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Friday, November 12, 2010

Newbie, Parts Six and Seven

Hey Friends!

How are you? I am late, so I’m going to cut this short. Wanted to let you know I’ll be on vacation next week and so I’m doing a double post for you this week. Look for me to return on the day after Thanksgiving. Hubby and I are going to Disneyland! Whooo-hooo! Four and a half days in the park! Which makes us certifiable.

So here’s a double shot of Newbie, I hope you enjoy. When I get back, I’m going to get serious about putting out my next three books. I really am. I’ve made myself a promise.

Of course, I always get spanked for breaking promises…

Bad, bad, Michelle!

Hugs and love to you all,

Bill gestured towards the next group: the scarier group. “Here we have a riding crop, a cane, a leather paddle and a wooden paddle. Now here’s the game. See this die here with the card markings? For toys—I got a list here if you want to see it—King means glass dildo; queen: my tongue; jack: vibrating dildo; spades: my finger; hearts: vibrator. Club means my choice. For Punishment, King means cane, queen means wooden paddle, jack means leather paddle, club means riding crop, hearts and spades mean my hand. Here’s the deal: first you roll for toys with the special die. Then you roll the two normal die to see how many thrusts with the toy, or seconds of torment with the vibrator you get. Whatever number gets multiplied by one more roll of one die. And here’s the object of the game. You can’t come. You come, you lose and then you roll the Punishment Dice. Whatever implement you roll and then the dice determines how many strokes you get.”

“I’m ready to come and we haven’t even started.”

“Oh, I’m counting on the fact that you will be coming. A lot. I want you up on that table, splayed out like a Thanksgiving Day meal. All for me.”

“Oh, God.” She hopped up on the table and laid down, her legs spread. His eyes shone as he raked her body with his gaze.

“Good, baby, real good. Now roll. First for the toy.”

He placed the die on the upper corner of the table; where there was a foot-wide patch of bare table. She took the die with the card markings, her heart thudding hard in her chest. She rolled. Hearts.

“That is the…” Bill said, looking over at the reference card on top of the buffet. “The vibrator—ooo, and so early in the game.” He laughed an evil laugh. “You are sunk, baby. Sunk. Now roll to see for how long. Each point is a second of time.”

She rolled; all the air got sucked out of her lungs. Two sixes.

Bill burst out laughing. “Good one. Oh, baby, this is gonna be a good one. Go on, roll one die for the multiplier.”

She didn’t want to. She rolled. Five.

Groaning, she flopped onto her back on the pad while Bill chuckled. “Oh, baby, is this gonna be fun. Five times twelve is sixty seconds. How sweet is that? Now spread ‘em for me, honey. Wide.”

Sighing, she complied, her sex throbbing in anticipation. She was going to lose this game. Fast. Of course, at this point, if he so much as placed the tip of his index finger on her clit she’d explode.

Bill grabbed the evil Wahl—which was attached to an extension cord, and a timer off the buffet. He set the timer for a minute. Moving up next to the bed, he turned on the Wahl. He set the timer down, then simultaneously, he pressed the button on the timer and placed the buzzing head of the vibrator to her clit.

She nearly leapt off the table. She clutched the foam pad, pushing off the table with her legs.

“Stay in one place or we skip this and go right for the punishment. You have to lie there and take whatever I do to you.”

“Auuugggh! This is so hard! I c-c-c-c-can’t take this! Eeeeaaaah! No, no, no! No, I won’t come! No,” she whined. She pleaded with her mind to think of anything but the delicious sensations rocking her sex.

She quickly lost the battle. Blasting into an orgasm, she bucked up against the toy, screaming with pleasure. Spasms of joy echoed through her womb; her body radiated with pure exhilaration.

Bill laughed. “Oh, I’m gonna love this. Penalty! Now roll the die, let’s see what punishment you just earned.”

Breathing hard, but now very nervous, she rolled up onto her side, grabbed the die with the card markings and rolled. A club.

