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Friday, August 5, 2011

Frenemies, Part Seven

Hey Spankos!

How are y’all? I’m doing well. I heard a rumor that my next book, Rulebreakers should be released soon. Yay! I can’t wait! You guys will be the first to know.

I have to clean the house and do a million things because we’re having company this weekend and I haven’t done anything to the place since the last time we had people over. And that was back in June. Jeez!

Hope you lovely people have spectacular sex this weekend and you all get great spankings and/or give them to a deserving brat!


“Are you sure you’re not being over-protective?” Zoe asked.

Bryce’s thick brows angled hard toward his nose. “Didn’t that firebombing and attempted kidnapping say anything to you? I’m not being paranoid, Zoe. You’re in actual, real danger. I don’t like controlling you. I’m only doing it to keep you alive.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. I just…Roland was super controlling.”

“Ha! You ran him ragged.”

“No way.”


“No, eventually I got through to him.”

Bryce squeezed her. “No, he gave up. I won’t. I wear the pants in this family. End of story.”

“Yeah, but I let you wear the pants.”

“Whatever your ego needs to hear.”


“Calm down, Tiger Girl. I needed to make a point with you because I have to go away in a few hours.”

“What?” She pushed away to face him. “Wait, you did say that. Where are you going?”

“David is flailing up in the City without me. I have to go up and oversee a job, then take a meeting with a potential client in Sacramento this evening. I’ll stay the night in a hotel and then be back before you wake up tomorrow.”

“You’ll be gone all night?” Her green eyes sparkled with hope.

He almost laughed. Zoe was a terrible actress.

“You almost look happy at the thought.”

She scowled. “No, I’m not happy.” She wrapped her arms around him.

Well, if that didn’t prime her for disobeying him, nothing would. He’d put a secret detail around her and follow her himself. The brat. He’d teach her a lesson she’d never forget.

Zoe kissed Bryce good-bye and then immediately set about trying to figure out how to evade his guys. The stuffed bed gag wouldn’t work a second time.

Or would it? What other tricks did she have? None. But she only had to get out for a few hours. What did she normally do at night? Watch TV in bed.

Well, duh. How perfect was that? She’d set a chair up to block the door and turn up the TV and get out and get back before they knew she was gone. Heeeee! Bryce’s business trip couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Later that night, her heart slamming her breastbone, her legs shaky, she slipped out the sliding glass door to the backyard. Running for the back fence, she was up and over in no time. At the end of the neighbor’s driveway, she found her cab waiting for her. This was so cool!

The cab dropped her off in front of the club. The sidewalk teemed with people. She gave a quick check around, but no one was looking at her. Which was both good and bad, she wore the cutest little black dress. Oh, well.

She found the girls, who hooted upon spotting her. They laughed and drank and danced, really whooping it up. And she felt so deliciously naughty! Bryce was clearly too over protective. A few guys tried to hit on her, but other than normal drooling, no one paid too much attention to her.

An hour into her partying, Zoe needed to use the restroom. On her way back to the table, she was flanked by two very large men in suits: a blond one and a black guy. Her heart nearly stopped.

The blond bruiser pressed something hard and metal into her side. “One move and your friends die.”

A bomb of terror exploded inside her. She was so stupid! The giant blond put his arm around her and escorted her out of the club.

Wild images of her being tortured to death flashed through her mind, her body pulsed with fear. She couldn’t believe Bryce’s warning was coming true.

The big men pushed her into a limo with tinted windows and got in with her.

The black guy pulled a black hood out of his pocket and put it over her head. She cried out in fright.

“No amount of crying or screaming will help you now, lady. So I’d advise you to shut up. Boss doesn’t like crying women. He has a tendency to beat them.”

“Who’s your boss?”

“No questions. You’ll meet him soon enough. And he’s not happy with you. I wouldn’t want to be you.”

She broke into sobs, so freaked out, she couldn’t think straight. The guy turned her around and tied her hands behind her back.

They drove for a while, then the car stopped. The limo door opened and someone got in with them. Sounded like the two big guys got out. She couldn’t tell what was going on.

The limo took off again. She smelled a different cologne. Familiar somehow.

Someone grabbed her by the upper arms and pulled her towards them. She shrieked with fright.

And then she found herself over a man’s lap with her dress hiked up to her back. What?

He hooked his finger around her thong and removed it.

She cried harder.

His body moved and the most harrowing pain rocked her ass. Felt like he hit her with a huge chunk of wood. She yowled. A paddle? What the hell?

On top of Bryce’s earlier spanking, this was excruciating! She screamed.

Her attacker laid down a series of stinging swats with the horrid instrument. She yelled in agony and terror.

“Do you see what happens to bad girls who disobey their men?” he hissed.

Bryce! It was Bryce! She collapsed against him and sobbed with relief. “Oh, thank God!”

“You lied to me!” Slap! Sharp, horrible pain radiated through her ass.

But on some level, she didn’t care. It was Bryce! She wouldn’t die.

And truthfully, she couldn’t remember when she’d earned a spanking more. She deserved this. And she was damned lucky Bryce had followed her.

“I’m sorry!”

“Not yet, you aren’t!”

He wailed on her butt with the paddle, blistering her. Scorching pain lit up her ass, it felt like she was sitting on a red-hot griddle.

While it was the worst pain she’d ever felt on record, she submitted. She didn’t beg him to stop. She took it.

And was actually grateful for it. Bryce loved her. Enough to set limits on her. She’d do anything for him and would never disobey him again. Thank God, he knew her! Thank God, he could see through her games! What if he hadn’t? She could very well be on her way to certain death.

Bryce worked her ass, over and over with the paddle. She jerked with each whack, sweat poured from her body, tears streamed down her face.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

is this the end, it certainly was hers.
Do a good job of the cleaning, or that might be your fate as well. LOL!
Love and warm hugs,

Antoinette said...

A cliff hanger! I like it but hate it too. I want to know what happens but I want the thrill of waiting a week to see what happens.


I loved it! Can't wait to order your book and read the rest of this awesome story!!

Michelle Carlyle said...

I wish he'd spank me for cleaning the house. HEEEE!!!! Why do they call it a punishment when it feels so good???

love you, darling,

So happy you're loving the story!!! Thanks so much for commenting, my dear!


PK said...

Wonderful! As always! I hope you keep writing forever!