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Friday, July 23, 2010

Rigged For A Spanking, Part Three

Hello Spanky People!

The pinball exposition I attended last weekend was tremendously fun! California Extreme, better known as the Nerd Convention, took place in a huge hotel ballroom filled with a hundred pinball machines plus about two hundred video arcade games. I played for so long, it hurt to type on Monday. But I had SO MUCH FUN!!! I loooooove pinball.

The people watching was interesting. The main group looked remarkably similar. The attendees wore black t-shirts with some obscure reference to an old video game and jeans, mainly. But they were people who don’t see a lot of daylight. People who have more power in their fingers than in their arms and legs. People who like computers. A lot. Round people.

Then there were the really weird people. While I do not consider myself normal by any stretch of the imagination, there’s weird and then there’s WEIRD. Like the skinny blond guy in a “Utilikilt” and a Mohawk. Yes, a kilt. But it was part tool belt which I think he thought made the garment manly. It didn’t. However, I’m glad there’s weird people wandering around in Utilikilts. Or else I wouldn’t have anyone to pick on. Bad, bad Michelle. Guess who needs a spanking?

Speaking of which, I got a great one last night. After he royally fucked me, he royally spanked me which made me come about three more times. Spankings are so awesome after sex. Love all those bonus climaxes. It helps that my husband is an amazing lover. That man can fuck. And we fit so well. Like two pieces of a puzzle. I’ve had sex with eleven (or twelve…I can’t remember one dude, but I was sure I’d hit a dozen before marriage) men and none of them fit but my husband. None of them could give me an orgasm from screwing. I couldn’t figure out why women did it. Then I slept with Hubby and WOW! Damn, that was surprising. Completely unexpected. I didn’t know what was happening, all I knew was that I never wanted it to stop. And now 23 years later, he’s still sending me to the moon.

And thank God, or I’m not sure I would have gone into writing erotica. And writing this stuff is a lot of fun.

Even more fun is sharing it. I really appreciate you guys, all my loyal readers. I love entertaining people. And I’m glad most of you come back here week after week to see what I’ve posted. Makes me happy. And grateful.

So thanks today to all my spanky friends! You rock!

Next week I’ll post the conclusion of Rigged for a Spanking and after that, who knows what the hell I’ll print here, but hopefully, you’ll like it.

Hugs and love to you all,

“Have you seen Lila?” Zane asked.

“Sure. I took her up above with me to check stuff out and escorted her back down. Last I saw, she was trottin’ off to the bathroom. No worries, Zane.”

Zane breathed a sigh of relief. Then he caught the line about being “above” somewhere. “Where? Above, where?”

“Chill, everything was fine.”

“You took her up above the stage to the grid?!” Zane yelled.

The guys in the room all busted up laughing.

Zane was fit to be tied. “Are you nuts?”

Rabbit didn’t even blink an eye. “You rather have her find her way up there alone or have me be with her the whole time?”

Zane felt stupid. “I—oh. I see your point. Thank you, Rabbit. Sorry for yelling.”

“I can see why she makes ya yell. But she’s a good girl. Really, she is.”

“I know.”

“Okay, get ready men, its time to entertain the masses,” Rabbit said and left.

Zane went on, relieved. She was fine. Even though he wished he would have seen her for himself.

Lila was pissed, struggling to free her pant leg from a piece of rigging right on the edge of the grid, perilously close to the hundred-foot drop to the stage. When Rabbit took her above the stage into “the grid”—where there were giant horizontal beams from which hung all the mechanisms for the curtains and backdrops—she’d accidentally left her pocketknife on a little ledge. Rabbit wanted to fix something and didn’t have his knife with him, so she lent him hers. He handed it back and she set it down for a moment because she was wrestling with a button on her shirt. She followed Rabbit back down the ladder, he left and she remembered her knife. So she climbed back up, retrieved it and on the way out, the show started, a curtain moved and her pants got caught in a massive pulley.

