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Friday, July 29, 2011

Frenemies, Part Six

Hellllooooo Spanko Friends!

Michelle here. (really?) I hope you are all having a spectacular summer. Much sympathy goes out to my friends in the center of the country with all that horrid heat. I’m not good in the heat. Which is why I live near the Northern California coast. And because I was born here. Mainly because I was born here because, I have to say, California is not really the place to be. Not anymore. Roads are terrible, schools are falling apart and have dropped to 48th in the nation in ranking and our taxes are super high. But at least our weather is good. I suppose that is some comfort. Plus in the Bay Area, the food rocks. If you’re a foodie. But other than that, I wish I lived somewhere cheaper.

Wait. This is a spanking blog. Not a California blog. So speaking of spanking, I’ve been working out too much and my husband just laid some nice ones on me and wowwwwweeeee, did they hurt. Not fun. My ass muscles are killing me. Different kind of pain. He thought it was very amusing. So he gave my ass a nice grab and again, wowwwwweeee, that hurt. I hope my body adjusts to the new workouts shortly so I can get back to some spanking fun.

Speaking of spanking fun, here’s the next chapter of Frenemies, soon to be found in Pushing Boundaries.

I hope you all have a spank-tastic weekend!

Hugs and love,

Shrieking in surprise, Zoe fought him. “Hey! What gives? I haven’t done anything!”

“I know you haven’t. This is a maintenance spanking.” Bryce grabbed the waistband of her sweats and pulled them over her amazing, round, firm ass and down her delicious thighs. His dick turned to steel.

She kicked her legs. “You can’t do this!”

He answered with a nice swat across both of her milk-white buns. She yelled, more angry than in pain. A nice pink handprint appeared on her lovely rear end.

“Bryce! Unfair!”

“I’ll tell you what’s fair,” he said, laying a good one on her left cheek.

She howled. Ever the drama queen.

“I won’t put up with this!” Angry now. Almost an order.

“This is a warning spanking.” He spanked her right cheek, then began a good rhythm, alternating between her two globes.


“I’m leaving on a business trip in a few hours and I’ll be gone until tomorrow night. I’m reminding you to obey me. Last time I left, you went out for chocolate,” he said, punctuating his sentence with a powerful swat to her sit spots. “And almost got kidnapped.” He increased the intensity of his spanks and aimed for both cheeks at once.

“Owwww! No fair! I haven’t done anything yet!”

“Yet?” He took the opportunity to really give her some hard ones. Her ass was still red, but had just begun to show a few purple dots. Time to finish up.

“I meant I haven’t done anything! At all! No yet!”

“You’d better not be planning anything, either, Missy.” He eased up a tad and worked her ass a bit more, putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece, making sure that no spot remained unspanked.

“I’m not!”

He stopped, but didn’t let her up. He gently rubbed her ass, tantalized by the feel of her hot flesh.

She grumbled and growled, but as he worked out her pain, she began to relax.

He loved this part. The transition from punishment to pleasure. Of course, it was all pleasure to him, but he loved watching her fight herself. She wanted to stay mad. She wanted to pout and threaten him and throw a tantrum. But all it took was a few minutes of his practiced touch and the rabid tiger turned into a purring kitten. A lovely, lush, ripe sex kitten.

As soon as her shoulders loosened and she draped across him, he slipped his hand between her legs.

Predictably, she stiffened and fought him. “No, goddamn it! I’m mad at you!”

He forced her legs further apart and his finger found her hard clit. He smiled. She wanted him badly, but wouldn’t admit it. Not for another few seconds.

“You big dumb jerk! I didn’t deserve...that…oooh.” She arched her back and gave him better access. Then she attempted to close her legs, but he stayed with her. “I’m not liking this! I’m…not. I…ooh. Wow, that is so amazing. No! I am not falling…for…your…oh, God, that feels so good!”

He did little figure-eights over her tiny head and she squealed, this time with pure pleasure. He couldn’t wait to be inside her.

Bryce increased the pace with his finger, luxuriating in the feel of her tender folds, reveling the sexual power he had over her.

All at once, she screamed, her body jerked and she ground her hips into his hand. He worked hard to keep her clit in his control. He loved the way her body spasmed, the heady scent of her sex, the gyrations she made when she came.

When she collapsed, he picked her up, flipped her over and he kissed her red swollen lips, driving his tongue into her sweet mouth. She moaned deep in her throat and looped her arms around his neck. He dominated her, kissing her thoroughly, letting her know that she was his, all his.

He threw her back on the bed, ripped off his pants and dove on top of her. His dick so hard it almost hurt, he slid inside her. At the feel of her tight, slick lips clamping on his shaft, he momentarily lost his train of thought. Gasping, he closed his eyes, his body celebrating the return to his favorite place.

This was where he belonged. Always. Inside her.

All at once, his body took over and he rammed into her softness. She wrapped her legs around his back and arched up against him. Her mouth open, her eyes closed, her long dark lashes laying against the perfect skin of her high cheekbones, she cried out with every thrust.

Blood pounding in his ears, he realized he was about to come. No way. Not yet. He thought of a quick math problem and got control. Driving into her, she growled, then threw her head back against the pillow and screamed, loud and long. Her sex pulsed around him, sending exquisite pleasure coursing through his tool and body.

He rammed into her again and again and when she came even harder, he couldn’t take it and blew inside her. The orgasm wrenched from his body, he cried out and threw himself into her, plowing her sweet folds with abandon.

He thrust inside her long after he’d come, not wanting to part from her amazing body.

Finally, Bryce fell next to her, breathing hard, his body covered in sweat. She snuggled next to him and bit him on the neck sending a strong wave of lust rushing through him.

Then she pushed away. “Why am I being nice to you? You jerk. That hurt. That spanking. When I didn’t even do anything.”

He angled a glance at her. “If you weren’t trying to pull something over on me all the time, perhaps I wouldn’t feel like you needed warning spankings.”

“When have I tried to pull something over on you? Lately, I mean.”

He laughed. “Lately, she says, when we’ve only been together three weeks.”

“Still. You made your message clear that first time.”

He brought her to him and hugged her. “I need to keep you safe. Now that I have you, I can’t imagine life without you.”

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

Michelle, I think that this qualifies you as SEX MANIAC 1st CLASS.
Love and warm hugs,

PK said...

I agree with Paul, you lucky dog!! You could come live near me. Prices are pretty good but I have to tell you it is hot as hell! Schools are pretty good though (says the teacher).

Great chapter! But I have a strong feeling she still won't be listening.


Michelle Carlyle said...

HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OMG, he's figured me out!

Love you, my dear!

Sorry about the weather, doll. It's the only thing worth staying here for, believe me. Everything else is insane. But the people are nice. Most of them, anyway.

Yes, she's a bonafide idiot if she thinks she can pull anything over on Bryce. But you have to give her points for trying. Or points for hardheadedness.

hugs to you, darling,

Antoinette said...

Awesome part to the story! But as we all know brats don't tend to listen to warning spankings... I can't wait to see what she's going to do next!

I'm loving the series Michelle, keep writing more!

Anonymous said...

I love it that Bryce thought of Zoe as a sex kitten! Daddy calls me that, too;!

Great story! I think I need another spanking, among other things...