’re going to give all new meaning to eating in.”

She laughed; he joined her. He gestured toward the dining room. She gathered the dice and walked out of the kitchen.

She walked into the dining room, her heart stopped. On the dining table was a large foam pad covered in black material. The room was dimly lit, the light provided by a group of candles on two small side tables on one side of the room and the overhead light, which was a bare glow. On the buffet that ran along the wall to her right were many different items: one popped out at her: a riding crop.

Swallowing hard, she stared at the buffet in abject terror, every muscle taut, sweat breaking out all over her body.

His voice in her ear gave her goose-bumps. “Starting to get the picture, aren’t you? My bad girl.”

Lightheaded, she stammered, “Uh… yeah.”

“Okay, we start at the buffet, bring the dice over here, let me introduce you to some new concepts.”

“Oh, God.”

He grinned at her, but his gaze was wicked with lust and dominance. “Here we have a group of toys. Glass dildo, vibrating dildo, vibrator.”

A jolt went through her sex, setting her clit on fire. Oh, man. This was going to be an evening to remember.

He gestured towards the next group: the scarier group. “Here we have a riding crop, a cane, a leather paddle and a wooden paddle. Now here’s the game. See this die here with the card markings? For toys—I got a list here if you want to see it—King means glass dildo; queen: my tongue; jack: vibrating dildo; spades: my finger; hearts: vibrator. Club means my choice. For Punishment, King means cane, queen means wooden paddle, jack means leather paddle, club means riding crop, hearts and spades mean my hand. Here’s the deal: first you roll for toys with the special die. Then you roll the two normal die to see how many thrusts with the toy, or seconds of torment with the vibrator you get. Whatever number gets multiplied by one more roll of one die. And here’s the object of the game. You can’t come. You come, you lose and then you roll the Punishment Dice. Whatever implement you roll and then the dice determines how many strokes you get.”

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

Good grief! I'm stuck in a hotel room with my man nnd your story... oh yeah and Mollie. Sigh...


Paul said...
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Paul said...

Michelle, this is a wicked game, it's one I have played, Angela will love it, afterwards.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...


Send Mollie out for some ice cream. And a wardrobe. And dinner.


Fun, fun, fun! I love the game, too!!!

hugs and love to you both