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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rulebreakers Will Be Released on August 15th!!!!

When is a cigar just a cigar??? Heee! Can you dig it? A new book by moi!!! Yes!!!

Here's the back cover copy: Rulebreakers is a collection of blazing hot romantic spanking stories by award-winning author Michelle Carlyle. In Prisoner of Love, Neela discovers her crime boss boyfriend doesn’t just rule his men with an iron fist, he rules her with the flat of his iron hand. In Racing Stripes, daredevil Lila goes against her rocker husband Zane and competes in an amateur drag race. When Zane catches her, he lays down his own tracks, all over her deserving rear end. Enjoy these wild love stories along with many others in this fiery collection of fun spanking tales.

And that pretty much sums it up! Prisoner of Love, a hot two-parter, is a bonus and never appeared on the Discipline and Desire website. Wheeeee!!!! New stories for you!!!!

I am so excited!!! So check back here on Monday, because I'll have the link to buy the book, all set up. Hopefully. Sometimes the publishing world can be a bit time-delayed. But I know it will be out shortly, maybe even sooner than Monday! Whoo-hooooo!

Now I have to get off my unspanked ass and get the other books ready. I only have six more in the pipeline I'm ignoring on my computer. Ahem. Perhaps I will need some motivation from my husband's nice large hand. What a great idea!

So happy my new book will be available and I'm so happy to have all you lovely people waiting to read it! Yay!! Life is good!!

Hugs and love to all you spankos out there,


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