This was so ridiculous. She sat down on two rafters of the grid. Through the gaps, she could see the top of Zane’s head way down below her. She got out her knife and reached down to cut the pant leg off the pulley. The rigging moved again, her pants leg twisted around the pulley, jerking her leg. She dropped the knife, it bounced off the beam next to her, then slipped through the gap.

Oh, God, she was going to stab her husband! She looked down frantically, he had moved and a set piece was sliding into place. She didn’t see where the knife went, but she watched and no one screamed. Whew!

The rigging was pulled again, her pants were twisted in the pulley and began to come off.

This was crazy! The music was too loud; no one knew she was up there. Seeing no other way out, she unzipped her jeans and pushed them off. They got caught on her boots. Christ! She kicked and wrestled with her jeans, but couldn’t get the pant legs over the boots. The pants were getting totally twisted into the rigging, she kept being pulled closer and closer to the edge. This was not happening.

The lights went off below her, then an explosion and she was suddenly engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Without warning, she was yanked off the platform and fell headlong towards the stage. She jerked to a stop, hanging upside down like a bat, her pants still caught in the rigging. She swung a bit and stared down at the stage below in horror. She was going to die! She was still behind the curtains so no one could see her. She had no idea what she was going to do.

She didn’t have long to think. The pulley moved, releasing her pants somewhat, she screamed and almost fell. She reached out wildly and caught hold of a backdrop in front of her. Just as she grabbed the large canvas sheet, her pants came off the pulley, her feet were released. Her body swung down, she gripped hold of the canvas with all her might. She figured she’d just slide down the edge of the backdrop.

The backdrop suddenly moved one way, she went another with the material still in her hands. It ripped. Screaming, Lila found herself clinging to a piece of the giant canvas as it ripped and took her diagonally downwards towards the stage.

The crowd came into view as Lila sailed like Tarzan down across the stage, fast, heading towards the audience, her pants wrapped around her ankles. The band members were standing on large set pieces and one by one, they saw her. And just in time. Snark ducked one way, Joey another, Zane dove for the floor. Luckily, she wasn’t near the drummer, Jimmy. Right when she passed the set and was about ten feet above the stage, the material snagged on something, it ripped out of her hands, she kept going and knocked over a huge stand of speakers before crashing to the floor, taking out two roadies in the process.

Lila was in a tangle of power cords, speakers and arms, legs and groaning bodies. The music stopped. Everything stopped. The crowd cheered.

Zane’s voice boomed throughout the venue. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet my wife, Lila. She’s trying out for the upcoming movie, Spiderwoman Four.”

The crowd erupted in laughter. But Lila knew Zane was not nearly as amused as he appeared. Damn it! Her ass was already bruised to hell. This was so not fair!

©2010, Michelle Carlyle

*Just realized I was putting the old copyright on my blog posts and that it makes no sense. I rewrite the stories before I post them anyway. Sometimes the holes in my logic frighten me when I finally discover them. I'm glad it's Friday.


Anonymous said...


I feel so bad for Lila but I can understand no matter how hard one tries to be good... things just seem to happen ;0'

PK said...

Come on! It was really her fault. I mean she wasn't trying to be reckless or anything. Somehow I think she and Cassie could be good friends!

Well Zane probably won't agree with me - what is it with protective husbands? But I am looking forward to reading about what he's planning for Lila.

Thanks for giving us all these wonderful stories.


Alujna said...

Michelle, i started following your blog quite recently and i love it..
i love the way you write your stories. they are exactly like my taste :) or rather mine is like yours... whatever! LOL
i went back to ur 2008 blogs and started reading a few chapters. but i must say of all the ones i've read so far i like zane's story the best :) maybe because it's long... :)
keep writing more will be waiting eagerly
hugs Alujna

Michelle Carlyle said...

I write what I know. And I know my intentions are the best but...who knows what happens???

PK, Yes Zane is the ultimate hardass, yet still wants to give her room, Lila's problems is LIMITS. And impulse control. Hmmm, sounds like MINE!


Welcome, my dear. I'm so glad you found me! And I'm so glad you like my work! Yay!!! Stay tuned, more to come!

Big hugs to all you lovely ladies!