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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rigged For A Spanking, Conclusion

Spanko Friends!

Okay, got to make it quick, I’m on deadline for the humor column and all this crap has happened to me in the past two days that has SUCKED UP all my time. Jeez. Sometimes I hate being an adult. On the bright side, Hubby and I have been having a major fuck-a-thon that makes everything else much easier to deal with. Insert satisfied sigh here. We’ve been going places in bed, I’ve rarely been before. The highs have been tremendous. I think maybe this week has been especially sexy because I’ve been writing my two monthly stories for Discipline and Desire. One story was a two-vibrator-break story and the other was a three-vibrator-break short story. I think I came so much by the time Hubby got home he was able to keep me out on a wonderful precipice of ecstasy, that great place right before you come that is sooooo fun. And he kept me in that amazing place FOREVER. Shit, I’m squirming here. I can’t wait until he gets home tonight.

Of course, today I’m writing something completely different that won’t make me horny. So maybe I’ll read a story before he gets home… I’m so smart!

Okay, now I really have to go to work. Jeez! It’s so late!

Here’s the conclusion of Rigged for a Spanking, soon to be found in Hanky Spanky. Next week, we start a new story! Yay!!!

Hugs to you all,

The crew managed to clean up the mess fast and the show resumed ten minutes later. Zane had a guy personally escort her to his dressing room with strict orders not to leave.

Lila spent the time sewing up her ripped jeans and drinking beer.

She heard the finale and her heart started beating faster. Damn it, he’d better not spank her for that. It hadn’t been her fault.

As soon as Zane appeared at the door, she leapt up. “It wasn’t my fault, I swear, it wasn’t my fault.”

He held up both hands, his expression hard and unforgiving. “Lila, stop.” He chuckled but he wasn’t amused. “There’s no way out, woman. You knew better than to climb back up there without someone with you. Rabbit told you how dangerous it was.”

“But I had to get my knife!”

“I heard all about it. But you are still not off the hook. You destroyed a twelve-thousand-dollar backdrop, Lila. You stopped my show. You went where you had no business going. One of the guys who strikes the show afterwards could have gotten the knife. But you don’t think. You climb up there where no one is supposed to be—exactly because of what happened. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I was thinking I wanted—“

He sighed and nodded, exasperated. “Your knife. Well, maybe if you get even more of a spanking on that bruised ass of yours, maybe you might think next time. Lila, really, you have to stop, baby. And damn it, I’m your husband and it’s my job to protect you. And if that means spanking you everyday until you get it, well, that’s what I’ll do.”

He locked the door to the dressing room.

She was horrified. “Not here, they might all hear!”

“Well, then, maybe you might want to keep your mouth shut while I’m spankin’ you.”

“This isn’t fair.”

He swung on her, his mouth agape. “Are you talkin’ to me about fair?”

She looked down. “No.”

“Good. Now get over here,” he said, heading to a small loveseat along one wall.

Reluctantly, she shuffled over. When she wasn’t even partway there, he reached out with his ten-foot-long arm, grabbed her and yanked her towards him. Her pants were down around her ankles in a flash.

Zane shifted her so she was in his perfect target range. He lifted a knee, causing her to bend over some and let her have it.

She shrieked. Then stuck her fist in her mouth. He swatted her again, even harder. She squealed deep in her throat. He picked up his torturous rhythm, incinerating her buns. She had no idea how loud her spankings were. Normally, she deafened herself by the sounds of her own cries. But now, her inner screams weren’t dampening the sounds of the incredibly hard smacks to her tender and sore behind. The thunderous slaps echoed off the painted walls and cement floor, she was sure everyone backstage could hear them.

Of course, the noise was the least of her problems. Zane was barbecuing her already super sore ass. This was the worst of the worst. She already couldn’t sit, this was pure agony. And he was sure to be thorough. He spanked the tops of her buns down to the bottom where he worked her sit spots until she couldn’t hold it in any longer. She took her fist out of her mouth and let out a howl.