“Club… ooo, riding crop. I’ve been dying to introduce you to this one. Okay, baby, on your tummy. Wait, let me get the one addition I need here,” he said, reaching under the table. He withdrew a small pillow.

She got onto her stomach; he indicated she should lift up her hips. He placed the pillow directly under her so her butt was higher in the air. Oh, dear.

“Now, let me get you all ready,” he said, grabbing the back of her panties and pulling them down to mid-thigh. “Oh, that is a pretty, pretty sight, honey.” He ran a hand over her tush, electrifying her clit again. This was crazy!

She wondered what the crop would feel like. Could she take it? Her stomach did flip-flops.

“Roll the two die, let’s see how many you get.”

Her hand shaking, she rolled the two die. A five and a four. “Damn this!”

He chuckled with pure delight. “Great, now roll to see what the multiplier is.”

She prayed for a one. She got a four. That was… thirty-six strokes with the damn weapon! And this soon!

“Baby is gonna be sore by the end of this evening.” He sounded positively gleeful at the prospect. He got the whip and showed it to her. “Scared?” he gloated.

“Yeah,” she admitted readily.

The sinister glint in his eye grew. “Good.”

He raised the whip and swished through the air a few times. She froze in fear; every muscle taut.

She grasped the foam in anticipation of her punishment. She heard the whip cut through the air, it cracked against her sit spots, she jumped. The pain was sharp, but delicious. Waves of sensation rocked her clit; she ground her hips against the pillow. This was fun!

“One down, thirty-five to go,” he said. Swish-crack! Little sharper, she yipped.

Bill delivered a sharp report of several strikes, the pain built; she gripped the foam harder. He stopped and ran a hand over her now flaming buns. The edge went off the pain; she relished in the hot tendrils of desire that ignited in her sex.

“Okay, I’m gonna go a bit harder here, let’s see what you can take,” he said. The pit of her stomach dropped. Could she take what he could dish out?

Swish-crack! A searing hot strike inflamed her ass; shocking her. A storm of hits bombarded her burning buns; this was intense! He stopped and rubbed her butt; the pain melted into pure pleasure. Wow, this was crazy, but really fun. Almost on the edge of what she could take, but it was amazing what it did for her libido. Now wet, she pressed her hips against the foam pad, wishing all to hell he’d slip his hand underneath her and stroke her.

“Okay, baby, one more session here and you’re done with your punishment.”

The whip came down on her ass, hard. One right after another, she gritted her teeth and squealed while the crop made mincemeat out of her rear end. He finished with one final strike that made her yelp loudly. She collapsed against the foam pad, breathing to control the pain. Okay, that was close to what she could take. Very close. He massaged her scorched buns; her sex throbbed with an intensity she’d never felt before. Her entire body warmed, her feet tingled. So amazing!

He kissed her on the cheek. “You did real good, honey, I’m proud of you. You can really take it. How was that?”

“Right on the edge.”

“Good, good. When I know all your limits, I can give you the most pleasure with this stuff.”

“Hooo. That was intense.”

“And we’ve only just begun. Okay, roll the dice, let’s see what toy you get.”

She practically jumped on the dice. Clit payoff time! She was so horny, she couldn’t wait. All she wanted was for him to touch her. She’d never wanted to come so badly. And while she knew if she came, she’d get punished, the spanking and or whipping was a reward unto itself. She’d never had more fun in her life!

She rolled the card die. King.

“Ooo, little girl gets the glass dildo. Now see how many times I get to thrust it inside you.”

“Oh, dear.” She rolled a four and a six. “Yay!” she exclaimed.

He laughed at her reaction. “You are so cute, Angela. This is fun, huh?”

“Yeah, but where’s your payoff?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, it’s coming.”

“Oh, I’m gonna make you come all right.”

He took in a deep breath. “Don’t. This is tough enough for me. I’m so ready to bend you over the couch in the living room, it isn’t funny.”

