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Friday, December 3, 2010

Newbie, Part Nine

Hey Cyber Buddies!

I’m here! On time and everything! Wow! I hope this post finds you all doing well. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. A couple more things and then that’s it. Yay! My house looks like elves came in and destroyed it. Wrapping and decorations are everywhere. I hope to contain the mess soon. But I got the tree up, the outside lights up, all I need to do is a few things and I’m ready. And then maybe I’ll get back to work. Been taking a break from writing for the past couple weeks. Just need some downtime. Of course, “downtime” means getting Christmas ready and cleaning all the closets out and cleaning off the kitchen sideboards. It is time to purge! I’ve never been one to sit around much. In fact, I need to learn how to relax more. Plus this week, Hubby has been getting up at 5:30 and so have I. Which is way too early for me. I’m nearly dead today.

So here’s the story, soon to be found in Bottoms Up!, one of three books I hope to have done soon. My plate is so full, I wish I had time for everything. Especially getting my books out!

Hope all is well with you and yours and happy spanking!


Angela drove around the block one more time, shaking, sweating, dreading going home. Bill was waiting for her to punish her. Her first real punishment. He’d warned her, they’d talked about it, she’d gone against his advice and broken her promise to him. And, in the process, managed to rack up late charges on three of her credit cards. Not only that, now that they were married, she’d done damage to Bill’s pristine credit rating. She had to admit, she’d blown it big time.

But she still didn’t want to face the consequences. The night they got engaged, he told her about Domestic Discipline and that he was a great believer in it. At the time—they’d just had awesome sex and he’d introduced her to the fun riding crop—it sounded like a good idea. Her insurance had almost gotten cancelled three times due to lack of payment, she’d thought maybe a little help from her new hunky mate would encourage her to get her crap together. Besides, she figured she’d never disappoint him. She was too in love with him and had too much respect for him.

Of course, after the four-month engagement period and their first six months of marriage, she’d sort of forgotten that she’d agreed to being punished for her transgressions. And she’d also started to lax off and resume her normal modus operandi, which meant she’d let some things go. She had a million excuses why she’d hadn’t paid her bills on time; all of them lame. When he’d confronted her the night before, as her reasons spilled off her tongue, upon hearing them, even she couldn’t argue that any of them were valid. It was all so frustrating. She already felt bad for hurting his credit rating—something she hadn’t even considered as a consequence to her actions. She’d been single for eight years; she’d forgotten that marriage meant that when one party screwed up their credit, it affected the other party.

His expression harsh, he’d told her that the next night would be Punishment Night. He purposefully told her in advance so she’d worry all day. He wanted it to be the first and last time he spanked her for real. He wanted her to anticipate it. He’d even sent her text messages during the day, reminding her how much it would hurt. And why he was doing it to her.

She had to admit, his technique had worked. She’d barely been able to concentrate at work, she’d nibbled at lunch but couldn’t get much food down. And now, she was a complete nervous wreck. She vividly remembered the two spanks he’d delivered on her poor ass when he showed her what a punishment spanking would be like. Highly unpleasant. And tonight he promised her many, many more just like those. One for each point he’d lost on his credit rating. And he’d lost seventy-five points.

She drove around the block once more. Her cell phone rang in her purse. She knew who it was. She’d left the office forty-five minutes before, it only took a half an hour to drive home and he’d called her right before she left.

She reluctantly answered the phone. Of course, it was him. “Where are you?”


“Driving around the block?”

“I… oh, hell.”

“Angela,” his voice a near growl.

“I’m coming.”

“Good.” Click.

Her heart beating so hard in her chest, she could barely breathe, she turned the car around and drove home. She stepped out of her car and nearly fell over, her legs were so wobbly. Light-headed, she somehow made it up the walk and into the house. Bill wasn’t in the entry hall.

“In here,” he called out from the dining room.

She put her purse down on the entry hall table and hung up her coat on the coat rack by the door.

“Angela?” he said, sounding impatient.

“I’m coming,” she said glumly.

She walked into the dining room, he stood there, looking much taller than his six feet four inches. His beefy arms crossed, he was all long dark hair and formidable glowing blue eyes. His mustached mouth was drawn down in a frown; his dark brows furrowed. She gulped; her pulse pounded in her ears.

His strong jaw tight, he said, “We start the punishment now. You can eat later. I want you to stand over here in the corner. You’ll notice I have two pieces of paper taped up here on the walls. One of my credit rating before we got married and one from after.”

