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Friday, July 1, 2011

Frenemies, Part Two

Hey Spanko People!

Hope you had an awesome week. Mine was the most quiet of my life without my husband around. Awesome. But now, in a couple hours, I go retrieve the Hubby from the airport and hope he’s not too jet-lagged to get busy. Whooo-hoo! Sex!!!! While I haven’t missed doing extra dishes, extra laundry and extra cooking, I missed SEX. Heavy sigh.

I hope you have a spectacular weekend. Happy 4th of July to my American buddies. I won’t bother wishing my English buddies the same. We just won’t go into it. (grin)

Hugs to you all,

Terrified, Zoë dashed across the porch, jumped down, raced around the corner of the house and headed up the driveway.

Footfalls closed in on her from behind. She ran faster.

Right as she reached the front of the house, Bryce grabbed her.

Yelling, she turned and fought him with everything she had, but without knowing how she got there, she was suddenly over his shoulder.

“I’m so going to enjoy this,” he gloated. She could hear the smile in his voice. He gave her a sharp slap on her butt.

“Okay, I’m sorry! I won’t throw any more stuff at you, I promise!”

“Too late, Brat. This has been a long time coming.” He slapped her again. “A long time.”

He carried her down the long driveway, up onto the porch and into her bedroom. Then, very telling and very scary, he shut the sliding glass door instead of leaving the screen open.

He laughed an evil, sinister laugh. “Don’t want the neighbors calling the cops when you start yelling.”

“Bryce! You can’t do this to me!”

“The hell I can’t.”

He sat down on her bed, pulled her off his shoulder and wrestled her across his lap. She felt like a kitten battling Godzilla, all of her strength pitted against his burly muscles was laughable.

He got her arm behind her back and raised her ass high in the air with his thick knee. Then his meaty hand came down and impacted her taut rear. Which stung, but he wasn’t really hurting her. The tendrils of near-pain sent a wallop to her sex. God, he was turning her on!

“Stop it!” she giggled, realizing that giggling wasn’t helping her.

“You have been teasing me forever, woman!” He whacked her butt with gusto and the pain began to build. And so did her desire. She liked this?

She certainly liked his attention and all his manhandling, but she never thought she’d be into spanking. This was fun! She fought even more, enjoying his control over her.

“You spilled wine on me, water, milk and soup!” He increased the intensity of his spanks, making her even hornier. “You’ve blown the papers from your straws at me, made fun of my new shoes—”

“Can I help it if you had a shopping accident and bought clown shoes?”

He gave her a super powerful swat.


“Brat!” Firing into her sit spots, the man wasn’t holding back now. This hurt!

But it still wasn’t anything she couldn’t take. And even though it was painful, it felt good. Which freaked her out some, but then she quickly realized that she was enjoying herself. And should stop fighting it.

“Ow! Bryce!” She kicked her legs.

He laughed, deep in his belly. “Finally! This feels so good! You little witch! Teasing me!” Swat, swat, swat. “Taunting me!” A super fast series of intense spanks across both buns.

A thrill went through her, her sex slicked and swelled with want. Was she going to come from just a spanking? She hoped he wouldn’t kiss her. She’d be on top of him before she realized it.

“You are such a brat! Now who’s in charge? Huh?”

“Not you!”

He chuckled and worked her butt from top to bottom. “What was that?”

“Ow! Bryce!”


All at once, he stopped, picked her up off his lap and tossed her back on the bed. Before she could scramble away, he jumped on top of her, straddling her, and pinned her. She almost came. She’d never been more turned on. All she could think about was his hard dick inside her.

His dark gaze gleaming with power, a huge, evil grin on his face, he gloried in his win. “You’ve been asking for it ever since I met you.”

Sex with Bryce. This wasn’t smart. What would happen? Chaos. Complete chaos. She couldn’t do that to herself. “Get off me, you big oaf!”

His smile faded a bit, his gaze turned sultry and smoldering. “I don’t think so. I think I like this,” he said in a husky voice.

About to fully surrender to him, she struggled with herself and him. “Get off me.”

He studied her, his gaze shifting between her mouth and her eyes.

Don’t kiss me, I’d never recover!

“I know you want me. And you know I want you. We’ve danced around this attraction for years. But now, there’s nothing to stop us. But I’m not sure you’re ready for this. Because you need to know something. We make love and you are mine. For good and forever.”

She nearly fainted with lust. And love. Holy God, she did love him. She’d always loved him. No wonder she hated him so much! It wasn’t hate. It was love.

How terrifying!

“I don’t play the field, I’m a one-woman man. So if you don’t feel the way I do and you aren’t ready to commit to me, then we end this here and now. You don’t tease me, you don’t taunt me. You’re either all in or I’m out. Do you understand me?”

Her mind swirled in confusion. Was she ready to commit to someone? Even someone like Bryce whom she wanted and loved? Roland had only been dead a year. Why did this feel like she was cheating on him?

“Zoë? I asked you a question.”

“I’m not sure, you scare me.”

One side of his mouth turned up in a smile. “You should be. But not for the reasons you think. I’d never hurt you and I’d die for you. But I won’t let you get away with crap, either. You push my buttons and I’ll spank the hell out of you. And love you. And take care of you. But I’m not pressing here, either. I don’t to rush this. But I do want you to know how I feel.”

She nodded.

After a long look deep into her eyes, he moved to get off her. As soon as he broke contact, her body cried out for him. She suddenly couldn’t stand the thought of him parting from her. She reached out quick, grabbed him and pulled him down on top of her and kissed him.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Antoinette said...

Wow.. I can't wait to read the next one. So much action. :)

Can't wait for next Friday!

Paul said...

you are teasing again, if you were here, you would be getting the same as Zoe. LOL
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...


Thanks so much for stopping by! I think you'll like what happens next :)


har-har! Glad your long arms can't reach me from England!

Hope you both are enjoying fantastic weekends.

Hugs and love,