“Ooh, I almost came. Okay, let’s see what the multiplier is.” She rolled a three. “Cool! Thirty thrusts, let’s go!”

He laughed and retrieved the dildo. “Okay, baby, on your back with your legs spread wide. And it’s time to get rid of these,” he said, tugging on her panties. “Lose the bra, too, I want to see those beautiful breasts of yours.” She obliged, he looked at her naked body like she was a buffet.

“I can’t take it, short intermission, here.” He leaned forward, took a breast in his mouth while lightly massaging her other breast, creating a four-lane highway of lust that went straight to her clit. She writhed on the pad and moaned in pleasure.

He pulled away, his eyes heavy-lidded with lust. “I’m not gonna be able to play this for much longer here.”

“Me, neither.”

Bill smiled, grabbed the toy phallus and moved down to the end of the table. “Spread ‘em wide for me, baby.”

Eagerly, she moved her legs apart, inviting him inside.

“Now, don’t come or you’ll get punished,” he said with a huge grin on his handsome face.

He slipped the dildo carefully inside her. It felt so cool, yet so slippery and wonderful. When he hit her g-spot, she cried out.

“Easy, easy, baby. That was one.”

She grabbed the foam pad with both hands and tried to stave off the orgasm. This wasn’t going to be easy. He slid it out; ripples of excruciating pleasure coursed through her sex.

He thrust it in a bit faster, she gasped, every muscle tense. No, don’t come, don’t come yet.

Bill withdrew it; she nearly fainted with longing. Inside once more, her toes curled, she shut her eyes tightly. She wanted to come so badly she wanted to die.

He pushed the toy inside her again, then withdrew more quickly. He increased his pace; every cell in her body cried out for release.

She was so far gone, she thought she heard him say something like, “I can’t stand it, I have to…”

His warm and wet tongue touched her clit; she yelled, so close to coming, she knew she couldn’t stop. Bill flicked her engorged head; thrusting into her with the glass toy.

Every bit of her tried to stop the orgasm. He launched an all-out assault on her hardened nub with his tongue while pressing the toy deeply inside her.

Angela’s entire mind and body blew apart. She screamed in a deafening roar; writhing and bucking. She grabbed his head and smashed it to her clit. He obliged her, licking at her, shoving the toy inside her, sending her over the edge again and again. She forgot where she was, what was going on; all she could do was come.

She was barely aware that he’d withdrawn the toy and stopped. She grabbed herself, moving her hips against her hand, wringing every last bit of pleasure she could out of her climax. Her entire body sang with happiness.

“Oh, what a bad girl. We can skip the rest of this game, you need to pay and you need to pay now.”

He picked her up off the table and carried her into the living room. She was over his lap with her face pressed into the sofa before she realized it. When his large hand slapped against her sit spots, she exploded into another violent orgasm. Crying out, she lifted her ass higher. He spanked her harder and harder, causing a series of massive climaxes to rocket through her sex.

Moaning, yelling, coming; her mind was a swirling mass of pain and pleasure. She could barely process the overwhelming sensations rocking her body.

Bill abruptly picked her up off his lap, stood with her, pulled her around to the back of the couch and bent her over. When his solid steel tool thrust inside her, she shot right back to the edge, screaming with pure rapture. Bill came at her like a wild man, driving so deeply inside her, each hit to her g-spot caused her to erupt into another orgasm. She could barely breathe; she couldn’t think; he kept her out in a place of pure feeling, pure ecstasy.

He increased his pace until he released inside her; roaring loudly, launching her into an even stronger orgasm. She was so far gone, she couldn’t see; her mind was a kaleidoscope of colors; her scattered thoughts centered only on the intense pleasure the man brought her.

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, considering the state that I am in after reading this.
I imagine you need par-medics standing by to revive you.
This story needs a health warning.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Love you, PAUL!!!!!!!!