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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Newbie, Part Ten

Hey Guys and Gals!

Sorry I didn’t post on Friday, I was super busy from the time I woke up until I collapsed in bed at night. Same for Saturday. This was the first chance I’ve had. Christmas has completely eaten my life. CRAZY.

So here’s the continuation of Newbie, soon to be found in Bottoms Up. Next week, I may be late as well, I’m having ten people for dinner and will be insane. Well, more insane than normal. And then I’m going to skip a week because I have 28 people coming to my house Christmas Eve and will not have the bandwidth for blogging. But I’ll post a bigger chunk next weekend to compensate.

I hope you’re all doing fine and dandy and are happy. And are being spanked or are spanking deserving behinds regularly.

Hugs and love to you,

Angela turned, wishing she hadn’t looked into his face. Bill was still furious with her. She walked by him, her eyes down and that’s when she saw the wooden paddle in his hand.

The paddle seemed gigantic. While it was about eighteen inches long, the business end about five inches across and at least a half an inch thick, it seemed like it was six feet long and as wide as the dining table. She’d never seen anything scarier.

“Y-y-you’re going to,” she gulped, “s-spank me with THAT?”

“You bet your hurt little ass I am. This punishment is for you, not me. My hand couldn’t take seventy-five of the kind I want to give you. And no, you won’t be sitting for some time.”

She began to cry. Her tears had no effect on him.

“Get in there and stop dawdling.”

Somehow she managed to walk into the living room. If she hadn’t been naked, she would have run for the door. And kept running.

“Over to the couch.”

Bill walked past her and sat down on their large leather couch. She reluctantly walked over to him. He leaned back and gestured for her to lie down across his lap. Her whole body shook with fear as she lowered herself down.

Bill took his time settling her. He adjusted her hips, his knee, getting her into the perfect position. He locked his arm across her back and pinned her legs with one of his.

“You try to get away and I start all over. You will take this because you deserve it. Now I’m giving you seventy-five. And each one is going to hurt like nothing else ever has.”

He moved to one side as he brought his arm back. She heard a whoosh and then her buns exploded with pain. She yelped, her toes curling, her whole body tensed. How the hell could she take seventy-four more like this? He paused a moment and let the ripples of pain echo throughout her body. Horrible.

Bill let her have it again. She shrieked, her butt burning with agony she’d never felt before in her life. He let the pain do its work, then smacked her again. She cried out, kicking her legs.

“No moving!” he ordered, punctuating his demand with a thunderous spank to her rear with his evil paddle.

She yowled. Bill got into an awful rhythm with his punishment. He worked her poor ass from top to bottom scorching her ass like he was branding it with a red-hot waffle iron. He wailed on the top, then fired into her sit spots.

The agony was unbelievable. White spots danced in her vision, she was so close to puking it wasn’t funny. She howled and cried and bellowed, but Bill didn’t skip a beat. He was doing a job, a job he took very seriously. None of the tenderness he normally displayed was evident tonight. He was punishing her all right. She’d never experienced anything so horrendous in her life.

And yet, the entire time, she knew she’d caused this. She’d walked right into it. She made this happen. She’d hurt him and their credit and their future and now she was being punished for it.

Bill put his entire body and shoulder into his strikes; each one caused her entire body to jump. She was bent so far over, her ass so high, each strike was excruciating.

Thwack! The flat of the paddle was so large, it impacted both buns at once; jolting her system with electric shocks of agony.

He allowed the paddle to travel a bit, up and down, roasting her poor butt. He spanked her sit spots, her upper thighs and the top of her ass, obliterating the entire area with torturous smacks.

Blistering pain coursed through her; her body convulsed with sobs and poured with sweat.

Soon, she couldn’t reflect on the experience, or get a thought straight in her head, she couldn’t do anything but cry and wail. Every nerve was on fire, her fists balled, her entire body shook, tears poured from her eyes.

Finally, she surrendered to her fate. It was no use kicking or balling her fists or tensing up. He wouldn’t stop. It didn’t help with the pain. She allowed herself to drape across his lap, limp as a noodle. Besides, there no fight left in her. She’d just take it. She deserved it and she’d take it.

Not long afterwards, he said, “Seventy-five!” and threw the paddle aside. She almost didn’t notice. The pain was so overwhelming; his spanks lingered on. The pain was still excruciating. She lay there moaning and crying softly, half-dead.

“Good girl,” he said as if he were talking from one end of a long tube. Her hearing was a bit wonky; she’d deafened herself during the event.

“You took that, honey. I’m proud of you. You took it well. You didn’t fight me, you didn’t threaten me, you didn’t beg me to stop, you just took it. Good girl. You may have let yourself down before, but you aren’t now. You know you needed this to stop. You needed me to help you intervene before you really hurt us. You took this because you know you deserved it. And I’m really happy that you saw what you did was wrong and didn’t try to run away from the blame.”

He gently placed a hand on her burning buns, she jerked from the contact. The pain had just slightly begun to ease. She was so bruised and sensitive, it wasn’t funny. Just his light touch hurt.

“Easy, easy, baby, easy. I got you bad here.” He rubbed her butt and the pain began to melt.

“Honey, I’m going to carry you into the bedroom. Normally, I’d make you stand in that corner for awhile, but this was the most severe I’ve ever punished anyone. Because you deserved it and needed a strong wake-up call. No one ever blew it like this with me. And you’re just not like this. Anyway, your punishment is over and done with and I forgive you.”

She sobbed with relief.

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


Florida Dom said...

Enjoyed the latest chapter but don't know how you find time to write while planning to have 28 people over on Christmas Eve.


PK said...

Now Michelle,
Where are your priorities? What's more important you guest or our ability to read your wonderful stories?? I hope you have a wonderful time but don't forget us!!


Paul said...

Mishelle. now that was a spanking and a half.
I don't often disagree with PK, but don't push yourself.
With all these peoplw you have enough on your plate
And don't forget to enjoy yourself.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...


It's easy. All I have to do is get the place ready to handle that many people, have everyone bring appetizers and booze and all I have to do is make soup and put out the ham. Actually not very hard. Depending on the spilling-the-wine emergencies.

PK: You are my priority. I am a horrible person. But I'm okay with that. Heeeee!

Paul! Love you and hope you have a fantastic holiday. Big kisses and hugs to you, my dear!

Love to all three of you great people!!!!