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Friday, March 18, 2011

Revenge, Inc. Part Ten

Hey Friends!

Such a heavy week! This stuff in Japan has been weighing on me. I’m so worried for the people of Japan. And the nuclear disaster keeps growing. And since I’m on the coast of California, people are pretty paranoid about the fallout reaching us. However, it is important in times like these that you keep your perspective. You do what you can and then return to your lives. Hubby and I sent money to the Red Cross, we’re buying emergency supplies in case of an earthquake and now? We are going to enjoy our lives. And be thankful that a disaster is not directly befalling us. We will rejoice that it is not our turn right now. Being in earthquake country, you never know when the next big one will hit. Yet, someday, we could be dealing with what Japan has dealt with, hopefully not on that scale, but I’ve been through a couple large earthquakes and they really humble you.

But today, everything is fine. And I think that’s important to recognize. How well we’re doing. To be grateful for shelter, food and a nice warm bed. Because we never know when our number is up. So for today, I’m going to write spanky stuff and have fun. My cousin is coming over for corned beef and cabbage (a day late, I know) and we will drink Harp’s, discuss the weeks’ events and then set the worries aside and laugh.

And this weekend, I plan on ravishing my husband and bratting enough to earn a good spanking. Because that’s what life is about. Dealing with concerns, but knowing when to set serious subjects aside and have fun.

So speaking of fun and spanking, here is the next part of Revenge, Inc. Thanks to all my great readers and thanks for the feedback on my work. I greatly appreciate your kind words.

I hope this post finds you all doing well. Happy spanking!


“That was fun,” Peter said. What would she do now? The next few minutes would say a lot about their future. If they would have one.

“Way fun,” Fay echoed.

He pushed away to look deep into her dark gaze. “I didn’t mean those things you overheard and I mean that. That was fanciful boasting and I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

Her gaze sharpened; he instantly regretted ruining the moment. Then her features softened. “Did hurt me.” Her brow wrinkled.

He was such an idiot! Why didn’t he keep his big trap shut?

She bit her lower lip. “Look… what was this? I mean, I don’t know what happened. I never do this. I’ve… I mean, that hurt, then I was all turned on. I’m confused.”

He gave her a firm stare. “I like you. I more than like you. I want to see you. I want to pursue this. I’m not a user. And I hope you’ll give me a chance.”

She jerked her head back, her eyes wide. “Give you a chance? Are you feeling okay? Did I miss something? How did we go from enemies to this? Are you for real?”

He laughed. “There’s no way I can answer that many questions at once.”

“Well, try. I’m confused. I mean, I was, then you… I mean, I’ve never been turned on by spanking. Well, that’s not true. I never tried it, I always wanted to. But I didn’t like it really. That hurt.”

“You weren’t supposed to like it. That was a punishment. You haven’t experienced my play spankings. I guarantee you, I can make you come with a spanking alone.”



“But you don’t hurt—”

“I won’t hurt you. Even if we’re doing role playing—where you’re a bad girl—sensual spankings are more about the scene, the suggestion. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, but I know how to dance around it.”

Her eyes dilated. She licked her lips. “I don’t think I’d be into that now, but…”

His gaze shifted to her mouth. “You’d like to try it.”


He kissed her. God, he wanted her again! He hadn’t felt this way since he was a teenager. What was it about this woman?

He got lost in the kiss, his cock growing hard again.

She pushed him away. “God! You’re making me lose my mind. Look, we have to talk. I shouldn’t have done this. I never do this. I never lose myself like this. What is up with you? Ever since I met you, I can’t get you out of my mind. Which is why I trashed this place. You meant some of what you said, didn’t you? Be straight with me. This has gone beyond revenge, beyond—you did this to hurt me, didn’t you? You just set me up.” She sat up and glared down at him.

He pulled her in and kissed her. She fought him, but he held her tightly and kissed her thoroughly until she relaxed.

