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Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Quitting Blogging For A New Business Venture

Dear Fans and Friends,

After a long and painful reflection of the last two and a half years of blogging, I have come to a very hard decision. I am giving up writing spanking fiction and I will be embarking on a totally new career: developing vegetable hybrids of cucumbers and zucchini to make them more closely resemble the human penis.

My Veg-A-Dildos® will be sold online and in sex shops. Included with my Veg-A-Dildos will be a Veg-A-Dildo® After Sex Cookbook featuring many recipes for after lovemaking snacking. Just think! You can use your Veg-A-Dildo to tantalize your lover, then chop up the Veg-A-Dildo, cook and serve it to them for a spectacular apres sex meal! The possibilities are endless.

If you'd like to get in on the ground floor of this new exciting financial venture, please send cucumber and zucchini seeds, plus one hundred dollars via Paypal to my email address. Get in on the fun! Make some money! Add some spice to your sex life!

Veg-A-Dildos®!!!! The product for the future!

Michelle Carlyle, President of Veg-A-Dildos®


Michelle Carlyle said...

Please note today's date.


Paul said...

Michelle, I'm sure that you would do it very well.
Mr Marrow LOL

Audra said...

HA HA HA that's a good one!!!!!!!!!!

Now where's part 12!!!!!!! Lol

Happy April Fools Day!!!!!

PK said...

Sign me up! I definitely want in on this venture!! I knew the minute you said you were giving up writing spanking fiction - giving up blogging I could have sadly believed. But not that! Now you just keep writing.


Michelle Carlyle said...


Audra, look below my April Fool's joke and you'll see Part Twelve!

Hugs and laughs!


Florida Dom said...

Nice April Fools post. Congrats.


Michelle Carlyle said...

What a great April Fool's day! I got some of you people, I convinced a neighbor they were closing our street and I convinced my writer's group that I got a six figure deal for a Y/A novel about Adolf Hitler as a teenager and his love affair with a teenage German milkmaid named Helga "who could sing like Julie Andrews."

Booo-yah!!!! Michelle Scores!!!!!

Thanks to all for the fun!

Arod said...

Hello, I'm a newcomer here, and I HEART your articles!!!

Michelle Carlyle said...

Yay Arod!!!!!

Welcome, my dear!!!!


SexToyRick said...

As long as you dont make cucumbers the size of watermellons .. that would hurt !