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Friday, July 16, 2010

Rigged For A Spanking, Part Two

Helloooooooooooo Out There In Spanky Cyberspace!!!!

It’s FRIDAY!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! I am going to play pinball all weekend!!! Yayyyyy! Pinball! Once a year, a group of pinball machine collectors and video game collectors gather in San Jose to put on California Extreme, an videogame/pinball exposition/party. All the collectors bring their machines, put them on free play and for 35 bucks a day or 65 bucks for the weekend, you get to play all these marvelous machines from the 20s through to now. Soooo cool! Even though we’re not far from there, we stay in the hotel so we can take breaks. I can only take a couple hours of pinball at a time (it is soooo loud in that giant room) and then my eyes go buggy and my heart can’t take the stress (I’m very competitive and get very angry when I lose). So Hubby and I go to the bar, have a couple drinks, go to the room, play a different game (YAY! Hotel sex!!!) and then return to play more pinball. We have one machine at home, a Star Trek Next Generation pinball, but it is so fun to play hundreds of different games. We’ve gone the last six years in a row and we can’t wait.

Okie-dokie, so here is the next installment of Rigged for a Spanking, soon to be found in my upcoming release Hanky Spanky. I think I need to have my husband spank me because I’ve been neglecting the editing of Hanky Spanky and should have the sucker out there, but writing my other novels is sooo much more compelling. I love writing. I hate editing. Yes, I will give myself a deadline and if I don’t make it, I’ll have him spank me. Hard. That should do it. I need motivation! Ooo, and the threat of a hard spanking is a total turn-on. Which is counter-motivating, but who cares? Hard spanking followed by a hard fucking. Now I like the sound of THAT!

And I’d like to thank all my regulars who’ve been coming by to check out my work and I’d like to thank all the new people for subscribing to my blog. You guys are great! A while back I was getting two thousand hits a month here regularly and just recently checked to see how many of you wonderful people were reading my work and I was floored. 5500 hits a month? Wowza! I am so stoked.

You guys make me so happy!!! I love to share my work!!!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!

Hugs and love,

“Do you want to eat something?” Zane asked Lila. “I was just gonna order room service.”

“Sure, when do you have to get to the show?”

“What time is it?” He found the clock. “Oh, man, it’s already five? Where has the time gone?”

“We screwed all day, that’s where it went.”

He grinned and kissed her nose. “I guess. I was having so much fun, I lost track of time. I have to get there by seven. Show starts at eight. But it’s all set up from last night. Just some last checks and we’re ready to go.”

“Can I come down there and watch you?”

“Sure baby. Ooo, let’s have sex in my dressing room,” he said, squeezing her.

She giggled. “For a forty-four year old man, you sure have stamina. We’ve already done it three times today.”

“Four’s a charm,” he said, kissing her breast. “Or is it five?” he asked with an evil grin her way.

“You are insatiable.”

He pointed at himself. “That’s me. The insatiable rocker.”

“You’re totally living up to your reputation. Only you’re screwing one woman instead of a hundred.”

“Yeah, and I’m having much more fun. You are the most fun I’ve ever had in bed, woman. Ever.”

“I suppose that’s quite a compliment given your hedonistic first forty-three years.”

“You bet it is.” There was a pause. “Does my past bother you?”

“Yes. But you wouldn’t like my sexual history, either.”

She felt his body stiffen. “Uh, yeah. I mean, no. Let’s move on to… us.” He kissed her.

Lila had never ventured outside the dressing room of Zane’s performance venues before. Of course, she’d only gone to one. She loved his music, but the man was so busy when he was working, she got no time with him. The whole rock-and-roll scene—the crowds, fans, craziness and noise—it was too intense for her. She preferred working; both on her photo business and on her art photography. But since she was on vacation and had nothing to do, she decided to take backstage photos of the band, the show and the crew.

