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Friday, August 12, 2011

Frenemies, Part Eight

Hey Spanko Friends!

How are you guys? Ready for a weekend full of spanking and sex??? I am! And I’ll alert Hubby to that fact. We’ve both been too tired to attack each other this week, which sucks. Must do something about that.

So here’s the next installment of Frenemies, soon to be found in Pushing Boundaries. But guess what???? Rulebreakers, my next collection of stories comes out on MONDAY!!! Yay!!! Actually, by the time you’ll have read this, you’ll know because I’ll be posting the cover shortly.

So I will be celebrating my next release with guess what? Yes! Spanking and sex!!!! Whoo-hooo! I love coming from just a spanking. And Hubby knows how to do it right. Hey…he’s working at home today. I just got an idea…

Well, gotta go! Have a great weekend!

Love and hugs,

Bryce threw aside the paddle, but didn’t let her up. He pulled off her hood. Cool air rushed over her tear-stained face.

“I’m not done with you, yet. Not by a long shot.”

“You won,” she cried. “I won’t ever do anything bad again.”

“No, you won’t. Now I’m going to untie you, but I want you on all fours on the floor of this limo, you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.”

He untied her and she quickly hit the floor.

“Face the door. That’s right.”

Something warm, but hard touched her anus. “What is that?”

He spanked her so hard, she almost hit the door. She had to brace herself. “Owww!”

“No questions. Only obedience. You are being punished.”


The pressure grew on her ass. A butt plug! Damn him, he knew she hated ass play. She gasped as he pressed the plug into her tiny hole. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it wasn’t pleasant.

A second later, something weird happened. She got turned on. His dominance, his power, and the punishment plug slammed her libido. God, she loved submitting to her man!

“Now I’m going to whip you with a riding crop. Twenty-five ought to do it. You move, you get twenty-five more.”

“Yes, sir.”

A line of fire blazed her ass. And with the butt plug inside, she couldn’t clench her cheeks, heightening the pain.

One after another, he cracked the crop on her bare ass. The weapon bit into her flesh with exacting pain, right at the edge of her limits. While she cried, something about it felt good. Like he was beating her guilt away.

Finally he was done.

“Don’t move.”

She obeyed. The horrible fire on her poor ass faded slightly, sending a rush of hot energy to her clit. Her sex swelled with want. She loved displaying herself to him, her bare ass in the air, her legs slightly apart. She even loved the naughty feel of the butt plug.

“Goddamn you,” he rasped. “I want to keep spanking you. Whipping you, trying to get some sense into that disobedient little ass of yours. But…you look so goddamned inviting.”

He ran his hand over her burning flesh, she jerked a bit from the pain. He’d really given it to her.

“Bad girl pushing her man. Thinking she can outsmart him. You learned a lesson, haven’t you? I’m always one step ahead of you.” He ran his hand underneath her and slipped a finger inside. She moaned.

He laughed deep in his throat. “So wet. The little girl likes her man taking control, doesn’t she?” he said as he finger-fucked her.

“Yes, sir.” She moved against him, delighting in the feel of his finger inside her.

“Then maybe next time she’ll obey him.”

“I will.”

“That remains to be seen.” He withdrew his hand. “Stay just like that.” She heard his zipper unzip and he got down behind her.

He twisted the butt plug and she gasped. “Bad girls get plugged.” Then he slipped his dick inside her.

Zoe was so wet and swollen, her sex practically sucked him into her. She raised her ass high in the air. He rammed inside her, pressing against the plug. The pressure intensified the delicious full feeling of his cock, and she groaned, her orgasm building fast.

He grabbed her by the hips and plowed into her straight on, slamming her g-spot with tremendous force. The plug doubled her pleasure and she screamed with rapture.

He powered her into her harder. She blasted into an epic orgasm, yelling so loud and long that her throat gave out and all she could do was cry. He didn’t skip a beat and thrust into her deeper and with more force, sending her straight out into oblivion. She lost track of where they were and pushed back against him, crying out with each jab of his amazing tool.

Growling, his body shuddered and he went at her like a crazy man, fucking her so hard she jettisoned into another spectacular climax, pounding the car floor with her fist as she came.

When he finally withdrew, he said, “You stay like that, Zoe.”

She couldn’t respond, she was too busy trying to get air back in her lungs.

He sat down, then reached out, picked her up and set her across his lap again.

“But you already spanked me!” she whined.

Whack! “And I’m going to spank you again, Brat. But this is now in my way.” He twisted the plug and she took in a deep breath. Then he pulled it out, sending another wave of pleasure through her.

Then her ass stung like hell as his large hand spanked her across both buns at once. A blast of lust zapped her sex and clit. Wow, that felt good. But she pretended to hate it.

“You obey me, woman!” he pronounced, swatting her sit spots.

“I will, I promise!”

Bryce laid down a series of punishing strikes, and the pain began to build. He worked her ass again and again until she broke down into sobs. Then he pushed her ass high with his knee and spanked the back of her legs, sex and little butt hole, all at once with his large hand until she shrieked.

He stopped, flipped her over, pushed her back against the seats, shoved her legs apart and buried his face between her legs. Pinning her to the seat, he flicked her sensitive nub at a crazy pace, lashing her hard and fast.

She detonated in a huge climax, squealing with joy. But he wouldn’t stop. He continued flicking her nub, pushing her right to the edge again. He slipped his hand underneath her and stuck his forefinger deep into her ass and battered her clit with his tongue. Bellowing, astounding ecstasy rocked her body. She jerked against him and flailed on the seat. Finally, he released her and she collapsed on the back seat, dizzy.

He picked her up and cradled her, then kissed her, hard and hungry. She almost came again.

When he pulled away, he looked deep into her eyes. “No more disobeying me.”


“No more games.”


“You tell me what you think, you don’t sneak around anymore.”

“No, I won’t.”

He arched a dark brow at her. “You’d better listen to me, wench. Next time, it could be our enemies kidnapping you.”

“I will, I promise. I love you, Bryce.”

“I love you, Brat.”

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Antoinette said...

Wow! That was AMAZING! I LOVED it!

Hot story, Michelle. Can't wait to read your next book!!

Paul said...

Michelle, lucky girl, if you can orgasm from a spanking.
Maybe even Zoe has learned her lesson, though she seems to have enjoyed the teaching.
A very hot tale, hopefully your tail will be even hotter by now. LOL!
I hope that your new book will be available for download to kindle.
Have a great week-end
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Yay!!!! So happy you guys liked the story. A little more intense than some other stories, but I liked it as well. (Duh. Why else would I have written it????)

And yes, Paul darling, the book will be available on the Kindle. Just for you.

Antoinette, so happy to see you here! You rock and so does your blog!

And Paul, huge hugs to you my friend and lots of love,