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Friday, April 1, 2011

Revenge, Inc. Part Twelve

Hey Spankos!

I hope you had a great week! I have to run, I have lots to do today! So I hope you enjoy this installment of Revenge, Inc., and I’ll see you next week!


Later, Fay drove home, a check for twenty grand in her purse, a song in her heart. She shifted on her seat, a bit sore from her afternoon of unexpected, yet amazing fun.

While she felt weird about taking his money, she never wanted to do anything to disappoint Peter again. She’d never fallen in love this fast before. She didn’t tell him because he didn’t mention the “l” word, but she’d fallen hard for the man. She wasn’t too worried about him not saying it, he’d spoken so much about their future together.

He was so hot! So tall, his lips, his jaw, his teeth, his cock, she wanted it all. All of him.

And damn, what was up with that spanking? She’d actually come from it. Of course, his wonderful touch on her clit hadn’t hurt. But that was so fun!

She’d only tried spanking once with one boyfriend, but he was so wimpy, she hadn’t gotten into it. But Peter was a natural born Dom. And wow, had that lit her fire! So unexpected. But so fun.

She squirmed. He mentioned about using all kinds of things on her. Playing all sorts of games, doing unimaginable things to her. Her head swam with lust. Were all her secret fantasies going to come true?

Apparently. Only one caveat. Peter was a kind of a hardass. If she didn’t play by his rules, there would be consequences. A whole new world for her. She wasn’t used to consequences. She’d always ruled the relationship. Always controlled her men. What would it be like to not have that kind of control?

In one word: exciting. Very exciting. Would make all the time between the sheets fifty times more fun than with the other guys. Finally, a guy she’d look forward to screwing. She always enjoyed sex, but after a few years (and after she got total control over her men), she lost interest.

Somehow she didn’t think that would be a problem with Peter. Her only problem would be keeping her last few jobs from him. She had to take the money from him to make him think she was quitting. Before they got that close, she’d finish up her jobs, then retire. By then, Mitzi and she would have time to get better jobs.

Besides, she’d been looking forward to her next job. Jerry Neighbor. Skirt-chasing jerk. Humiliated his wife when he left her for their nanny. Who was just twenty-one and he was fifty-one. Plus he’d gotten the house and the kids. Nancy Neighbor was devastated. Fay had to help her. Peter didn’t have to know.

Besides, now that she was with Peter, she could keep a better eye on him. Finish the jobs and be done with it. Then they could live happily ever after.

Even though she still had her fears. How could he go from hating her to wanting her in his life? Still, he didn’t seem like a liar. Even if he had said hurtful things about her to his friend. She wondered what that friend would think about her now. Hopefully, his friends wouldn’t try to talk him out of being with her.

Of course, she’d messed over most of them. That wasn’t very promising for their future. Her stomach roiled. Was she heading for the worst heartache of her life?

Maybe so, but at this point, there was no way to stop it.

Fay laughed until her sides ached.

Mitzi was cracking up so hard, tears formed in her eyes. “Did you see the look on his face? Oh, my God, I thought I would die!”

“I’m so glad you could be there. You’ve missed half these guys’ reactions.”

“That was too funny. Oh, God, his date! Man, I’m surprised his face didn’t melt off from that glare of hers.”

Fay nodded. “Oh, God, that was a good one. Damn it, I left my clothes back at home. I’m stuck in this stupid cocktail outfit. And man is it squishing my boobs.”

Mitzi gave her the once over. “Looks great on you, though. A little too Playboy Bunny, but hot.”

“Yeah, I gotta get home and get changed. Peter’s coming over later.”

“One more job and you never have to lie to him again.”

“Thank God. I didn’t feel good about it, but hey.”

“That jerk deserved it. Okay, here you are. Call me tomorrow and we’ll figure out our plan of attack for the last idiot.”

“Cool.” Fay opened the door to Mitzi’s van. “See ya!”

“Tomorrow,” Mitzi said.

Fay let herself in and threw the keys in the ashtray near the door. Flicking on the lights, she tossed her purse on the couch.

Movement caught her attention from the corner of her living room.

She gasped and leapt for the door. Then she realized it was Peter, sitting in her favorite recliner.

He stood, his handsome face granite. “Jerry Neighbor?”

Panic constricted her throat. Sweat broke out on her forehead. “Uh…”

“You lied to me.”

“No, I twisted the truth.”

He blinked, his face reddened, his brow went into a deep V. “Are you trying to get out of this?”

“Um. Look, I—”

In two large strides, Peter was towering over her. He latched onto her wrist with an iron grip and yanked her over to the living room couch.


She attempted to pull away, but he had an inexorable hold on her. He sat, dragging her down across his lap.

She thrashed, trying to get away, but he pinned her fast. He tugged her panties down to mid-thigh. Her extremely short dress didn’t even need to be moved out of the way, it was already up around her back.

Pain seared her ass. His amazingly huge and strong hand felt like a plank of hard wood as it impacted her poor buns. Her body jarred with each strike. Agony flooded her system. She kicked and protested and promised him she’d never lie to him again, but nothing worked. The man was making an example out of her.

And such an example it was. He incinerated her ass. While she assumed she’d survive the spanking, would their relationship survive her lies?

She burst into tears, worry mixed with pain. Had she blown it? Would he leave her?

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, of course he is going to leave her, he has twenty-six bimbos lined up waiting, not!
No more April Fools, or I'll sett Mr Turnip and Mr Swede on you.
Love and warm hugs,

Audra said...

Found it!! Phew! But what an ending!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome as always! ;) thanks Michelle!

Michelle Carlyle said...

Paul!!!! Oooo, set Mr. Turnip on me! Oooo! Set Mr. Swede on me!!!!

I was hoping I'd get a spanking after all those pranks I pulled yesterday.

Audra! Thanks darling! Four more parts to come on Revenge Inc!

hugs to you both,

Raven Red said...

You do this on purpose, don't you? This cliffhanger thing is not good for me you know...and seeing that you are no longer in the veggie market either...take pity!!