“I’m… sorry… is not going to cut it.”

“Nope. Over here now.”

She shuffled over to him.

“I want you to stand here and stare at these papers. I want you to realize what you cost me. Cost us. We were thinking of taking out a loan to do the remodel, now we’ll be paying a higher percentage rate. You do realize that, right?”

“No. I mean, yeah. I mean, no I hadn’t really thought about all the consequences.”

“Well, think about them now. Look at that. I’m no longer an 856, I’ve been dropped to 771. That’s seventy-five points, Angela. And I warned you how many times that your bills would be late?”

She looked at her feet, her face hot with shame. “At least five or six times you told me.”

“This will not happen again.”

“No, it won’t.”

“And my little lesson here is going to ensure that you remember to pay your bills on time. Don’t look at the floor, look at these numbers.”

Sighing, tears welling in her eyes, she looked up at the numbers.

“Don’t cry yet, save those tears, you’re going to need them.”

Her pulse pounded in her ears; her stomach twisted painfully. She’d never been in this situation before. Everyone kind of let her get away with her bad behavior, pretty much her whole life. Sure it cost her hassles and money and time, but… she’d never felt this bad about her lack of discipline before. She’d never had consequences like this, either. Never been in a relationship with someone so together. Some part of her was starting to want to be punished, just so she could get rid of the overwhelming guilt. She’d never meant to hurt Bill. Of course, she’d started to ignore his warnings, just like she ignored her bills and all the other details she let slip. She didn’t want to do this anymore.

“I want you to stand here and look at these papers for a good long time and think about how bad you were. And I want you to realize how much your spanking is going to hurt. I want you to worry, to anticipate it. I want you to be so scared and upset by this whole thing, that the lesson is burned into your mind as well as your butt. You get me?”

“Yes, Bill.”

“Now to keep your mind on what’s going to happen to you, I’m going pull your slacks and panties down to your knees. I want your ass bare here, I want you to think about how badly it’s going to hurt soon. I want you to feel vulnerable.” He reached around, unbuttoned her pants, unzipped them and pulled them down to her knees. He took her panties and drew them down as well.

He was right. She did feel vulnerable. And ashamed. Being half-dressed provided that extra little bit of horror to the whole scene. This was unpleasant to say the least.

“Now I’m gonna leave you here and I’m not telling you for how long. You won’t know when your punishment will start. You just wait until I’m ready.”

“Yes, Bill.”

“Okay then. Start thinking.”

He turned and walked out of the room. Embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, Angela had never been put in such a horrid situation before. This was terrible. The anticipation of her punishment, Bill being so angry at her, it was all so awful. Why the hell hadn’t she paid her bills? Was she this stupid? This self-destructive? She’d ruined Bill’s credit rating, all due to her… what? Laziness? Why didn’t she pay them? What was wrong with her?

The clock ticked behind her on the wall, the neighbor pulled up into his driveway, and yet still Bill did not walk into the dining room. Minutes passed. A half an hour. Her legs got tired; she was so nervous about her spanking, she could barely stand it. Her lower lip trembled; tears rolled down her cheeks. This was torture!

After the longest hour of her life, Bill walked into the room.

“Pants all the way off now. Your top, too. I want you naked.”

Her hands shook so badly, she could barely undo her top. Finally, she got her clothes off.

“Now follow me into the living room.”

©2010, Michelle Carlyle


Anonymous said...

Oh, stopping at that point of the story must be the most cruel thing i've faced in awhile! Gotta buy your books when they come out but until then i have to wait a whole week without knowing what will happen. Love your stories. - foreing reader (with very poor english skills)

Paul said...

Michelle. horrid child. ;)
Cruel, but effective. :)
You like comments, we like replies. :D
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...


So glad you're here, sorry about the torture (not much:)) (baaad Michelle)

Darling, so sorry I neglected you after my post on Tuesday and the week before! I will have my husband spank me for it in your honor!!! I check back a few times and have many good intentions of replying and sometimes think I did!!!! Do senior moments happen at 51???

Love you, my dear and I soooo appreciate your comments!!!

Hugs to you both!!!

Dave Wolfe said...

'Lo, Michelle!

I love sampling your wares, always spicy and delectable!

Popped over also to tell you I have a new blog here, too, and put you on its blog roll! Hopefully more NEWBIES will now discover the sizzling salaciousness of your stories!

With an eyebrow waggle,