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Friday, March 25, 2011

Revenge, Inc, Part Um, Eleven????

Hey Spankophiles!!!!

Damn, I had the best sex last night!!!!!!! Our new bed rocks! We got one of those airbeds with the firmness controls. Finally, my back is okay after getting a good pounding. Whoo-hooo! Hubby is a very large human being and has been known to almost send me through walls during lovemaking. But he is the BEST. And now our new bed will aid us in our fun. Yay!!!!!

Only problem was the port afterwards. I love port. A little tooooo much.

Enough about me and my sex life, let’s move onto Peter and Fay’s sex life. Which seems to be heating up. I think you’ll like today’s post. Tune in next week for yet another chapter in Revenge, Inc. Which will be found in my upcoming release, Straightjacket of Lies. I think. Unless I change the title between now and release time.

My extreme professionalism astounds me at times.

Hugs to all you wonderful people!!!! And have a great weekend!!!!!


“I don’t want you doing that work,” Peter said, his mouth a firm line.

“Only what I’ve got on my books right now.”

“No. I mean it. You take my money or I go out and buy a paddle.”

“Peter, I have to—”

“No, you don’t. I’m wealthy. I can afford it.”

“Look, I don’t want—”

“Listen to me. You want to be in a relationship with me, you listen to me. You quit that business, return the money and hang up your closed for business sign.”

“Mitzi is dependent on the business, too. She’s my partner.”

“I’ll give you enough to give her a month’s pay to find a new job.”

“No, I can’t do that.”

“Yes, you can. Think of it as a no-interest loan if you prefer.”

She fell back against the pillows. She twisted her mouth, her brow wrinkling. “I could do a loan.”

A surge of hope raced through him. She was passing all his tests. Great. “Now you’re talking.”

She looked over at him and grinned. Then her worried expression returned. “Are you sure you want to be with me? I mean, I’m not from your world.”

“Ahhh, you’re an alien, now that makes sense.”

She laughed. “No, I—”

“Not from my world… Sure you are. I may work in an expensive building and make lots of money, but I’m no different than you. I work for my money. I always have. I didn’t come from money. My parents were immigrants. Worked very hard to make sure I got into a good school. Luckily, school was easy for me, got into Harvard and made some great connections. And yes, I like the trappings, obviously. And my club. But I don’t think about it very much. All I wanted was to create a sustainable business and take care of my family. Put my daughter through a good college.”

His gut tightened. He got a sour taste in his mouth. He missed his daughter so much.

Fay reached over and brushed some hair off his brow. “Sorry about that. She’ll wake up. I got the impression she was avoiding you because her mom would go psycho, but that she didn’t hold a grudge against you. She’s just afraid of Lily.”

He shook his head. “Very angry with Lily.”

“You have a right to be. I can provide you with some evidence, if you want custody.”

“No. I have some, too. I don’t want Jilly hurt.”

“I hear you. And I’m sorry I had anything to do with that.”

“I know. While I think your methods of earning your employment are sorely lacking, I didn’t know about Malcolm. But I believe you. I see such a different side to those men than…I mean, I saw the signs with Malcolm. Damn. That’s a shame. I knew his wife in college. Good person.”

“See? I’m not that bad.”

He smirked at her, grabbed her and tossed her over his lap. He spanked her lightly a few times. “Oh, yes, you are very bad.”

She squealed and tried to get away. He held her more firmly and reached underneath her with one hand. Exploring gently, he found her sensitive little bud.

She giggled and made a less than half-hearted attempt at getting away.

While circling her now engorged clit, he slapped her upturned buns. She ground her hips against his hand and let out a guttural snarl.

He felt like he’d won the Lottery. A playmate made exactly to order. Heady with lust, his mind swirled; fantasy after fantasy bombarded his mind. Fay tied to his closet door, wriggling while he whipped her taut, rounded buns with his riding crop. Her in his Hawaii condo, naked on the divan, her legs spread, a saucy look in her eye, her full round lips parted slightly.

He would screw her from one coastline to the other. In the company jet. In every fancy hotel.

He increased the rhythm with his finger on her clit, she made little mewling noises, firing up his loins to kiln-like temperatures. His cock hurt it was so hard.

He spanked each bun in turn, her breathing increased, she began panting. He carefully worked her ass, building the punishment with his attentions to her sex.

She cried out and wildly bucked against his hand, her body shuddering and shaking as she came.

He lessened the spanks; she murmured under her breath and collapsed in his lap.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, he picked her up and placed her on her hands and knees.

She raised her ass high in the air, turned and sent him a little half-smile, her dark gaze heavy-lidded with lust.

He stroked her inner thighs, teasing her.

“Oh, do me, Peter. I want your cock inside me. All the way. Do it, do me!”

Still touching her with one hand, he moved to the side of the bed and retrieved another condom. He put it on in a flash and was behind her.

He leaned down and bit her butt, she squealed. And then he was inside her. Lost again in ecstasy.

He drove into her depths, all the way to the hilt. She pounded the mattress with her fist, groaning and yelling her pleasure. It seemed she came with every thrust. Her ass felt so good in his hands; her lips so amazing, so tight on his tool, Peter never had this kind of wild sex before. Hadn’t felt this lost in lovemaking. Intoxicating woman.

He would never let her go.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Paul said...

that's it, I'm taking you in, the charges? Disturbing the piece*, and severe moral delinquency.
Sentenced to twenty years locked in the best suite in the most luxurious hotel in Sin city, with that big man, your Hubby.
High protein diet, but only one bottle of Port a week.
That will teach you to write hot, lewd, filthy stories.
Love and warm hugs,

*PS. that is exactly what I meant. P

Michelle Carlyle said...



I like it!!!! No, I LOVE IT!!!

What a great idea! I mean, oh, no! Such a terrible fate!

Love you, my dear,

Alujna said...

It's been a busy few months but I'm upto speed with "Revenge,Inc".
I've been missing out!!
A very sated Fay and Peter.. *sigh*.
And you and your hubby got a new bed!
I'm jealous. Maybe I should start a business like Fay's ....lol. Just so I can buy that bed :P

PK said...

Why is it I need a cold shower every time I come by here to read! I agree completely with Paul and I'm wondering how I can get sentences to much the same thing! Keep writing girl!


Emily Winters said...

A fellow spanking fiction writer..how pleased I am to meet you. Love the blog, very nicely done. Actually have some of your books! Hope you'll come on over to my place and see what you think..

Michelle Carlyle said...

Alujna! Let's go into business together, I think it would pay more than writing would! You have to get one of these awesome air beds. Comfortaire. ROCKS! Hugs to you!

PK! I get all my inspiration from my Hubby. And the posters of hot guys I use for my work. But I get all my sex tips from Hubby! And I know you do, too! I mean, from your husband, hopefully not mine! HEEEEEEE!

Emily!!! You rock, girlfriend!!! I just put a link to your site on My Favorite Blogs!!! Yay!!! A fellow spanky fiction writer!!!! Thanks for dropping by, I'll be stopping by your site to read your great stuff!!

Big e-hugs to you all,

Raven Red said...

Cold, COLD shower coming up! Loved it as usual!