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Friday, March 4, 2011

Revenge, Inc, Parts Seven and Eight

Hey Buddies in Cyberspace!

Michelle here, still cranking out novels. Haven’t done anything but work in three weeks. Still near brain dead, but happy.

And now for your reading pleasure, I am giving you a double dose of Michelle today. Two chapters in one post!!!! YAY!!!!!

I hope you have some fun weekend plans that involve sex and spanking! I hope I have some fun weekend plans that involve sex and spanking!

Hugs and love to all you wonderful people!

“All right,” Peter said. “You can go, but first, let me clarify something. Don’t let our paths cross again with this job of yours. If it’s in my face, I’m going to do something about it.”

“But what you don’t know, won’t hurt you.”

“Exactly. Find out who my friends are and avoid them.”

“Or get better at what I’m doing so you couldn’t possibly connect me to their misfortune.”

He hardened his stare. “Let’s put it another way, if one of my close friends gets a hangnail, I’m coming for your pretty little ass.”

She frowned. “That’s not fair.”

“Neither is life.”

Fay snorted. “A crack shows in Mr. Ethic’s carefully constructed exterior.”

“I didn’t say I was ethical, that was your hypothesis.”

“You are ethical. But your hormones aren’t. Good day, Mr. Madden. I hope we won’t meet again.”

“And I hope we do. Only under better circumstances.”

“I will run the other way.”

“I’ll train for sprinting.”

“Jesus, buddy, let it go. You’re still playing with me. I know, you think you’re the master of your universe and maybe with the players you have now in your game, you are. But you can’t understand the level I play on. I’m dangerous. I’m only going to warn you this one time. You decide to pursue me, professionally or personally and it will not go well for you. I don’t think I’m right for you, even for a fling. We have different morals. You can’t correct me or save me. Or help me. I am incorrigible and this will be the only time I admit this. If you cross the line and we end up… involved, I take no responsibility for destroying you. That will all be on you. Don’t laugh. I’m giving you fair warning.”

“Thank you. I think.”

“Good day, Mr. Madden.”

“Good day, Miss Wright.”

“That’s Ms. Wright to you, buddy.”

“Ms. Wright.”

She smirked at him, then walked by him. At the last second, she glanced up at him. She hesitated, her dark eyes, sparkling with fire and lust, peered deep into his. A slight half-smile, a quick look at his mouth, then she walked on past. His cock strained against his pants.

No woman had ever lit his fire like this. Never. She had the number to his libido and had it on speed dial. He wanted to be inside her more than he wanted anything in that moment.

The door closed. His mind raced for plans to get her back. Take her. He wanted this woman. And maybe for keeps. He’d never walked away from a challenge before. And she challenged him. He grinned. This would be fun. Yes, he’d see her again. He’d make sure of it.

Once Fay got home she realized she’d forgotten one detail about Peter Madden’s surveillance: she’d left a bug in his car. Easy to retrieve, since she had a set of keys to his Lexus. The battery on the bug should be dead by now. She had the device on for the past week, the tiny button batteries normally only lasted a short time.

She turned on the receiver to check. Car noise came over the speaker. Peter was driving somewhere and no, the battery hadn’t died yet. Later tonight, she’d go over to his house and retrieve it while he was asleep.

Just as she reached over to turn off the speaker, Peter spoke. “Horatio, you can’t believe my evening...”

Her stomach felt funny.

“Oh, yes, I found her and spanked her. You should have seen those bare buns over my lap. Gives me a woody just thinking about it. You want a hot little girl, Fay Wright is that. Oh, yes, she’s a brat. A bona fide brat who needs a lesson. One I’m really going to enjoy giving her. No, she’s not giving up. I just have to find out who she’s going after next and warn them. I’m putting Williams on her case… No, I think she liked it. She’s giving me ideas. Like she may just be the playmate I’ve been searching for. There was this look in her eye, wow. All I could think about was plundering her. Spanking her then bending her over and doing her right there. You’ve got a hard-on? I’ve had one since I met the girl… Serious? With her? Are you kidding? With a poor woman who debases herself to make her income? No, I’m not serious. I’m only interested in Fay Wright for sport. While I like her, she’s not good enough to be my girlfriend. Let alone my wife. No, I just want to play with her for a while until I find the next Mrs. Right. Ha! Yes, Fay Wright, such a misnomer. Should be called Ms. Right Now. Ms. Wrong But Fun In Bed.”

Every nerve ignited. Humiliation coursed like hot lava through her veins. Glowering at the speaker, she shut it off. She’d heard too much as it was. So she wasn’t good enough for him, huh? By the time she was through with him, he would eat those words. She wouldn’t settle until he was destroyed. Thoroughly, utterly destroyed.

First things, first. She needed to find out who this Williams guy was. Then she’d put her plan into place. And this one would be a great one. Peter Madden wouldn’t know what hit him.

Peter put his American Express card on the waiter’s bill tray; the waiter nodded and took it away. “Yes, Horatio, I’ve got Williams on her. You have to meet her. I have to figure that out. Don’t want her near my other friends. Especially not the ones she’s targeted.”

Horatio smiled. “Too funny. Sounds kinky, that girl.”

“Wait. I’m just about to reel her in for our second round of play.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but this was denied.”

Peter stared up at the waiter, confused. “What was denied?”

“Your American Express card,” the tall Asian man replied, handing him back his card “Do you have another?”

Stunned, Peter took out his wallet and fished out another card. “What the hell?”

Horatio raised an eyebrow.

The next card was denied, too. Horatio threw his on the table. It went through.

The truth hit him fast. “Fay Wright. Somehow, someway, she did this. I know it.”

