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Friday, April 8, 2011

Revenge, Inc. Part Thirteen

Happy Friday To My Favorite Spankos!

How are you lovely people? I’m doing GREAT!!!!! I won’t discuss how many times I came last night or go into any sordid details about my sex life, just know that Michelle is HAPPY this morning. I only wish Hubby could stay home today from work so I could work him. I still can’t believe we’re working on our 24th year together and our sex life has never diminished in intensity. Yay! Oh. I wasn’t going to discuss that. Oops.

Okie-dokie, so here is a fantastic chapter thingy for you. After this, we’ve only got three more before we move onto another story.

Have a great weekend and I will see you here next Friday!


Fay kicked and screeched and begged Peter to stop, but he ignored her and wailed on her poor, bare ass. Each strike caused her nerves to jump. Pain radiated from her ass, sending tendrils of agony throughout her body. Man, was he mad!

Sure she’d lied to him, but damn it, she had to fulfill her obligations to her clients. Besides, she’d already spent their money. Besides, Jerry Neighbor deserved what he got.

Of course, Peter didn’t care about that. All he cared about was taming her. That was clear.

“Peter, stop! I’m sorry! I’m sorr-eeeee!”

“What did I tell you? What did you promise me? Was that all smoke? Is this your idea of telling the truth?”

“No! Owww!”

He strafed her butt with fearsome swats, around and around and around. He spanked the top of her ass, all the way down to her sit spots. After performing a percussion solo on her most sensitive spots, he slapped her upper thighs, then started all over again.

Her butt blazed with sharp stinging pain. Sweat poured off her body, her throat was hoarse from yelling, but nothing she did seem to slow him. She’d never felt the likes of this kind of torment in her life.

All at once, he stopped. He stood, taking her with him, spun her around and laid a liplock on her.

Pain mixed with lust for a potent effect. Fay’s mind went from processing agony to processing a deluge of sexual thoughts.

How could this be? How could she be this turned on after he blistered her ass?

He pulled away, his gaze dark and hungry. He picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her to her bedroom.

In one move, she was on the bed on her back, her panties gone and he was inside her. A fierce expression on his handsome carved face, he ploughed into her. She screamed with delight. Her sex spasmed around his steely cock, she dug her fingers into his broad shoulders, her mouth open wide in cries of ecstasy.

Grunting, he increased his pace. Grabbing her wrists, he pinned them above her head. “I am the boss of you. Me. You do what I say,” he growled, his thrusting into her hard. “Say it, say you’ll obey me!”

“I’ll obey you! I’ll obey you—aaaahhhhh!” she yelled, coming so hard, white lights streaked her vision.

She could barely get air in her lungs before she screamed again. Dizzy, reeling, she transported to a semi-conscious world of pure rapture. Lost in one long, amazing orgasm, she exulted in the feel of his rock-hard tool inside her.

His body jerked, he let out a bellow that shook the windows and came inside her, propelling her into another thunderous climax. She howled like a wild animal, her body shuddering and shaking with the final throes. Awe-inspiring sex. Stupendous sex. There weren’t enough adjectives to describe the splendor.

She lay there, the room spinning, he slipped out of her and lay down beside her. Taking her into his sweaty arms, he kissed her cheek and nuzzled her neck.

She gave a short chuckle. All she could manage. “I’m undone. You undid me. Wow. That was great.”

“Yes…” he said in a tone that made her skin prickle.

He still wasn’t done reprimanding her. Damn it. She’d hoped with that wonderful sex, he’d forget all about her transgression.

She angled a glance at him.

He raised an eyebrow at her, his mouth twisted in disapproval. “You’re still in trouble.” His tone was a low purr, but laced with warning.

A thrill went through her loins, sparking them back to life. He was such a turn-on! She loved this whole Dom thing he had going on.

However, it still didn’t change her mind. She had contractual obligations no amount of spanking could get her to cancel.

First she had to discover how he’d found out she’d lied.

“I’m sure. So what tipped you off?”

“Followed you. I was going to surprise you with a dinner out, but when I saw you leave here in this skimpy, little cocktail—speaking of which—” He sat up, bringing her with him. “I want this off of you. And you aren’t to wear it for anyone but me. Is that understood?” he ordered, turning her around to unzip her.

No. “Yes, Peter.”

She helped him push the dress off. He wadded it into a ball and tossed it into a corner of her bedroom. She wanted to protest this unceremonious disposal, but he took her in his arms and hugged her to him, dropping a hand between her legs. A few strokes and her train of thought went off its rails.

He laughed, deep in his throat. “You are so fun.”

Nibbling along her neck, he increased his pace with his fingers. Without warning, she came, yelling out, grabbing his hand and pressing it tightly to her sex. Fully relishing the feel of his strong hand, the scent of his cologne mixed with his heady maleness, she threw herself into the ecstasy. She’d never had this much fun with a lover before. Peter was amazing.

Once she calmed, he ripped off the rest of his clothes, climbed on top and rode her into prolonged bliss. No man had ever felt like this, made love like this to her. He was made for her. They fit together perfectly.

Except for those pesky morals of his. Oh, well, if she kept him this happy in the sack, that would have some affect on his brain. How could it not?

Afterwards, he held her in his arms. “New rules. You lie to me, disobey me, I paddle you. If that doesn’t work, it’s the cane.”

Fay pushed away to check his face for seriousness. He was serious, all right. His square jaw tight, his ice-blue eyes hard, his sensual lips firm, the man had on his I-Mean-Business face.

Hmph! She’d seen this expression before on her men. Peter would figure it out eventually. He had no real control over her. She just had to get better at the game. As hot as he was, she wasn’t rolling over and playing dead for him.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Anne said...

Breathless! She's really doesn't know what hit her does she? Just the c-word makes me shudder.

Raven Red said...

She does have a remarkable sense of stubborness...for some odd reason I rather identify with that (GRIN)

Cannot wait for the next installment.



Paul said...

Michelle, will you stop boasting about your sex life, it's really bad form.
After all this is read in England you know. LOL

I really don't think Fay would like the cane, would you?
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Anne! Let's hope she doesn't push it too hard!

Raven! I can't imagine where I get the inspiration for my characters...


Damn, my back hurts from my poor form last night during...oops. I won't mention that. And no, I don't think Fay would like the cane. I wonder if she finds out?

Hugs to all you wonderful people!