He ended the kiss. “No. I didn’t set you up. I didn’t know you’d be here. Nor did I plan on seducing you. I’m as surprised as you are, although, I share the same feelings. I haven’t been able to get you off my mind, either. That first kiss I gave you took me by surprise. I had no intention of kissing you. Spanking you, yes. Kissing, no.”

“You planned on spanking me? That wasn’t spontaneous?”

“No, once you pulled that crap on me in Fleur and I saw that very spankable ass of yours sashaying away from me, I thought of little else.”

“Sorry. And I mean that. I did more digging and found out that your wife is a total bitch. But you did hurt my feelings. I need to know what you really think about me. I need you to be honest with me.”

“Oh, God.” He rolled on his back. He hated to cop to his earlier thoughts of her, but if they were to have a future he had to come clean with her.

“You did mean those remarks.”

“Not easy to admit. Look,” he said, rolling up on an elbow.

Hurt, deep in her gaze. Damn it.

“I won’t lie to you. I want a future with you and I need to level with you to do that. Yes, I meant some of it.”

“About me being too low for you?”

“You, no. Your occupation, yes. I won’t apologize for that. Reprehensible. You’ll quit today or I can’t move forward with you. I won’t be in a relationship with someone who hurts people for a living.”

“Payback is all. You were my first target that didn’t deserve the retribution. My first mistake. Your little friend Malcolm Horner is a total dick. You know he missed his daughter’s high school graduation because he was screwing her friend? A girl of barely 18?”

“That was a lie.”

“No, I saw it. The girl taped herself and Malcolm. This is why the judge gave his wife everything she wanted. Then he decided to take revenge on her. He took all her favorite stuff and burned it in their pizza oven.”

“He did not.”

“I was there when she found it. When I went to meet her at her house, she’d just found her high school diploma and a whole bunch of pictures of her parents. He even burned her teddy bear. He destroyed all her precious childhood treasures.”

Peter fell back against the pillows and thought about his exchanges with Malcolm. Come to think of it, he’d seen him dress down a taxi driver once. Seemed a bit inappropriate. And there was that time he’d seen a young girl in his car, crying. Told Peter it was his niece, a guy had just broken her heart and Malcolm was comforting her.


“I’m telling you the truth. Some of your friends are real creeps. And your wife… she’s good. She showed me all kinds of documentation regarding your abuse. Now in retrospect, the docs were clearly forged. I knew something was wrong, but I’d just taken down two of your creepy associates. I figured you must be like them.”

“I’m not.”

“I see that now.”

“I want you to quit. You’ll take my money until you find something decent. I have some connections to some private schools. My firm represents them. I can get you some interviews if you still want to teach.”

She popped up off the bed, her eyes shining. “You mean it? All I want to do is teach. I miss it so much. I mean, getting even with some of those guys has been fun, but it’s mean. I don’t want to do mean things to people, even if they deserve it. I’m sick of it, to tell you the truth. But I’m not taking your money. I pay my own way. I have pride.”

“I don’t want you doing that work.”

“Only what I’ve got on my books right now.”

“No. I mean it. You take my money or I go out and buy a paddle.”

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


PK said...

Oh Michelle you are one of the best. This is a wonderful couple to be.

I'm doing as you suggested. Keep those that need help in my thoughts and prayers and be grateful for everything I have.


Michelle Carlyle said...


Just got on here and realized that I'd titled today's post REVENG, Inc. OOOPS!!

Damn and I forgot to get to your blog, thanks for coming by and reminding me!!!!

Huge hugs to you, my dear!!!


Paul said...

The poor people of Japan are in my heart and prayers.
What they suffer we suffer, and there is so much suffering in the world today that my brain is in a whirl.
Your story goes from good to better. love the closing line.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Thanks, Paul!

Agreed on the suffering. Because of the Internet and this access to all parts of the globe instantly, we've become a much smaller planet. And so the things we see impact us much more. Which I think is positive on one hand. But we all need to unplug, too, once in a while and see the good we have in our own lives.

Hugs to you, my dear,