She thought she heard laughter outside the door, but since all of her energy was focused on pain control, it didn’t really register.

“You knew better!” Zane yelled, furious. He laid down a speed-metal percussion on her ass that made her nearly lose her mind. She bellowed.

He spanked every inch of her tender buns and upper thighs. Tears streamed down her face, she cried and didn’t care who heard her. This was horrible.

After another horrible assault on her sit spots, Zane stopped. She sobbed uncontrollably. This was all so unfair!

He picked her up, set her on her feet and pulled up her pants. When he pulled the material past her blazing buns, she shrieked again. He zipped up her pants and glared down at her.

Pointing down at her, he said, “You stop all this. Now. You stop, you hear me?”

“But it wasn’t my fault!” she cried.

His green gaze glowed with fury. “Do you want to be spanked again?”

“Okay, okay, so it was my fault. But I didn’t mean to ruin your show.”

“You didn’t. I’m sure our review will make all the newsmagazines, thanks to you. But you almost died, again, Lila. That’s twice in twenty-four hours. That’s insane, even for you. You listen to me, you obey me and you don’t ever go against me again. You hear?”

“Yes… sir…”

“Good. Jesus, woman. You are gonna be the death of me. I look up, here you are, appearing out of a cloud of smoke, sailin’ down at me, holdin’ on to that backdrop. I could—no, strike that. I could believe it. Too well. Honey, you have to stop.”

“I will, I will. I’m sorry.”

“No more climbing of anything for three months, you hear me? Not even a ladder to change a light bulb. No climbing walls, no nothing. You are grounded and in big trouble with me. Double trouble. Triple trouble. And I may just spank you tomorrow and the next day and the next day. As many days as I see fit.”

His hardass expression suddenly broke. Anguish showed in his green eyes. The look broke her heart. “Please, Lila. Just stay alive for me, honey, will ya? Just stay alive?”

She fell into his arms, sobbing again. “I’m sorry, Zane. I love you so much, I’m sorry.”

He crushed her in a hug. “I love you too, baby. So much.” He kissed her. His kiss turned lustful. He pushed her up against the wall and unzipped her jeans. “I have to have you,” he said into her mouth, He pulled away and tore off her pants—again causing a ripple of pain from her ass. But at this point, she didn’t care. He had his pants down and was inside her, fast. She yelled, only this time with joy.

He pumped her hard; she slammed against the wall, making a ton of noise. Zane took her fiercely; she relished in his power and catapulted into orgasm after orgasm. He quickened his pace, she screamed, he joined her and they both climaxed together.

They fell to the couch afterwards, breathing hard and clinging to each other.

“I love you, Zane.”

“I love you more, baby.”

“We love you too, Zane!” came the taunts of his band mates right outside the door. They heard everything! How embarrassing!

“Go to hell!” Zane yelled.

Uproarious laughter. The guys pounded on the door and then left, laughing the whole way.

Lila felt her face flush. “That was embarrassing.”

“Ignore them, think about me,” he said, kissing her.

“Okay,” she said into his mouth.

He wrapped his arms around her and she knew she was forgiven. While her behavior wouldn’t soon be forgotten, at least she was forgiven. God, she loved her man.

© 2010, Michelle Carlyle


Alujna said...

atleast some seems to be getting it on.... *sigh*
i'm sure zane will have to deal with more trouble from lila.... nicely written :)
i'm going to miss zane, hope you can continue his story some time later....

PK said...

I can't decide who has the better sex life you or Lila! I'm just glad you're both having fun.

It would be very embarrassing to have someone overhear you getting a spanking. But I realize that was the least of Lila's concerns by the end. I hope there is nothing on a high shelf at her house. It there is she better leave it alone!!!


Michelle Carlyle said...


I'll write some more Zane stuff soon. So glad you like him. So do I!

So glad you liked the story. But I have a feeling Lila will get herself into more trouble. She's that kind of girl.

hugs to you both,