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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Newbie, Part Eight

Hey Spanko Friends!

Did I forget something?????????? I woke up at four-thirty this morning thinking about you all and this blog. Normally if I forget my Friday morning posting, I realize Friday night. Or Saturday. Not Tuesday. Oh, well. Holi-daze got me. I will be posting this Friday, too, so please tune back in then.

Had an awesome time in Disneyland. We logged 43 hours in the park over four and a half days. We hammered that place. And everything we wanted to do happened on the other side of the park. We ran our asses off! “Quick! If we hurry, we can just make it!” We came home exhausted and went right into the holidays. Crazy time of the year. But we had a wonderful time, had great sex, marvelous luxurious baths and flew around the park during the day. What was really cool was Disneyland had their “Believe” show going on nightly, so we got fireworks every night. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was all decorated with fake snow and beautiful lights. What a great time!

And all we wanted to do the following week after getting home was go back. Came home to some major ugliness with my writing career, but straightened it all out. As some of you know, I write a humor column and sometimes humor hits people wrong. And they write nasty letters to my publisher demanding she fire me. It’s all cleared up now, but I hate hate mail.

What I do love is writing for you guys!!! Yay, spanky fiction!

So here’s the latest installment of Newbie. Enjoy!

Hugs and love,

As Angela came down, she collapsed against the couch and concentrated on breathing, so close to passing out, black spots dotted her vision.

Some part of her noticed that he picked up her limp body from the couch and carried her somewhere. Softness engulfed her.

“Honey? Are you okay?” came his worried voice.

“Fine,” she croaked.

“You look half-dead.”

“I am half-dead. You nearly annihilated me with pleasure.”

He laughed and hugged her. She curled up next to him and finally opened her eyes. The room still spun a bit. “Oooh, I’m dizzy. I didn’t breathe for a while there.”

“You turned bright red, honey. I’m sorry, I should have gone easier on you.”

She opened her eyes to face him. “Don’t you dare apologize for that. That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.”

He kissed her. “You’re straight out of my dreams, baby. Me, too. That was… awesome.”

“I couldn’t even imagine this a month ago. Couldn’t even imagine this level of sex.”

“I’m so glad, honey. I love you. Oh, I found somethin’ while I was up there,” he said, reaching under the pillow.

She looked at him with alarm. “What?”

“Yeah, I found something while I was doing you. Here, check it out,” he said, handing her a small object.

It took a moment for her mind to comprehend it. He’d given her a ring. A beautiful diamond ring, had to be two carats. “Wait you…” She gazed up into his eyes, the message was clear. “You’re… Are you… Does this…?”

The sweetest smile on his handsome face, he asked, “Will you marry me, Angela?”

Bursting into tears she threw her arms around him and kissed him. She pulled away to look at the ring again. “Really?”

“Really,” he said, grinning.

“Yes! Oh, hell yeah, I’ll marry you!” She crushed him in a hug; he laughed.

He pushed her away. “Try on the ring honey, I want to see how it looks on you.”

She slipped in on her finger; it fit perfectly. “Oh, Bill, it’s gorgeous.”

“I’m glad you like it. There’s another part that you get when we get hitched.”

“I can’t believe this. Are you sure?”

“More than I’ve ever been.”

“Me, too. Wow.”

He kissed her. When he pulled away, his expression turned a bit more serious. “I would like to talk to you a bit about what I think makes a marriage work.”

“Good communication and awesome sex.”

He chuckled. “Yeah. But maybe I should have told you about what I expect from you and me, before I proposed.”

Her stomach fluttered. “Sounds ominous.”

He smiled. “No, no. It’s not bad, see, I just… my ex and I had some issues, they came up and I found a way to deal with them that worked, but she wasn’t too happy with my solution. Well, she wasn’t too happy, period. I tried… but anyway, that all fell apart, I don’t want that to happen with us.”

“Neither do I.”