She was awed by how much equipment, staging, rigging and sets the band hauled around with them. Their set was elaborate with many backdrops, scrims, and set pieces. They had large backdrops they flew in, large set pieces that moved. Very theatrical. Zane said they modified the show depending on the venue. But this one in Boston was really high tech, so they could shoot the works. Fascinating.

And dangerous. Some of the set pieces weighed a lot, when they moved, they could crush someone if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They had tight security backstage to make sure no one got hurt. And of course, due to Lila’s new reputation, the stagehands watched her like a hawk. Almost everyone she encountered warned her. It was really annoying.

Luckily, Zane’s stage manager was the coolest man in the universe. Tall, gangly, funny and witty, Rabbit (she never did find out why he was called that and what his real name was) had taken a shining to her. About fifty, he’d run shows for so many famous bands, it was incredible his breadth of knowledge and expertise. And nothing bothered him. Easygoing country boy. Everyone loved him.

After Lila had been shooed away from a large set piece, Rabbit came up to her. “Hey, girl, everyone pickin’ on ya?”

“Yeah. I do deserve it.”

“No ya don’t. You handled yourself well last night.”

“Oh, please. Don’t let Zane hear you say that.”

“You didn’t die, did you?”


“Then you handled it perfect.”

“I love you.”

He beamed. “Thought you might wanna check out the rigging up above the stage on the grid,” he said, pointing towards the ceiling. “I gotta go up and inspect the work the boys did, thought you might want to take a nice climb up about a hundred feet.”

Lila squealed with delight and jumped up and down.

Rabbit burst out laughing. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He gestured towards the back of the stage. “Come on, the ladder is over here.”

“Cool!” Lila scampered after him, more excited than ever.

Zane walked into the green room, where his band mates were preparing for the show in their usual ways. Snark and Joey were doing shots of whiskey, Jimmy was asleep on a couch.

“You guys seen Lila?” he asked.

“Nope,” Snark said. “Uh, oh.”

Zane glared at him. “Shut up. I just wanted to see her before I went on. Probably in the bathroom or somethin’. It’s not like I’m worried.”

Snark nodded in an exaggerated way. “Oh, sure. I wouldn’t be, either.”

“Will you shut up?” Zane fired back. But he wasn’t really mad at Snark. The guys always busted each other’s balls.

Without opening his eyes, Jimmy said, “Did ya check the outside of the building?”

The other guys broke up laughing.

Zane couldn’t help but join them. “Its not freakin’ funny. Yet. I know maybe…oh, hell it won’t. The idiot almost died!”

Joey gestured towards him with a beer. “I wouldn’t worry about her, Zane. She’s got an amazing sense of self-preservation.”

“I’m not worried. I just wanted to see my wife.”

Snark said, “And make sure she’s not hangin’ above the stage, clinging to the rigging.”

“Thanks, Snark. That was exactly the picture I needed stuck in my head.”

“I’m always here for ya, pal.”

Zane smirked at him. And tried not to worry. But he was worried. He was starting to get a sixth sense about the girl. He knew when she was in trouble. And for some reason, he was nearly sure she was in danger.

Rabbit came in right then. “Fifteen minutes, guys. I’ll give you a ten and then it’s Places.”

“Thanks, Dad,” said Snark.

“Have you seen Lila?” Zane asked.

“Sure. I took her up above with me to check stuff out and escorted her back down. Last I saw, she was trottin’ off to the bathroom. No worries, Zane.”

Zane breathed a sigh of relief. Then he caught the line about being “above” somewhere. “Where? Above, where?”

“Chill, everything was fine.”

“You took her up above the stage to the grid?!” Zane yelled.

©2007, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

It sounds like you have a great weekend planned - playing pinball, hotel sex, spanking - now that's a weekend!!

I can see into the future in this story LOL! I have a feeling that after Zane spanks her butt he's going to nail her feet to the floor! But this time it's not her fault if she was invited.


Michelle Carlyle said...

PK! I did have an awesome time!!! Of course, I played so much pinball, typing hurts.

I think you'll like the end of this story!

Hugs and keep up the great work on your blog!