Horatio smiled. “Seems as if she played her hand first, my friend.”

Peter scowled. “Doesn’t it, though. But I had Williams on her all week. He’s kept her in sight the whole time. All she’s done is look for work and hang out at her house on her computer.”

“Maybe she knows Williams is on her.”

Peter stroked his chin. “Maybe.”

“Hire another man. And don’t let Williams know. Maybe she paid him off.”

“Hmmm. Good idea.”

Later, in his office, Peter called another private detective, one he’d worked with occasionally. It was only two hours later he got his first report.

Blackie Menner’s raspy voice sounded triumphant. “She’s pulled one over on Williams, all right. While he was covering the front, I covered the back. She put a dummy in front of her computer on a rocking chair with a motor attached, then slipped out the back. She’s workin’ all right. I’m following her right now. And oh, look, she just turned off. Guess where we are? Your place.”

“Keep her there. I’m on my way.”

Vengeance and rage flooded his system. He’d get her, all right. She’d never be the same once he was through with her.

Peter pulled onto the street behind his and parked. Creeping through a storm ditch, he approached the fence to his yard and easily scaled it. Making his way through the dense foliage of his hedges, he moved to a place where he could see into the house. He called his private detective.



“I’m in the back yard, but I can’t see her.”

Blackie laughed. “She’s in your bedroom.”

An evil smile curved across his face. Perfect. “Thank you, your job is done. I’ll send the check.”

“Anything else, you just let me know.”

“I will, and thanks.”

Peter hung up and circled the house. Slipping in through his office door, he crept silently through the house and up the stairs. He stopped at the door to his bedroom. Rustling sounds came from the room.

Fay cackled. “Oh, this is a good one! A real good one! Peter, old, boy, you won’t know what hit you. Not good enough for you, huh? I’m a sport, huh? Wouldn’t debase yourself, huh? Well, this oughta debase you.”

Peter stepped back, stunned. She’d overheard that conversation he’d had with Horatio! No wonder she’d come after him. He’d hurt her. The minx had overheard him, believed his bravado act and attacked him for it. Which meant that she liked him far more than she’d let on.

He paused and thought. How did he really feel about her? He wanted her, that was for sure. But he’d never meant to hurt her. Truthfully, he didn’t think she was very serious about anything. But he probably shouldn’t have used the word “debase”. Pretty demeaning. Still, if they were to have a future—and he was beginning to realize he might actually want one with her—he needed to set some ground rules.

Straightening his shoulders, he walked into his bedroom.

Fay turned, a magazine in one hand and some of his sweats in the other. Her jaw dropped, her pupils went to pinpricks, then dilated. She screamed.

Throwing the objects in the air, she rushed him. But he was ready for her.

Crouching low, he caught her, flung her over his shoulder and strode to his bed. Throwing her down on the mattress, he leapt on top of her, right as she screamed, “No!”

A loud cracking came from the bed; it collapsed. He fell on top of her; their limbs entangled.

She pushed on his chest. “Ow! Get off me!”

He pushed himself up a bit, just enough to get hold of her wrists and angle his body over hers. He glowered down at her. “Let me guess, you sawed through the legs of my five thousand dollar bed frame.”

Red-faced, she fought him. “Serves you right for spending so much on a stupid bed frame.”

Narrowing his eyes, he easily kept control over her. “What else did you do?”

“I’m not telling!” She thrust her jaw out defiantly.

While some impulse encouraged him to slap her, a stronger one urged him to kiss her. Such a cute little thing! Her dark eyes sparkled with rage; her dark hair fanned out on the pillow. The stubborn set to her lips made him want to devour her. Not only that, her body was made in heaven. Long, buff legs, lovely rounded hips and the sweetest breasts he’d seen in a long time. Perfect handfuls. All he wanted was to take them in his mouth while thrusting into her. That beautiful mouth open wide, screaming his name. He got hard, quick.

“Maybe I can coerce you into talking.”

In one move, he had her up and off the bed and over his knee. Thankfully, the mattress and box springs were tall enough for him to get his legs in a good place for spanking her. He grabbed her flailing arms and pinned them. She wore tight black workout pants, accentuating her enticing rounded behind. He ran a hand appreciatively over her firm buns.

“Stop that, you pervert!”

Yes, her lesson. With one tug on the back of her pants, he exposed her bare ass. He gasped at its perfection. Alabaster skin, not one ounce of fat. He wanted to eat her alive.

But first, the spanking. Raising his arm high in the air, he let the weight of his swing power his first swat. A loud report followed by her screech exhilarated him. She nearly jumped off his lap. A red mark in the shape of his hand appeared on her behind. A thrill went through his loins. He got harder.

“Stop it! Peter!”

“No, I won’t,” he replied calmly.

The power over her, along with her amazing body, intoxicated him. He laid a series of fearsome strikes all over her vulnerable rear. She howled and begged him to stop. But he wouldn’t. This wasn’t just a lesson for the moment, this was a lesson for life. He was sure. He wanted her. And he wanted her for keeps. But first, he had to lay down the law with her. This little girl needed taming. And he was just the man for the job.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Anonymous said...

WOW! What more can I say but WOW!

Raven Red said...

Agree with Anonymous...WOW. Cannot wait for the next bit...



Paul said...

Michelle, are you frustrated?
If so visit Michelle, then you will learn what real frustration is.
Michelle you certainly know how to grab a man by his -----!
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...


Sex and spanking!!!!!!!!!


So glad you guys like this story!

hugs to you all,

P.S. To Paul: I have a lot of practice at grabbing men by their...