“See, now I’ve noticed some things about you that… well, they don’t worry me—you’re not out-of-control—but we got different styles here. I’m pretty meticulous about my house and the way I do things. You…”

“Live in chaos.”

His smiled widened; his shoulders relaxed. “Uh, yeah. And I gotta tell you, honey, I can’t live like you do.”

“Neither can I.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that.”

“I know, I keep meaning to get my crap together. I just… have some self-control issues.”

“I got that and that’s where—if we have any problems—that’s where they’ll be. And I don’t want problems. I want to face everything head on.”

“Good, me, too. I’d like to have all my ducks in a row, like you. You know, the house together, the bills paid on time. I just… I don’t know. Get lazy.”

“I noticed. I mean, you go to your job, you got that together and you don’t seem to ever be late, not with me.”

“No, because I know it bugs you. But I do have to work at it.”

“Well, let me tell you how I addressed the same issues with my wife.”


“Ever heard of Domestic Discipline?”


“Okay, well, basically, if you don’t come through with what you promised, you get disciplined.”

She smiled. “Sounds fun.”

He shook his head. “It isn’t. It’s different than what we’ve been playing with. Very different. Its intended as a negative sanction, it’s… well, a punishment, a real one.”

All her extremities went wobbly; she got a bit dizzy. “You’re scaring me.”

“Don’t be. It’s only for your own good and the good of the marriage.”

“And you want to do this with me.”

“Yeah. But only with your consent, obviously. If you don’t want to, I get it. I just… it works.”

“So if I don’t go along with it, the marriage proposal is off?”

He reached out and hugged her, hard. “No, no. Not at all, I love you honey. For better or worse.”

He released her; she sat back and thought. Actual sanctions for her bad behavior. New concept. She thought about all that trouble she’d had when her insurance got cancelled from lack of payment. Not that she didn’t have the money, she’d just let the deadline slip. What a horrendous hassle that had been. If he spanked her and it really hurt, she might actually get it together.

Of course, the whole idea did scare her. And titillated her. She loved this man’s dominant side.

She nodded. “This might actually help me.”

“That’s what I think. It will. Believe me, you suffer through just one real spanking of mine, I can guarantee you, you’ll be motivated.”

A thrill went through her sex. Damn, she was getting to be a regular masochist.

“I saw that shine in your eyes, no, you won’t like it. Really, you won’t. It will be completely different than these little play spankings. Here, you want one or two hard spanks? Real ones? So you can see?”

“Yeah,” she said eagerly. “Why not?”

“You won’t like ‘em.”

She rolled over onto her belly and clenched her fists in anticipation. Whack! Blistering pain ignited her ass. She yowled. He spanked her again—it felt like a solid piece of white-hot iron branded her buns. Tears stung her eyes, her ears rang, her vision went fuzzy.

“Okay, stop!” She collapsed to the mattress, breathing hard. “Wow. Okay, I get it.”

“You still game?”

“Yes. Even though, I will probably regret it.”

The pain gradually ceased replaced by waves of sensation that tingled her clit. Okay, she still liked part of it.

He took her in his arms and kissed her hard. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, Bill.”

A voice in the back of her mind asked: What have I gotten myself into?

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, it's a good thing that you aren't my woman, keeping me waiting would result in a very sore butt.
Glad that you had such a good time.
Angela and Bill have it made, if they keep to the agreement.
Love and warm hugs,

PK said...

I can't fuss since I was late getting here too. I'm glad you had such a good trip and sorry that you received hate mail. I hate it too. Sometimes I think the world has lost its since of humor completely.

The story is great and she's going to regret her decision! Maybe not forever - but for awhile.


Michelle Carlyle said...

Better late than never!!! So glad you like this story! So glad you keep reading my blog! Love you!!

PK! Yeah, stupid hate mail. Everything turned out. I confronted my publisher and now she's on my side. After ten years. At least everything is clarified now. She lost an advertiser, but kept a writer with a big fan base. Thank God for fans!
Keep up the great work on your blog!

Hugs and love to you both,