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Friday, March 11, 2011

Revenge, Inc. Part Nine

Hello Friends!

First, I have to say, my heart goes out to the people of Japan. Horrifying tsunami and earthquake. Right now, near me, the waves are just hitting the California coast and many coastal areas have been evacuated. But the waves don’t look too bad as yet. Causing some damage here, but not extensive. My thoughts and prayers are with all who are suffering.

Okay, now back to fun. Here is the next chapter of Revenge Inc. and I think you’ll be happy with it. Stay tuned. Seven more parts after this one!

I hope all is well with you and yours and I hope we all get hot sex this weekend!


Peter loved the feel of Fay’s bare rear under his hand. Her cries of pain. The kicking, the squirming, the begging. The sight of her previously milk-white buns turning a wonderful shade of red. His hand prints all over her ass. Pure delight.

What made it all the more exciting, she deserved this. She earned it. She’d cancelled all his credit cards, ruined his date with Tiffany, ruined his car and made him a laughing stock in San Francisco society. Of course, partly she’d done it at the behest of his ex-wife. But this recent attack had been all hers.

True, she’d overheard a particularly incriminating conversation of his. One she wasn’t meant to hear. But still, here she was in his bedroom, destroying it. God knows what she’d done before he’d got there. She still hadn’t told him. But she would.

He spanked each bun in turn, then concentrated on her sit spots until her yowls grew deafening.

“Now, are you ready to talk? What else did you do to my room? And my house?”

“Okay, okay!” she sobbed. “Fine. You big bully!”

He whacked her a good one, she yelped. “No editorializing. Just the facts.”

“Fact one, you’re a big dumb jerk!”

He fired into her behind with gusto. The reddish color began to mottle with purple. Amazing how much she could take and still be sassy.

“Ow, ow, ow! Okay, okay, I won’t insult you!”

“You’d better damn well not!”

She cried quietly for a few moments.

He rubbed her ass, relishing the feel of her hot flesh. Her breathing grew more steady. “Now tell me, what else did you do besides cut the legs on my bed frame?”

“Put a bunch of women’s underwear in the drawer where you keep your sweats. Tagged them all, trying to make you look like a pervert.”

He slapped her butt good, all over her now slightly bruised behind.

She shrieked and quivered from the pain. “I’m sorry!”
“I don’t think you are!” he yelled, even though he believed she was. This spanking was so much fun, he didn’t want to stop.

Finally, she began to get hoarse from yelling and more importantly, his hand hurt. He stopped, then massaged her winsome ass, its flesh now hot to the touch. She collapsed against his lap, sobbing softly.

“Anything else you’d like to confess?”


“Come on, I bet you did some other things.”

Her body was sweaty, her breathing ragged. Trying to control the pain.

“I did but you’re blistering my ass and I truthfully can’t take much more.”

“Does this make it feel better?” His thoughts went to the place between her legs. That inviting nexus.

“Umm… yeah.” She ground her hips against his leg, then stopped abruptly.

Was that real? Was she getting turned on? Encouraged, he stroked her behind carefully, sensually. Allowing his worship of her magnificent ass to come through his touch.

He wanted her, wanted this. Wanted to slip inside her, feel her slick lips pressing against him. His cock came to life.

He massaged her sweet backside, thighs and lower back.

She pressed her hips against him, her breathing changed.

Time to test her. Releasing his hold on her, he continued to massage her.

She stayed put!

Time for another test. He dipped a finger between her legs, teasing her apart.

She spread her legs. His cock raged, becoming flesh-like steel. He slipped his hand lower, into the moist and soft folds of her sex. Heaven. She moved her legs apart and lifted her ass up, inviting him inside.

His eyes greedily took in the sight of her mottled buns, her sex peeking out, the dark wisps covering her gorgeous lips. He groaned deep in his throat.

He slid a finger inside her wet softness and nearly fainted with lust. Overcome, he had to forcibly stop himself from flipping her over onto the bed. All he wanted was to plunge inside her depths.

Delighting in the feel of her wet lips, he thrust inside again. She moaned and moved her hips in time to his motions.

Unable to stop himself, he withdrew his finger, flipped her over on his lap, cuddled her and kissed her.

She opened her mouth to him, making soft animal noises. Her tongue played with his; she tasted so sweet, he kissed her more deeply.

Slipping a hand between her legs, he played with her tender folds while exploring her mouth with his tongue.

With a gasp, she pushed her pants off. Hungrily, he thrust into her with his finger, then withdrew and circled her hard, little nub.

She cried out.

He could stand it no more. He grabbed her and tossed her back on his flattened bed and dove between her legs to taste her enticing, beautiful sex. Running his tongue all around her hardened clit, she scissored his head and cried out, bucking up against him. He grabbed her hips and pressed her firmly to the mattress. She screamed, thrashing about. He rode her like a wild pony, working hard to keep flicking her special spot.

All at once, she pushed his head away. “I need you inside me. Peter, please, do it to me!”

In record time, he’d undressed and slipped on a condom. He’d never seen his dick this hard before.

Angling himself over her, he slipped inside slowly. Her lips pulsed around him, he fought with himself. He would make this last. He wanted to be inside her forever.

She lifted her legs, allowing him better access. “Yeah, ride me! Ride me!”

Growling, he drove inside her, her wetness and her tightness making him crazy with desire.

She threw her head back, her mouth open in a scream. Her lips spasmed around his tool, he began to lose it.

Grabbing her wrists and holding them over her head, he ploughed into her. Lost in her, the power over her, the sight of her beautiful face, twisted in pleasured agony, sent him higher into rapture.
She bellowed with joy. “I’m coming! I’m coming ! Yeah! Yeah!”

Her lips latched hard around him, she bucked up against him, thrashing and crying out.

His pulse pounding in his ears, he blasted off inside her, his body rocking with earth-shattering spasms. Nothing had ever felt this good before.

She writhed underneath him while he ground into her, savoring every thrust of the act.

He finally rolled off her, disposed of the condom, then took her sweaty and now very pliable body into his arms. She curled into him and sighed deeply.

“That was fun,” he said. What would she do now? The next few minutes would say a lot about their future. If they would have one.

©2011, Michelle Carlyle


Audra said...

Mmmmm so good! Thank you!! Its really heating up! ;-) can't wait til next week!

Paul said...

Michelle girl, I think you are a little mixed up.
That just turned from a punishment to a reward.
Yes, the Japanese are really going through it.
Love and warm hugs,

Michelle Carlyle said...

Audra! Paul!

I realize that most of my punishments turn into rewards, but I look at it this way: Punishments ARE rewards to me. HEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!


hugs to you lovely people,

Raven Red said...

This was brilliant, sexy and I am URGENTLY in need of a cold shower. Cannot wait for the next installment.



Michelle Carlyle said...

Raven! Right back at 'cha, honey! Love your BLOG!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just started reading your writing and I am truly enjoying it. Thank you for sharing.