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Friday, December 31, 2010

Newbie, Part Thirteen

Happy New Year To My Spanky Friends!

Hey guys, how are you all? I’m doing well. Had a fantastic Christmas with the family and I’m looking forward to the new year. I have PROMISED myself I will publish five plus spanking books this year. Hopefully, in the next couple months. I know I keep making these promises, but man, I get so busy. But I must make time for the books!

I hope you guys are all doing fun things tonight. I’m so tired, the Hubby and I are staying in and probably going to bed early. Like maybe right now. I didn’t even want to get up. I swear, all I want to do is hibernate this time of year.

Okay, so onto NEWBIE, soon to be found in Bottoms Up.

Hugs to all of you wonderful people and I wish you the best for the New Year!!


Bill towered above her, a deep frown etching his handsome features. He spun the evil wooden paddle in his hands. “Bend it over, honey.” He jerked his head towards the kitchen island.

Angela held up her hands in a defensive gesture, bouncing in place. “But Bill, I swear, I was going to take out the garbage, I got distracted.”

His thick dark brows furrowed to form one large disapproving eyebrow. “Did you or did you not agree to be punished for lying? You told me you’d done it.”

“I did, almost. I mean, it was… I just… Oh, hell. Okay, okay. I guess I didn’t think you were completely serious about lies about garbage. I didn’t know you meant all lies.”

“Lies are lies! You left the bag in the garage and the cat tore into it last night. All you had to do was go another twenty feet and put the damn bag in the can. Then you lied to me and said you’d done it when I asked. I don’t get this.”

“Well, see, I was… I got distracted. Well, and I’d just done my nails and I hate that lid to the can and—“

“So instead of talking to me about it so I could get a better lid for the garbage can and make it easier on you, you just blew off the entire chore and lied to me about it.”

“Well, I emptied all the wastebaskets.”

He pointed dramatically towards the counter. “Bend it over!”

“But Bill, I—“

“Okay, that’s it, pants down,” he added with a menacing look in his eye.

“But, Bill, I—“

“Angela.” It was one word, but the deadly tone he used made it clear he’d reached his limit.

“Okay,” she replied. She reluctantly unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped them and took them down to her thighs. She left her panties up in hopes he’d just let her leave them there.

“Panties, too.”

Well, there went that little fantasy.

She pushed her undies down to mid-thigh and bent over the kitchen counter and screwed up her face in anticipation of the swats.

“You know if you just admitted to what you did, this would have been two pops over your jeans. But since you went on and on about how this wasn’t your fault and that lies about garbage don’t count—knowing full well they do—you’re getting five on this bare ass of yours.”

She turned to him, her mouth open. “Five!”

His blue gaze narrowed. “You want more?”

“No,” she replied quickly.

“Okay, then, count for me.”

He stood next to her, out of her peripheral she saw him wind up. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

She heard a slight whoosh; blinding pain scorched her bare behind. Bill was really putting his all into this! This was terrible!


“One!” she cried.

Whoosh-thwack! Searing pain roasted her ass. She cried out, then remembered to count. “Two!”

Every muscle tensed as she anticipated the next blow. The impact was severe, thrusting her hips against the cold cabinetry of the kitchen island. White-hot pain blasted through her. Every nerve jangled, tears stung her eyes. “Three!”

He grunted softly with the next strike; throwing his entire shoulder into the blow. Her body was propelled against the counter; her knees almost buckled from the pain.


The last smack was awesome; harrowing and exacting, incinerating her poor overwhelmed behind. “Five!”

She slumped against the counter, breathing hard to control the throbbing agony.

“Next time, take the damn garbage out and don’t lie to me,” he clipped out at her.

“I will, I promise.”

“Good.” He rubbed a hand over her fiery buns. “Damn this. Every time I see your reddened ass bent over, I lose my mind.”

The paddle clattered to the floor, startling her. She turned around, he’d unzipped his jeans, his hard tool was in his hand, a dark and intensely lustful look of hunger on his handsome face.

He spun her back around, bent her over further, slipping a hand down her front until he reached her sex. Teasing her clit with his supple fingers sent shock waves of desire rippling throughout her sex. Her ass throbbed, the stinging fueling her drive. She spread her legs further apart, arching her back so her ass stuck out more.

Growling deep in his throat, he thrust a finger inside her; he groaned when he found her so wet.

While her body responded to his masterful lovemaking, her brain argued with her. This was not the message she wanted to send him! She should be angry with him, not bending over and submitting to him right after he spanked her.

All those thoughts were obliterated when he circled her hard nub with a talented finger. Crying out, she reached behind her to grab hold of his steely member.

He gasped, knocked her hand away, and pushed himself inside her, pressing hard into her special zone of joy. Moaning loudly, she bit her fist, pounding the other against the granite countertop, trying to stave off her orgasm. Bill plowed into her ruthlessly; she delighted in every stabbing thrust; wanting more and more of him; deeper, harder, faster.

She lost all sense of place and time; spinning in a fog of want. She pictured his tool, his handsome face, his broad shoulders, his rounded pecs, the dark triangle of hair on his beefy chest; all of which sent her over the edge. Her mind and body blasted apart as she came; she pushed back against him, taking him even more deeply inside her.

Bill dug his fingers into her hips and jack-hammered inside her, pummeling her g-spot into his submission. His movements became more frantic as he built to his release; she moved in time to his rhythm, accommodating him, inviting him inside her as far as he could get.

Yelling, he shook, jerked and shuddered, throwing himself into her as he came; sending her right over the edge into another climax. She collapsed against the counter, spent, tired and satiated; he finished his final thrusts, then withdrew.

He slapped her ass a couple times, and bit her neck at the perfect spot, shocking her into another mini-orgasm. She cried out which transformed into a soft moan. She dropped her head to her arms, dizzy and out-of-breath. But very, very happy.

He rubbed her back and petted her head. “You okay, baby?”

“Yes,” she replied in an exhausted tone.

He laughed. “You don’t sound okay.”

“I will be.”

“Damn it, I don’t want to reward you. But when you submit to me, your bare ass bent over, the contrite look on your face—I can’t stand it. I have to have you. Even though I was pretty mad at you, I can’t stop myself. God, I love you, honey.”

He pulled her up off the counter, turned her around and kissed her. Waves of desire coursed through her. What this man could do with a kiss!

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, for someone as tired as you say you are; I've just had a thought, you get so tired because you run through all your sex scene with Hubby befor posting! LOL
Have a wonderful New Year and wear Hubby out, if it helps you write like this.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Paul!!! Happy New Year, darling!!!

And how did you GUESSS???????


Big hugs and love to you, my dear,